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Sunday, November 17, 2019

23rd Sunday After Pentecost: Worship at 8:00 & 10:30 am


The Gospel for this Sunday:

Luke 21:5-19

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Strengthened for Living

The end is near. There is no doubt about it. The warnings are dire. The tone of today’s texts is ominous. But the baptized know how to live in the “meantimes.” The baptized are strengthened for the living of these days in word and sacrament. The baptized rally around the invitation of the apostle: “Brothers and sisters, do not be weary in doing what is right.”


65th Anniversary & Re-dedication of Original Building


Sunday, November 17

Following worship on November 17, join us for a luncheon and short program commemorating the 65th Anniversary & Re-dedication of the Original Church Building. Please fill out a response card found in the Fellowship Area and drop it in the clear box, or add your name to the sign up sheet on the bulletin board. Deadline is Thursday, November 14. Nancy Pike 608-332-4370 or email This event is in lieu of the Young at Heart Dinner normally held in December.

Commitment Sunday: November 17


On November 17 in worship we will be receiving and giving thanks for the pledges of financial support in 2020. Thank you for your generous support of the future ministry here at Lake Edge Lutheran Church. If you perchance left your 2020 Promise of Giving card at home, blank cards are available in the gathering space below the jumbotron. May God wisely guide and richly bless the year that lies ahead and the work that we do together.

The Ministry Evaluation Task Force Needs Your Input!

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Ministry Evaluation Task Force (MET) has begun a series of “Questions of the Week”. We want to encourage every voice to be heard, as we work together to hear and understand God’s call for our ministry together moving forward!
November 17: This Sunday’s question is: “Which of the following statements reflect your current feeling, during this interim time?”
• I feel ready to move forward.
• I have unresolved feelings and need more time before moving on.
• I continue to grieve and/or feel angry. I am not ready to move on.
• I don’t know.
You will have the opportunity on Sunday to submit your answer in writing. You may also submit your response via email to if you prefer or if you will not be present on Sunday. Your email is confidential.
Last Sunday’s question was: “In one or two words, what keeps you coming back to Lake Edge Lutheran Church?” You may still submit you answer to this question as well. Thank you!

Journey Through the Wilderness of Grief

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Wednesdays, December 4; 3:00 pm

Note Time Change from 3:30 to 3:00 pm
I’ve had the opportunity to lead several grief support groups in the last several years, and I have been asked to facilitate a similar group ministry here at Lake Edge. My years of working as a nurse and as a pastor have helped me to develop an understanding of the power that grief has on us. If we don’t do the work of grief, if we don’t walk through the grief rather than around it, we deprive ourselves of having a full and loving life. Unresolved grief has a way of sneaking up on us and causing havoc in our lives. If someone significant in your life died, and you think you are still grieving, this is the place for you. Please call the church office if you want to sign up. Pastor Martha Butzier

Who’s Week Is It, Anyway?

Planning Calendar Sept-Dec 2019 small

It seems there is some confusion over how our two pastors are fulfilling their two three-quarter time positions. We know, sometimes pastors who work part-time arrange to be present every Sunday and just work a day or two in the office. This was not ever our arrangement with our pastors. From the outset we agreed that they will be serving three-quarter time by serving three of every four weeks – where a week includes four weekdays and a Sunday. This means that about half the time both pastors are here. And the other half of the time one or the other is away. A color-coded schedule for September to December has been posted.

Admittedly, when you look at that calendar, it does seem a little irregular. This is due to three factors: 1) both pastors had pre-existing commitments that needed to be met, 2) Pr. Mae Jean had gone extended periods without vacation in the spring and summer, and 3) both pastors are trying to be present for major events of the church calendar. We are all working together to make sure pastoral leadership is provided as seamlessly as possible. It is a learning process for us all. So let us extend a little grace to one another and thank you for your patience as we go.

Yours in Christ,
The Pastoral Support Committee

December Dialogue: Submit Early!

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Please Submit Articles by November 20

The usual day to assemble the Dialogue lands on Thanksgiving Day. To be sure that the December issue makes it into your homes by December 1, we will be printing and assembling earlier in the week. Please try to have your submissions in by November 20 to ensure they will be included in the December issue of the Dialogue. You can email your submissions to Chris at

Madison Schools Referenda Forum


Sunday, November 17 at 6:30 pm; LELC Good Shepherd Hall

Hosted by East Side Progressives
The combined referenda cost will be about $350M, by far the largest “ask” in Wisconsin history.
* The capital referendum provides $280M to renovate the four high schools and build an elementary school ($25M) in the Rimrock Road area. This may significantly impact Frank Allis.
* The operating referendum provides extra money ($36M) to maintain academic programs.
This is your opportunity to gain information and provide valuable feedback before final decisions are made.


See you at church!

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