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Newsletter #127 for June 10, 2014

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Do you #talkaboutwater?

People in small communities and rural areas care about what's going in their neck of the woods. Social media messaging is developing rapidly at the local government level, but water is not always part of the conversation.

SmallWaterSupply.org is forming a new LinkedIn group of social media practitioners that will seek to extend the water dialogue in social media beyond ourselves and into channels the public cares about.

While messaging ideas for safe drinking water via public water supplies and private wells will be an underlying emphasis, this group will focus on social media and community engagement strategy. Eager novices are especially welcome.

You're right for this group if you:
* Care about getting water messages in front of the public
* Have a role in social media communication at your organization
* Are interested in getting started with social media

Click here to join.

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Upcoming Free Webinars

Water Laboratory Alliance Response Plan Tabletop Exercise
June 11 or July 16
Sponsored by USEPA
This free tabletop exercise webcast examines the coordination of laboratory services in response to a contamination incident.
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New Blog Category for Videos

Over the past five years we've featured more than 100 videos about water and wastewater topics. This year we're giving those videos a proper home on our blog. We've gotten started and there are already 17 videos in the new category. Head over there on your lunch break!


What We're Learning at ACE

Each year at AWWA's annual conference, small communities and those who serve them are a small but vocal minority. We've learned how the Vermont DWSRF program helped a small community link CUPSS with GIS, the benefits of reverse 911 for rural emergency communication, and how community-based resiliency initiatives can help make sure the right people have the right messages.

We've connected with other small system colleagues and even met the presenter of one of our featured videos. In the coming weeks we'll have a variety of posts highlighting some of the innovative and useful ideas we picked up. We'll even be reaching out to colleagues to share their own wisdom directly with you.


Discuss This:

Are you part of a regional association of water or wastewater operators?

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Share This:

In the event of natural disaster, tune in to local media for notices about emergency procedures related to your water.

Share This offers useful or interesting information that can be shared with the public and other stakeholders.


Reading Selections

Small Connecticut Water Companies Face Extinction
"An array of environmental regulations, record-keeping requirements and decaying systems are forcing residents to shed ownership of their water companies."

How To Select The Right Valve And Valve Control System For Your WWTP
"For wastewater treatment plants using swing check valves, plug valves may be a more effective alternative."

And from our own archives...

Mutual Aid Coordination Crucial for Emergency Response Success
State WARNs Give Rural Utilities a Helping Hand
Resources & Tips for Water System Emergencies

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Featured Video

This adorable video shares the journey of Walter the water droplet as he heads down the drain and through the wastewater treatment process. This informative and entertaining piece is the perfect short clip for sharing with educators.

This video was developed by The Value of Water Coalition, which is comprised of both public and private members of the water industry. The coalition's objective is to educate the public on the importance of clean, safe, and reliable water to and from every home and community, and to help ensure quality water service for future generations.

Have a great video? We're dedicated to bringing you helpful, entertaining, or inspiring videos to you. If your organization has a relevant video to share, let us know! We'll help your video get more views.

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Beyond the Drain: Knowing the Value of Water (VIDEO)


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