Epistemy Press is pleased to announce the global release of Practical Analytics, 1st Edition by Nitin Kalé (USC) and Nancy Jones (SDSU). Practical An

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Epistemy Press is pleased to announce the global release of Practical Analytics, 1st Edition by Nitin Kalé (USC) and Nancy Jones (SDSU).

Practical Analytics, 1st Edition
• Comprehensive and self-contained overview of modern analytics concepts and tools
• Real-world skill building that reinforces fundamental concepts
• Theory, applications and hands-on experience using popular industry tools
• Key Topics: data provisioning, reporting & analysis, data visualization, knowledge discovery, prediction, decision making
• Real-World Tools: Microsoft Excel, SAP Business Objects, SAP Business Warehouse, SAP Lumira, SAP Predictive Analytics and more
eBook List Price: USD $50


• Business (undergraduate & graduate): Accounting. Finance, Marketing, 
Supply Chain/ Logistics, MIS/CIS 
Operations Management
• Engineering (undergraduate & graduate): Information Technology, Industrial Engineering, Computer Science

• An introductory course in information technology covering information systems, internet, technology enabled business, spreadsheets, databases, digital representation of data
• An introductory course in statistics
• Basic skills in Microsoft Excel – working with tables, formula, sorting, filtering and charting 

Suggested Course Duration
The book is designed to be the basis for a 15 week long semester covering 45 contact hours. Each chapter would be covered in approximately one 3 hour lecture followed by take home/lab assignments. These assignments include exercises and projects using SAP and other common Analytics applications. Students are expected to spend between 2-4 hours a week on the assignments. A sample syllabus is available here: Practical Analytics Sample Syllabus
*Section 2 is intended for a more technical audience. It can be bypassed in a purely business oriented class. Such a class can spend more time on case studies in the remaining 10 chapters. 

Classroom Slides and Exercises
The authors have created PowerPoint slides and an updated and enhanced set of exercises, specifically designed for use with this book. These exercises go beyond the scope of the exercises that are found on the University Alliances website and will be provided when you request a review copy of the book below. Additionally, the excercises can be easily adapted for non-SAP tools, such as SAS, Teradata or Tableau.

Faculty Review Copies & Course Materials
To request an electronic review copy of Practical Analytics, 1st Edition and access to the latest course materials, please fill out the request form here: http://epistemypress.com/pasample/

How to Assign the Book to your students
The fastest, cheapest and best way to assign the book is to simply give students the URL for the eBook (provided below) and have them purchase it directly from Epistemy Press. We have several tutorials to help students get the book easily. Additionally, you can put a QR code with the order link into your syllabus or class site.

The eBook can be read on nearly any internet-connected device and students can use a credit card or PayPal to buy the book.

There are no printed versions of the book at this time. The added cost and carbon impact of printing, warehousing and shipping paper books is very high and would require us to price the book beyond what we consider to be reasonable and appropriate. Cheap, fast and easy is our goal.

If your school requires that students purchase books from the university bookstore or if other requirements prevent students from purchasing the book directly from Epistemy Press, please have your bookstore review the bulk purchasing process here: http://epistemypress.com/bookstores/

We need your help to funnel constructive feedback to the authors to incorporate into subsequent content updates. We’ve set up a discussion forum on the Epistemy Press website for this purpose; both professors and students are encouraged to contribute to this discussion. You must first register with the site to see the Practical Analytics forums. We will also schedule webinars to facilitate direct communication between professors and the authors, stay tuned for dates and times. We value your feedback greatly and look forward to hearing how we can make the book and materials even more valuable to you and your students.

Additional Information
Book URL : http://store.epistemypress.com/books/analytics.html
Ebook download and reading instructions (post with Book URL for students): http://store.epistemypress.com/ebook-reading
Feedback Forum: http://epistemypress.com/forum/

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