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May/June 2023

Welcome! This newsletter informs you on current classes, events, and research-based family topics that help strengthen, empower, and unify families at LJ2, Inc. And strengthen career minded individuals.


Happy Mother's Day!

May brings a wonderful day called Mother's Day, May 14th. Many say Mother's Day is every day. On this special day, help Mom enjoy the day!


Happy Father's Day!

June brings an awesome day known as Father's Day, June 18th. Last month some Moms received breakfast in bed, flowers, gift cards, etc. Dads it's your turn, enjoy the day!


Just Talking with Dr. Lena Podcast

Only a few short weeks ago, we started our weekly, 15-minute podcast on family communication, highlighting couple successes and challenges. Now on Episode #6, there has been over 50 downloads. We appreciate your support!

Click the link below to hear Episode #6.


Just Talking Podcast w/Dr. Lena

Each episode will give insight to everyday issues that brings clarity to common relationship problems. Topics include:
* clear communication
* money
* boundaries
* anger
* conflict
* life changes and more.

Just Talking Podcast w/Dr. Lena can be found on the Buzzsprout podcasting platform and in Just Talking Group w/Dr. Lena started April 17th.

Listen Up bookcover

Book Pre-Sale

I'm excited to announce my first book is coming out! The book is titled LISTEN UP.

I am collaborating with other authors to give Teens ways to overcome challenges based on our journey of obstacles. My hope is to help Teens going out into the world to excel toward greatness!

The first 50 individuals to purchase a copy of the book during pre-sale will be listed on the acknowledgement page - for your support.

LISTEN UP will be released October 2023.

Dr. Lena Jackson-Lynch

To purchase a copy, click below.


Educational Opportunities

LJ2 Cover Education

Prepare/Enrich Facilitator

We now offer Prepare/Enrich Facilitator sessions for individuals, pre-martial and couples who would like insight on relationship strengths in preparation for marriage. We offer Conventional and Christian sessions.

Whats currently happening in relationships

What's Currently Happening in Relationships and Marriages Summit

We are working on this year's What's Currently Happening in Relationships and Marriages Summit. The summit brings a Biblical look at areas in couples' relationships. Look for final listing soon.

Building Relationships 2023

FREE! Building Relationships in our Communities with Families

Join LJ2, Incorporated for our 6th Annual Building Relationships in our Communities with Families. This is a free event featuring businesses and organizations who share how they build relationships with their clients, customers, and families. This event will help you communicate, respect, grow, enhance, strengthen, unify you and your families.

Best Western Plus, Lewisville, TX
Saturday, August 5, 2023
Time: 10:00 am - 1:00pm

Come out and enjoy food, vendor tables, door prizes, and fun!

LJ2 Cover Professional Dev

In our Professional Development Department, there are no educational announcements at this time. Click link below for updates on the Professional Development tab.


Did You Know?

“The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life." – Richard Bach

Do something positive every day.


Kind regards,
Your Team at LJ2, Inc.


LJ2, Inc. helps to amend unhealthy relationships within the family through, seminars, workshops, classes, and more. We also enhance professional development skills for career-minded individuals. Please email comments or suggestions to lena@lj2inc.com. If you no longer wish to receive this Newsletter reply STOP to this email.

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