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What's Dawn up to this summer? Props!

Hi All,
The last five weeks I've been working on theater props and set painting for a production of "The Most Happy Fella" that will be performed at the El Cerrito Performing Arts Theater on the campus of ECHS. Making props has been the most fun. The show takes place in 1927. I've had to make a hand-cranked generator that powers a lighted sign, a cash register, an old-timey camera, a fake wedding cake - and tons of other little details!


For the hand-cranked generator I used our hand-cranked ice cream maker, set it on a furniture dolly and covered it in metal flashing.


The lighted sign needed to look like it was made with materials they would have around a vineyard. I made the letters from scraps from the last show I worked on. The background was also shop scraps - made to look like pallets. I love the way this turned out!

cash regLR
cash reg2LR

The old-timey cash register is made with a wood base. I used foamcore to make the upper rounded face and the window that shows the amount of the sale. There was a random crank laying around the shop so I incorporated that into it too. The panel with the buttons was printed out and spray mounted on.


The camera was probably the most challenging. I figured out how to make the bellows out of black paper. I used cardboard, cardboard tube and craft paper tape to form the rest of the camera. Thin metal rods connects the front and back sections and allows them to move. I used my "real" tripod, attached some wood slats and taped the lower legs with brown duct tape.


For the wedding cake I made the cake shapes out of foamcore. The pillars are wooden dowels. One of our interns Ivy did a great job decorating it with plaster and caulk.


I REALLY encourage those of you who live locally to come see this show!! It is LIVE theater at its best. The performers are incredible. They are accompanied by a live 30-piece orchestra. You will be in store for a lovely night out!! If that's not enough to encourage you . . . one of our performers has been offered a role in Hamilton . . . ON BROADWAY!! What's even more amazing is that you will be hard pressed to pick out which one it is . . . they are ALL that good!!!

Weekends July 21, 22, 23 & July 28, 29, 30.
For more information about the show click here.

Hope to see you there!!

p.s. To check out more of my work see my website - including deals on my t-shirts ($5 & $10)!!

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