AND.... thinking how great PEACE on EARTH would be…..

Animal Kingdom XLG

"Animal Kingdom" - 30" square - Limited Edition Fine Art Serigraph

Peace on Earth....

may be a phrase that goes through our minds more than just at holiday time these days.

Regardless of turbulent times - it is a classic thought and sentiment on many a holiday card.

With that thought in mind— for Holiday Greetings, I am featuring “Animal Kingdom” - a painting of mine that could certainly be on that holiday card with a “Peace on Earth” sentiment.

Look close at this image and you will see it is not my original painting! This is a photo of one of the Limited Edition Serigraph prints I have available of the image.

What is a Serigraph?

A Serigraph is the oldest form of printing and is very special and laborious. It uses a silkscreen type process and requires tremendous attention to detail and artistic vision.

Imagine a t-shirt design that is all one color. That design will use use one 'stencil' and one color of paint. When one wants 2 colors on a t-shirt, that takes the use of two ‘stencils’- one for each color.

Unlike some of the newer archival printing methods that can be done 'on demand' these days, an Edition of a Serigraph is done all at once, often entirely by the artist but frequently with the help of a Master Printer.

Upon completion, each piece is signed and numbered by the artist. The notation 1/100 means that this particular print is the first of 100 in an edition and that there will never be more than 100 original serigraph prints of that design.

Did you know....?

The 'average' Serigraph might take 40 +/- 'screens'?
The “Animal Kingdom” took over over 160 screens!!

The Edition of the "Animal Kingdom" is limited to 96 Prints on paper and 96 on canvas.



Interested in the “Animal Kingdom”?

Contact me, or one of the Oregon galleries I work with that represents me, for 10% off through December. I also have two pieces available now that are already beautifully framed which I am happy to send photos and pricing to you for consideration.


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First MUGS now in the MercedesFineArt ETSY Shop!


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I am enjoying VERY MUCH creating items with my work and look forward to MORE!

Mercedes at easel-cropped

HAPPY HOLIDAYS ..... and may we all enjoy some "Peace on Earth" feelings over this busy season!

Gail / Mercedes!

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