December Good News: Your Journey is Well Worth Your Effort Well here we are - once again, it is nearly time for a brand new year to launch! I always

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December Good News: Your Journey is Well Worth Your Effort


Celebrating the arrival of a whole new year with my fav feathery sidekick!

Well here we are - once again, it is nearly time for a brand new year to launch!

I always get so excited when a new year arrives.

It feels like encountering a giant blank chalkboard, complete with the most marvelous array of colored chalk.

The chalkboard is all mine - as is the chalk. Whatever I draw on the chalkboard is what will unfold in the year to come.

(By the way, I actually do this at home - I have a big wall-sized chalkboard and lots of colored chalk, and all year long I continue editing and adding new dreams to my chalk board).

I can thank my ongoing recovery journey for this wonderful way of welcoming a new year.

Over the years, as I have witnessed each of my cherished goals unfolding - not in giant leaps but in a series of tiny forward steps - I have learned to invest my energy and effort into continuing the journey itself.

The journey is what has brought me each of the blessings in my life today.

Reaching goals is great - those are some "mountaintop moments" for sure - but the daily journey is where the really good stuff happens.

Those little "aha" moments - the ones I used to totally miss because all I cared about what the big goals - today these are my favorite moments in life.

I have learned that my journey is totally worth my effort - and I truly believe yours is too.

Whether you enter the new year feeling stagnant and stuck, hopeful and empowered, or somewhere along the vast continuum in between, no one day EVER has the final say in our lives.


Your journey is worth your effort. It IS.

Keep journeying - right into a whole new year of possibilities, dreams, and fresh new beginnings.

And know I am so glad to have your company!

Happy (almost) New Year!

With great respect and love,



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Inspiration for Recovery & Life
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Mentors with Feathers, Fins, Fur & Shells: "Tracks"
Love & Feathers: "Here We Come a Waffling"
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Mentoring & Recovery Blog: "What Happens When the Journey Ends (a Tracks Postcript)"
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Inspiration for Recovery & Life

AnaCover 3DBorder

I am a pioneer, journeying to places within myself that have long since been sealed off and declared disaster zones, and in the process I am discovering new lands I didn’t even know existed!

I am not a disaster zone or a stranger in a strange land—and no part of me is off-limits to myself.

I will go where no one—not even me—has been before.

From "Beating Ana: How to Outsmart Your Eating Disorder and Take Your Life Back"


Invite Me to Speak!

BU logo color320

I battled an eating disorder, anxiety, and deep depression starting at age 11.

As I progressed through high school and then college, my life just got harder and harder.


Like most of my peers, I knew how to study and get good grades.

But it was what I didn't know - how to fix the pain inside - that nearly killed me.


Now I live a life I love, filled with relationships I cherish (including my relationship with me!)

I am happy, healthy, having FUN and pursuing my dreams.


How did I get from there - a terrified, hopeless anorexic - to here?

Experience "Beauty Undressed" and find out!




Mentors with Feathers, Fins, Fur & Shells


"Tracks" by Robyn Davidson

Robyn Davidson was just 27 when she set out to cross the Australian outback.

Her chosen companions? Four camels and a dog.

She also took along 1,500 pounds of luggage....most of which she later discovered she didn't need.

But it was the luggage she couldn't see - didn't even know was there - that weighed on her the most.

As she crosses the desert, every moment of every day - every creature, every grain of sand - became a mentor.

She had to learn how to survive in some of the harshest country in the world.

But Robyn didn't cross the desert to learn how to survive. She wanted to learn to thrive. And the inner wisdom she emerged with have enlivened the journeys of countless others for nearly two decades.

"Tracks" is now a movie, as well, but I highly recommend reading the book first - it is a short but long read, if that makes sense. And it is one you will not soon forget!

To learn more about Robyn Davidson: "Tracks"

LoveandFeathersLogoFull crop

Here We Come a Waffling


Well that took long enough. I thought I was going to have to sing all day!

In many featherless flocks, there is a tradition to consume a festive beverage called “wassail.”

In fact, sometimes whole flocks will band together and start loudly singing in the streets about how much they like it.

They do this until the neighbors open their doors to give the singers free wassail.

When you have feathers, it is easy to see the wisdom of this method.

For instance, when you want a tasty waffle, all you do is “sing” as loudly as possible until your large featherless assistant brings you one.

Works like a charm.

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ReserveMyCopy wbird

What Happens When the Journey Ends (a Tracks Postcript)



A few days ago two things happened.

I finished reading “Tracks” by Robyn Davidson, and I posted my first attempt to make some sense of her beyond-the-sensible and amazing journey.

While the book caused me more than a few sleepless nights, I now feel it was a good kind of sleeplessness – the kind that occurs only with the most profound and unstoppable of wake up calls.

Unlike so very many in our culture today (and even me for a time earlier in my life), Davidson did not wish to be famous. She wasn’t interested in being anyone’s inspiration or role model or icon or heroine.

She was searching for something – something private and personal.

She was searching for some kind of continuity within herself, her path, her past, her future – and at that point in her life, the search seemed to require a dog, camels, and a trek across 1,700 miles of desert.

So be it.

In the Postscript to “Tracks” (written in 2012), Davidson states she can hardly relate to the girl in the book she herself wrote, much less the character in the movie by the same name.

I totally understand.

Looking back now, I hardly recognize the girl who flew alone to India, and then to Israel, in search of ….. something. I admire her sometimes – her courage, her innocence, her hope – but I don’t really know her as “me.”

So why did she do it?

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