kids.R.ok team visit to Orissa 2015 Dear Friend of kids.R.ok When kids.R.ok team landed in Orissa children's home this January, the contrast to our

with the kids

kids.R.ok team visit to Orissa 2015

difference 2014- 2015

Dear Friend of kids.R.ok

When kids.R.ok team landed in Orissa children's home this January, the contrast to our last visit couldn't have been starker.

No more falling apart walls or leaking roofs, no brown water to drink and even the children had grown taller by an inch or two since last years visit.

We were received warmly by the kids and the caretakers of the home. This time we were able to spend more time with the children interacting with them with games, giving them writing assignments in english and teaching them an english children's song. Most importantly we were able to convey to the children that we love them and people from different parts of the world really love and care for their future well being (click to read about our interactions with the children).

We spent time on overseeing the construction project and going over the details with brother SK Nayak, the caretaker of the children's home. The water from the borewell is crystal clear and the toilet project is about 70% complete. A big hall is being built as a multipurpose room with two floors where the children can sleep during night and study during the day.

Back in Sweden, kids.R.ok Annual Board Meeting 2015 was held on 27.02.2015. kids.R.ok board members convened to review our projects progress in India & Rwanda, discuss future strategy and do the budget planning for 2015. kids.R.ok was able to demonstrate that in 2014 we were able to keep 100% donation model, utilizing all the donations for project use.

The board congratulated kids.R.ok team to have have done an exemplary work in 2014 and thanked all the team members, volunteers and donors who have made a difference in the lives of the children.

Thank you wonderful supporters of kids.R.ok. You are the backbone of our team and driving us onwards to reach our goals for these beautiful children.

Best regards,
Allan Ashok
Founder & Director kids.R.ok | Sweden

annual report

kids.R.ok Annual Report 2014

Read our annual report for the year 2014 and get to know kids.R.ok work better.

1. Get to read about our new structure in the organization and the board members.
2. Progress report of Orissa project
3. The events for fund raising in the past year.
4. Our talented team members.
5. Financial outlook of kids.R.ok

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March 8th was International womens day, kids.R.ok stands in solidarity for equal rights for girls & women worldwide


Lifestraw water filter

Gift of water

The children were overjoyed to have a facility which provided them access to clean drinking water.

Lifestraw filer:
* It does not need electricity or other energy means to filter the water.
* The lifecycle of the product is one year with a capacity of 70000 – 100000 liters of water.
* Removes 99.9999% of bacteria (E. coli, etc.)
* 100.999% of viruses (Rotavirus, Hepatitis A)
* 101.99% protozoa (Giardia, Cryptosporidium)
* Reduces turbidity (muddiness)


Youtube: Water project

To read more about it:
click here

Thank you kids.R.ok donors for your gifts to help us finish the water project and give the children the chance to grow up in a healthy environment.

/Kids.R.ok Team

PicMonkey Collage

kids.R.ok gifts to the children

Gifts to the children

Pencil box sets, books and a portrait collage of kids photos were few gifts which we presented to the children.

Thank you for giving us the privilege to carry your heartfelt love and blessings to the children in Orissa, India


toilet construction

To those who would like to sponsor a child's education or support construction efforts in Orrisa

▪ India Ac no: kidsRok 50200006946086 HDFC BANK
▪ Sweden: PLUSGIRO 67 79 04-5
▪ USA: Use PAYPAL link below

100% donations go directly to childrens projects!

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