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Hello ,

Greetings from Sheffield and the HQ of AW.

Last week I was telling you about some seismic events, and that the clocks would go back this weekend (I lied) - you can read about it here.

Since then it seems a lot has been happening.. every-day at AW a new container.. new stock and back in stocks galore. To say it's busy is an understatement, we have shifts working all hours and our goods in team are fulling hero shifts to ensure all goods are checked and booked in. A whole year of product development and design is finally coming home to fruition. All good reasons to celebrate.

But (have you been following the exiled in Spain Rodrigo story?).. well last friday, we got word that a decision had been made, Monday his online status after 7 months and 6 days was updated and and a message came that his passport was actually on the way. Tuesday at 10.47am hours a courier arrived with an envelope within which was Rodrigo's Brazilian passport - last seen half a year ago, but now almost miraculously containing a UK visa.
By Wednesday at 10.50am he was clearing immigration in Malaga airport by 3.34pm Rodrigo arrived at our offices in Sheffield together with a very very very.. happy wife and cheers and welcome home cake from the team.
In the evening we consumed a touch too much champagne in a local bistro to celebrate the happy return. The nightmare is over, and now they can finally plan a future together.

Seriously though, many couples don't make it this far. There are thousands of couples in the UK with the misfortune of falling in love with a foreigner. Marriage to a foreign person does not mean you can be automatically together in this country. Far from it. We (our government) have devised a down right evil and divisive system to force couples apart and then break up the relationship though financial pressure and devious manipulative systems. There are forums, where marriage sponsor visa applicants chart their journeys.. sad testimonies to broken marriages where the costs become too high or the emotional traps too much bear. News is the rules are changing again.. now the sponsor in these applications i.e. the British half of the couple will also have to submit their passport for the duration of the application. So they cannot even travel out of the country to be with their husband or wife. Rodrigo's application, according to official guidelines should have taken 15 working days, in fact it took.. 105 working days - he was exiled for a total of 7 months and 7 days.


It makes me angry for the rest -where is the love? As far as I know no other country on earth treats its young couples with such callous disregard.
Reunited. You can send them a message here. Rodrigo & Jess.
I know, I know... it's almost too much good news to bear..

But calm down.. we also have Cocktail Bath Bombs back in stock..
AND a new range of even more luxurious soap flowers.. These believe will sell even better.
A full container of these Soap Flowers came and they are growing wings and pretty much flying out of the warehouse unaided.
Order now, if you don't want to let down your customers.

Even more deals below. So much to come I can't tell you..

On Sunday I fly to China just for a week.. then onwards to India.. Afterwards to Bali .. where the Volcano is getting more and more angry.
Should be interesting to say the least.. since last week a further 100,000 people have been relocated - including some of our suppliers. I'll be going to see what we can do to help if required.
Hope you are coming along for the ride :)

So interesting times.
Thank you so much for your support, your business is very much appreciated.

Take care



Wholesale Cocktail Bath Bombs BACK IN STOCK

Great news, your cocktail bath bomb are back in stock, now your customers can really chill out to a fizzing cocktail bath. Get totally soaked, by dropping a G&T or Mojito bath bomb in your bath.

These Wholesale Cocktail Bath Bombs, containing the finest scents of all your favourite mixed drinks. Each gift pack contains three themed drink bombs.
See below - a perfect gift for the lover of these cocktails. Prosecco, for example, is an on-trend gift. A celebratory gift, ideal for weddings, birthdays, Xmas or as an alternative to a bottle of wine.


Soap Flower Bouquets - NEW SOAP FLOWERS

They are a perfect addition for a relaxing romantic bath. If you sell bathroom products such as soaps and bath bombs these great additions.

Beautifully packed wholesale Soap Flowers are a perfect gift, wedding favours, Christmas stocking filler or just a little treat for yourself.

Just add a one or two roses to your warm bath, relax and watch the cute flowers dissolve right before your very eyes. You will surely enjoy colourful water and great scent. It leaves your skin soft, silky and smelling wonderfully fresh.

Order today. These Bath Flowers are a stunning gift, sure to delight.


Decorative Rose Angel Figurines

Angels and Cherubs is a popular range of products for all ages. We have an extensive collection of designs including decorative wholesale angels with pink roses.

Lovely collectable figures which are great for home decorations or for crafts.

Each Cherub is made from durable material and has a soft white finish and light pink roses giving that vintage impression. Each figure is carefully packaged in bubble wrap and placed together in a box.


Angel Wings Trinket Boxes

Your new range of Wholesale Angel Wings Trinket Boxes come in the shape of heart and with delightfully detailed wings and very trendy vintage colours.

This lovely Heart Shaped Angel Wings Trinket Box is a beautiful way to keep your rings, jewellery or trinkets safe and protected. It's perfect to keep on your make up table, by the sink, or just as inspirational décor anywhere in your home or office.


Natural Texture Ribbons

This range of wholesale Natural Texture Ribbons makes a beautiful finish to any gift wrapping. Ribbons are made from nonwoven fabric, wrap the around gifts very well and making the bow is piece of cake :)

There are many creative ways to use these ribbons... wedding decor, chair bow sash, floral designs, candle wraps... use them with our natural ribbed gift boxes and create that special gift packaging for your customers.


Wooden LED Light Decorations

These wooden Christmas light up decorations consist of little windows, stars and letters out of which shine the battery operated LED lights from within, creating a really homely ambience wherever your customers decide to hang them.

Ready to be sold straight on the upcoming Christmas markets, Stores or websites these Wooden LED Light Decoration to manage to somehow be traditional yet contemporary all at the same time.

Order today to create lovely warm nights in your customer's homes.

These mermaid cushion covers are embellished with shiny sequins which change colour as you brush your hand along the surface, this brings some interactivity and fun to a sofa and is incredibly satisfying to play with!

They come in lots of different colour combinations to suit any customers home or personality. Every order comes with 4 covers. We also supply the cushion inners. Nobody will be able to resist playing with the colours and trying to draw pictures or write their names, we definitely couldn't! (Especially with the Violet & silver cushion, one of our favourites...)


Wholesale Halloween Gifts 2017

Happy Halloween... We aim to bring you the best-selling and most profitable Halloween stock you can buy. Halloween stock is big business and a growing business. If your customers are throwing a Halloween party they are in the mood to splash out for any scary items, so party gear is profitable as well as fun.


Christmas Gifts Ideas

The countdown is on! Yes, it's almost that time of year again. Glittering lights hang above town centres, tinsel twinkles in shop windows, and the patter of footsteps reverberates around high street pavements. Whether you're looking for that special something, Ancient Wisdom can be your one-stop shopping place for all your customers buying needs. Our selection of gifts includes Christmas Wine Bag, Christmas Baubles, Minimalist Xmas Trees, Jute Santa Sacks and much more....

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