Dear Friends, We are all hopeful that Operation Protective Edge is now behind us and that the tenuous 72-hour ceasefire with Hamas will continue to h


Dear Friends,

We are all hopeful that Operation Protective Edge is now behind us and that the tenuous 72-hour ceasefire with Hamas will continue to hold enabling the Israeli civilian population, especially residents of the South to return to some kind of normalcy.

From the outset the lines between the front and the home front became blurred testing once again the resilience of Israeli society. The media has been replete with many personal stories that illustrate the spirit of solidarity and civil mobilization that has taken hold of the country. We share with you one of them. Read more...

Israel has suffered severe loss but has also gained something else that is immeasurable. What these weeks of agony has done to bring us together, as a nation, as a people, is unparalleled. WIZO chaverot around the globe have shown their solidarity with the State participating in pro-Israel rallies and working tirelessly to raise funds for the relief campaign launched by World WIZO. We deeply appreciate their efforts which are a testament to the fact that WIZO is one extended family.

With warm WIZO regards,

Janine Gelley
Chairperson, Organization and Tourism Division
World WIZO

eitanim collage

In war and peace WIZO stands by Israel's side

WIZO is always attentive to the needs of Israeli society but in the current crisis where Israel has been under constant attack WIZO has responded to the needs of the population with practical assistance and hands-on support. As part of its relief effrots WIZO opened the doors of its youth villages to provide shelter for families from the South giving them a much needed respite from the tensions. Read more...

ethiopian lady

No effort is too small to make a difference

Thanks to a special Eitanim micro grant obtained from the ROI Community and the Schusterman Family Foundation, World WIZO's Organization and Tourism Division were able to assist in the Operation Protective Edge relief initiative and make a small difference in the lives of several elderly residents in the southern Israeli town of Kiryat Malachi. Read more...


David Mitchell & Charles Glater volunteering at WIZO Nir Haemek Youth Village

WIZO New York hosts solidarity Shabbat in the Hamptons

A wonderful initiative by WIZO New York members helped raise over US$ 400,000 for the Women's International Zionist Organization's relief efforts putting into practice the old saying "Actions speaks louder than words" and proving once again that amazing things happen when communities come together to show their love and support for WIZO and the State of Israel. Read more...

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Newsweek cover story highlights second Jewish European exodus

The severe upswing in anti-Semitism in several European countries is so significant that Newsweek has made it the cover story for its August edition. The cover photo of a young Jewess with an old suitcase, the words "Once Again" in the headline, and comparisons with Holocaust events – all paint a picture of not merely fleeting anti-Semitism, but of a genuine phenomenon that could once again change the face of Europe. Read more...

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Artists without borders...or facts

Noa Tishby, successful model, actress, producer and a fierce defender of Israel calls out her fellow Hollywood stars for their failure to fact check before smearing the state of Israel. She admonishes them by saying " if you prefer acting or partying to fact-checking that’s fine, but please just stick to that. With power (and millions of Tweeter followers) comes at least some responsibility." Read more...


Click to read Spitz, first Hebrew magazine in Berlin

So long, Israel; hello, Berlin

Unlike Israel’s pioneers - mostly European immigrants fleeing anti-Semitism and motivated by an ideological commitment to Zionism - many young Israelis see Berlin as a haven from the economic and social difficulties plaguing their country. The number of Israelis in the city has risen by about 40 percent since 2006, and today is home to about 20,000 Israelis. Read more...


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