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April 27, 2016


Get Back Outside with Mosquito Authority

The Mosquito Authority of the Triad’s comprehensive program breaks the mosquito life cycle to keep the disease-carrying pests out of your yard – and your life – all season long. All treatments include REPEL+PLUS which was designed and formulated for maximum mosquito control. Built around very strict guidelines put in place by the Environmental Protection Agency, some components of REPEL+PLUS use no pesticides at all. If you enjoy playing, cooking out and relaxing in your yard, then it’s time to fight these annoying bloodsuckers once and for all with help from Mosquito Authority! Call them directly at 336-712-5278 or email shea@bugsbite.com.


Summer Adventures at Old Salem: School’s Out Summer’s In!

Unplug your kids this summer at Old Salem at unique summer camps where children learn about history while having fun. First through twelfth graders will enjoy hands-on experiences like hearth cooking, textiles, pottery, and more and learn what life was like for those who lived in Salem in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Rising 1st and 2nd graders explore Salem with Sister Maus and discover what it was like to be a child in Salem long ago. Old Salem also offers a unique summer adventure for rising third through eighth graders, middle school aged children and high school. Visit oldsalem.org/summer-camps for more info.

Toddler pouring

Greensboro Montessori School

The faculty at the Greensboro Montessori School believes that learning is a natural activity of all children. The secret is to pay attention to the hidden nature of the child at each stage of development and to design a classroom with activities and materials allowing the children to fulfill their innate human potential. The growth of the whole child is fostered from toddlerhood through Middle School. The routines for the Toddler classrooms are orderly and simple (morning greeting, toileting routine, snack time, circle time, etc.) to support the child’s strong need for order and predictability. Through ongoing observations, the teachers rotate the materials to meet the children’s ever-changing developmental needs. Toddler classrooms provide options for part-time or full-time classes.

Weekly Tours
Wednesday Mornings 9am
336-668-0119 tour@thegms.org


This newsletter is sponsored by Mosquito Authority of the Triad, Old Salem, and Greensboro Montessori School.

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