Hello Hello Hello, A Happy Happy Prosperous and Blessed 2016. To Each of You!!! A few days ago we got over 30 inches of snow here and I am still tr

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Hello Hello Hello,
A Happy Happy Prosperous and Blessed 2016.
To Each of You!!!
A few days ago we got over 30 inches of snow here and I am still trying to dig out. My car was stuck because the snow plows had not cleared the back alley as yet. So i spend two days doing almost nothing, except writing to you. Funny…. kind of nice to just relax and really slow the pace a bit. Before I get into my main topic I just want to take a moment to show appreciation to all of you who read and sometimes comment on my ramblings. I apologize for not being as regular with my newsletter. It seems to fall to the bottom of my too long to do list, not because it is un-important, but more because writing is not one of my favorite things to do. At the same time, I like the feedback and hearing from each of you.With that said: one of my intentions for 2016 is to have a consistent newsletter each month with information I hope you find current and valuable.
Here are a few updates about me for 2015 and early 2016. I completed my Transformation Coaching Certification and went on to complete the Mastery Coaching Certification. I am leaving Corporate America for good on March 1, 2016 and will transition to full time coaching. I will be serving and assisting other to achieve their dreams of good health and well being. I am still pursuing my Naturopathic Doctor dream one class at a time. I am So So So excited about this path of the journey I am now on.
The picture above was taken a few day ago In Sedona AZ . Just completed a 2 day coaching series in Scottsdale and decided to spend the day with fellow coaches on a day trip. It was breathtaking and awesome. If you haven't before and get the opportunity visit Sedona or put it on your bucket list. It is worth a trip.

To Your Good Health!!

Sharon A. Fraser
Your Health & Transformation Coach
Diabetic Solution Coach.

Sharon Fraser

Diabetes Corner

->A friend just asked me for some advice on Diabetes, High blood pressure and Cholesterol. Here it is for starters:<-

1) Stop eating meat including poultry and dairy. No white flour, white potatoes or processed foods for minimum 30 day---- This gives the body a break to help to clear the liver, gall bladder and kidneys. This also reduces stress.The body does not have to work so hard. Clears the colon, meat stays in the body for a long time and ferments in the colon.
2) Use only coconut and olive oil for cooking.
3) Greatly reduce or eliminate salt. Use herbs to spice your food.
4) Join a yoga class twice per week- calm the nerves, strengthen the body, reduce blood pressure.
5) No running. Used light weights and walk instead.
6) Every morning start the day with warm lemon water 1/2 lemon squeeze in cup half with cool water half with hot water. Also a good time to reflect on your blessings.
7) Beans, berries,nuts, fish, avocado and high fiber foods are your best friend. When you lessen the meat it will take care of the cholesterol.
8) Use xylitol as your sugar. Still limit it usage.
9) Get yourself a good Coach. No pun intended. Keeps you accountable.

Your Diabetic Solution Coach

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