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Our entire Israeli nation held its breath as Staff Sgt Aviv Levi was laid to rest on Sunday. Perhaps it's just me, but the image of Aviv's bereaved mother, her blond hair bent to the grave, refusing to get up, was seared into our hearts. I cannot fathom the sorrow, which is joined by anger at the terrorists who get away with literally murder. Enough kites. Enough burning falcons. It's enough. Our fields are burnt, with farmers losing millions, our history burnt and the people of the south literally fearful of walking outside just in case they hear a siren and must run for any cover they can reach in the 15 seconds it takes for a missile to land and kill innocent Israelis. Aviv, you are everyone's son, and we mourn your loss not only with tears but with a resolve to end this ludicrous, murderous situation.


Sunday also saw our people mourn another, long-ago loss. It is said that a people who remember their heritage are destined to enjoy their future. We sure know how to do history - so many Jewish people around the world actually fasted from sundown Sat night for 25 long, hot hours. We mourned the loss of our temple 2000 (!) years ago. Try saying that and being taken seriously in some circles. But I know we are family here, and we share our deepest troubles and highest achievements. This year I seem to have heard a few versions of the same theme: Questioning what we are actually mourning, and suggesting that we are not missing a building but a way of life. We are not simply without this vehicle but it prevents us from a way of connecting with God. We cannot simply visit Jerusalem three times a year at the Temple, enriched with the energy and passion of pure worship. We also do not have the connection among our people, all equal and joined together in praise of someone higher than us. This is what we are missing, and we pray for the day that God returns to our midst, with clarity and love, to guide our every day.

Until then, we do our best to fulfill the prophecy of Zachariah, aspiring to truth and peace.

​"​So says the LORD of hosts; The fast of the fourth month, and the fast of the fifth, and the fast of the seventh, and the fast of the tenth, shall be to the house of Judah joy and gladness, and cheerful feasts; therefore love the truth and peace.​ ​"


With the Gazan border literally ablaze, shooting a Syrian fighter jet shot down over our sky and Syrian SS22 missiles over Israel - shot down for the very first time by David's Sling, much thanks to some of those friends reading these very lines - take a breather to enjoy the lighter side of summer in Israel. ​

Hoping for a Congressional recess soon, and for all those of you working in so many important ways, hug your family and go make some memories with them, time is precious and we will all still be here, working together, when you get back!


With regards from Sarah & the whole gang


PA leader Abbas declares: ‘We’ll never stop paying martyrs and prisoners’

“Even if we only have a penny left, we are going to first put it toward these payments,” vows Mahmoud Abbas, ignoring Israeli pressure to stop paying stipends to terrorists, families • Israeli law could see P.A. lose significant portion of $5 billion budget.

Time to let Gaza fail

The time has come for Israel and the U.S. to let Gaza fail.

It is not in America’s interest, and it certainly is not in Israel’s interest, to assist Gaza’s terror regime in any way.

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