Hi ! And this happened today! I'm getting my Hometown Girl Fabric and quilts ready to take the the trade show. This fall day the weather has been

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Hi !

And this happened today!

I'm getting my Hometown Girl Fabric and quilts ready to take the the trade show.

This fall day the weather has been amazing so I took them all outside!

I'll be sharing more photos really soon, you can see details and the digital photos HERE

Would you do me a HUGE FAVOR?

Please FORWARD this to your favorite quilt shop owner so they will come see me at the trade show and order my fabric and patterns for you!

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Spread Sunshine

I sure hope I'm not the ONLY one that buys a whole page of candy for themselves at the checkout.. I may have even already paid and had to pay again.. maybe..

Do you like these? or have another fav? oh.. if you NEED Vanilla Tootsie Rolls.. get them here.. you are welcome

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We are traveling up and down the east coast and south... so if you want me to visit... send a request via my Event page for more Information
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Oct 16-17 Burlington KY - Stringertown Quilters Guild
Oct 22-16 Houston TX - Trade show for the Quilt Industry
Nov 9-10 Ocean Pines MD Quilters by the Sea Guild
Jan 30-31 Gaithersburg MD - Capitol Quilts

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Tool Talk!

I was chatting with all of you in my online classroom about tools. I will be doing tool talk posts... LIKE THIS ONE to share how and why i love a tool.

Read the comments for another tip about it!


Tool Time Sale HERE!!!

I put Links to my favorite finds, plus some ADORABLE Free patterns

All Clearance HERE, be quick, the good stuff goes fast!

dianna ver

And I spotted this freebie.. so adorable!

Dianna made the one on the right from my fabrics and she did a placemat!

Download HERE

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Do you like my little Chat with Pat videos?

Sometimes I think it's nice to chat with you, like you are here in my studio!

Watch my Video

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Good gosh I'm a little behind on my St. Judes Charity quilt!

Am I alone or do you sometimes get behind.. wink!

Here is my Bike block, love the little pinwheels!

Link to the FREE pattern

erin birds holding a quilt


This quilt is from the incredibly adorable book Sweet Tweets and I spot to the author Erin Cox!

Plus watch the video from Sharyn Sowell on HOW she cuts pattern up into AMAZING things.. you won't believe it!

Listen to show 279 right on your computer AND get the free pattern LINKS!

I'll have a ongoing video chats, be sure you are signed up to get a notice when I do my VERY short Chat with Pat videos

Watch at my Youtube channel, also subscribe... then leave me a comment there or hit REPLY to this newsletter and let me know if you like getting little messages from me!

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pat sloan win a gift certificate

Total fun!

These are Lori's Scrap Happy Little Wishes in progress! I now want to collect light Halloween prints and to one just like it! Plus i love the purple in there!
Challenge Details

AND a FREE pattern and a chance to WIN that bundle.. hurry over!

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pat sloan clean your cutting mat

I was cutting batting squares for a demo, and was left with that mess! So I asked for Tips on HOW to clean the batting out of my cutting mat... and got some GREAT ways.... Like

use a white eraser
a scrubby
side of the ruler
sticky Lint roller
Duct tape (cures everything!)

Read MORE and now I need a scrubby, as I can't BELIEVE i don't have one!!

At my online classroom there is fun, quilts shared, and questions asked/answered on all the time! We are over 49,000 quilters STRONG from around the world, and I am SO honored you visit my classroom each day!

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