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26 January 2016

In the newsletter this week


As always, Virginia Woolf nails it

I was reading an article the other day about women's issues, and the author mentioned A Room of One's Own by Virginia Woolf. I hadn't thought about that book since a course on 20th Century women writers, but I pulled it out and started looking through it again. It's a ground-breaking piece of writing that examines the various societal situations that limited a woman's ability to become a successful writer. She says that in order to write, you need a place to do it. You need somewhere to think - somewhere to generate creative ideas, distill those ideas, and then get them down cohesively on paper. That's a long process, and a demanding one. Interruptions cause you to lose your train of thought, and it's hard to get back into the zone. In order to have a private place to do such thinking and writing, a woman needed money of her own, or a wealthy, supportive family situation that would afford her access to such privacy and leisure time. English literature's most celebrated women authors, Jane Austen, George Eliot, Emilycontinue reading

Stranded knitting - learn how!

stranded hat 2

If you thought about the stranded mitten class but decided it was more of a challenge than you wanted, you'll love this! GInni's doing a stranded hat knitalong. It uses Shepherd's Wool and Noro Silk Garden. Noro stripes by itself so your contrasting color will change by itself so you look like a genius without even trying. Since it's a knitalong, you'll have lots of help and support, so you'll have fun and not be frustrated. Join us this week (today!) and the next couple of Tuesday afternoons! 2 p.m.

64 Crayons

You're going to love knitting this afghan because it's easy, it's fast, and it's SO much fun! Pick lots of different colors of happy Noro Kureyon -- as many as you like -- and mix them up however you want. Because it's Noro, it's going to look great no matter what. I am having such a good time with mine, and it's going faster than I ever imagined.

Worked in strips of alternating colorways, so there's no sewing up. Start with us anytime.

2-4 p.m.
Bring size 8 needles

340 paloverde lg

Berroco hit a home run this season - I mean really knocked it out of the park. They have just three new yarns, but each one is just beautiful. I ordered all three yarns in all the colors because you will love them all. We have 4 fabulous trunk shows from Berroco starting this month, and several sample garments that we get to keep. Mark your calendars for the following shows!

Maya Trunk Show - Friday and Saturday, January 27-30
Corsica Trunk Show - Friday and Saturday, February 12-13
Elba Trunk Show - Friday and Saturday, February 25-26
Mykonos Trunk Show - Friday and Saturday, March 18-19

There's nothing like experiencing the garments in person. Mark your calendars because you don't want to miss this.

SSLHY L8-01 Hollyhock rav medium2

Come get started First Friday on Hollyhock, a beautiful spring infinity scarf using three different coordinating yarns. Hollyhock is romantic and fresh, so even though it's still cold, you'll feel like springtime!

Hollyhock designer Louisa Harding is famous for her romantic sweaters and accessories that bring to mind and English garden.

We have Hollyhock kits in three different colorways - the hardest part will be choosing your favorite. Bring or purchase at First Friday, one set each US size 9 and 10 circular needles 24" or 32"