The wonderful Robin Williams summed up the season of renewal like this: “Spring is nature’s way of saying, “let’s party!”. After a winter this stubbor


The wonderful Robin Williams summed up the season of renewal like this: “Spring is nature’s way of saying, “let’s party!”. After a winter this stubborn for so many, I suspect they would nod in vigorous agreement. Indeed, let’s get this party started…

Spring gives us days to honor mothers and fathers, engagements and graduations. There are also cherished weekend get-together times with friends & family. To enhance it all I have an array of Special Priced Gifts, brunch ideas and a spring season special on Chocolate and Caramel Sauces. I have also introduced a NEW extremely rare & wonderful Black Finger Lime Marmalade.

Response to my recipe page (videos and non-video recipes) is simply...humbling. The video recipes have just surpassed 20,000 + views. It is always a delight to hear about all my recipe types. People share successes, suggestions/requests, and yes, improvements! Very soon I will be adding some wondrous NEW recipe videos for homemade pies! In fact, one pie is a creation I don't believe you will find anywhere else! As you wander through updates and specials, be sure to stop at the RECIPE PAGE.


What self-respecting BRUNCH would be complete without the presence of Bagels and Waffles? How people adorn them is...boundless. I discovered some ways (pictured above) that run a gamut of tastes, so I thought I would share. With bagels you might sometimes prefer lightly sweet, quite sweet, or a savory sensation instead. Waffles swimming in syrup is a standard, but you can also substitute a favorite jam/marmalade, a mix of fresh fruit and fruited syrup, or a more dessert-ish whipped cream and's all about options!

- Bagel at the top - Cream Cheese and my light, citrus Bergamot Syrup drizzled over the top.
- Bagel in the middle is a mix of chopped tomato, capers and my salt preserved lemons (diced) over a layer of cream cheese.
- Bagel at the bottom is the new Black Finger Lime Marmalade over cream cheese.

- Waffle at the top is adorned with whipped cream and my Hot Ginger Caramel Sauce.
- Waffle in the middle is topped with fresh raspberries and my Blood Orange Syrup (lighter, less sweet than maple/maple flavored syrups and wonderfully balanced citrus notes).
- Waffle at the bottom is simply enhanced with my Apricot Jam.

It's amazing how slight variations on familiar themes can bring new life and taste to them!

The gift selections below offer wonderful variety (your selections - including new and recent introductions), SAVINGS and a beautiful presentation. CLICK ANY IMAGE to explore...


Spring Gift Trio Special


Spring Gift Tube Special


Spring Gift Duo Special


Summer Fruitcake

Always so delighted to interact with customers. I have a new address (also noted at the bottom of my homepage website): 1 Palmo Court, Novato, CA 94945 Phone: 415-256-8110

I'm thrilled to have added new RETAILERS in locations around the country.

Blessings to all for an exceptional spring and year ahead.

My best,
Robert Lambert