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In This Edition...

Upcoming Greek Dates
Community Service Opportunities
Greek Calendar for November

Upcoming Dates

Greek Council November 2nd and 16th: 9:15 pm in Orton
Party Approval November 3, 10 and 17th: 4 pm R Room

November 6th Fraternity Going Active Date
November 7th Sorority Going Active Date
November 14th Big Buddies Kickball Tournament

November 5th Noon: Leadership Lunch with Dr. Wall SLIC

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Community Service Opportunities

EVERY MEMBER of the Greek Community needs to complete 10 hours of community service EACH SEMESTER. 5 of those hours need to be All Greek Hours. See below for some upcoming options.

November 10th: Card Making for children at Loma Linda and Micah House -Will fulfill the requirement of attending one Greek event

-November 14th: Big Buddies Kickball Tournament-Tabling will begin the first week of November-Forward questions to

-November 21st: Planting Native Plants on New Trail in Redlands-A new trail is being established in the community -Volunteers will help plant various native plants along the path-Contact Erin Sanborn ( if you wish to sign up or have further questions

What we do:
 We deliver research-based college and career readiness curriculum to high-need students in the Fontana Unified School District by recruiting qualified volunteers from the community and pairing them with students to provide one-on-one mentoring throughout the school year.
 The CalPREP program is designed to work in conjunction with school counselor efforts to achieve better outcomes for our juniors and graduating seniors at FOHI and improve the overall college-going rate of high school graduates in the Inland Empire (currently <35%).

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Community Service at a NASCAR Race

Revolution Youth Advocates(RYA) is a 501(c)(3), based in San Bernardino, focused on helping middle school, high school and young adults develop their personal, social, emotional and intellectual skills. They partner with different groups such as Pacific High School and Judson Baptist Church to provide a variety of services to the underserved teen and young adult population of San Bernardino and surrounding cities. One of their biggest events during the year is Summer Camp for these kids. Unfortunately, 99% of the kids can’t afford to go, but that’s where RYA steps in. RYA scholarships the kids to be able to attend this camp each year, and every year it’s an amazing experience. The kids learn so much, they have time to just be off the streets, they are talking to people who actually want to listen, and it’s an experience they would never have gotten any other way.

Nascar 2016 - Volunteers will help seat in the main grandstand area on Sunday, March 20th.
March 17, 2016 Volunteers 100
March 18, 2016 Volunteers 100
March 19, 2016 Volunteers 200
March 20, 2016 Volunteers 500
If we reach those numbers we will raise $50,000.00!!

An Alumn has also arranged for transportation to and from the U of R which removes that issue completely. I believe that local support of philanthropy is one of Redlands’ greatest attributes.


Greek Life Calendar

November 2015-2016 Greek Calendar

Greek Cup Points

Below is a list of how an organization can acquire Greek Cup Points for the Fall of 2015.

Lip Sync
• 1st place- 40
• 2nd place- 30
• 3rd place- 20

Intramurals (Beach volleyball, football, tennis)
• 10 points per sport if majority of team is in organization

Big Buddies Kickball Tournament
• 10 points if majority of team is in organization

Community Service Hours
• 1st place- 50
• 2nd place- 40
• 3rd place- 30
The number of hours an organization completes divided by the number of members in said organization

• 1st place- 50
• 2nd place- 40
• 3rd place-30
The average of the organization’s GPA

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