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A full calendar of events can be found in the Compass App

21-25 August - Book Week
23rd August - Book Week Dress Up Day
7th September - The Lion King school musical - Glen Eria Auditorium
13th - 15th September - Snow Camp (selected children only)
11th-13th October - 3/4 Camp
11th-13th October - 5/6 Camp
6th November - Pupil Free Day

In this edition...


The MVPS school operated Canteen had its final day last Friday. The MVPS community would like to say a very BIG thank you to Shino for coordinating our school canteen and to Binh for supporting Shino in the running of the Canteen. Thank you to all our parent community who have volunteered their time to help out in the school canteen over the years, we really appreciate it!
Our next steps will be to have our trial with AJ Bakery this Friday 28th July and Friday 4th August. Then the students will provide us with their feedback on AJ’s Bakery. We will also send out a survey link to the community to vote for their preferred provider- Beaver’s Tail or AJ’s Bakery.
Please remember to pack your child/rens morning recess snack, as the recess window service will no longer be running.
Please keep scrolling down to find information on how to order your lunch for this Friday with AJ Bakery.

2024 Prep Enrolments are now due

Letters of offer for Prep 2024 have been emailed. This included information regarding transition and important school dates. If your child is turning five by April next year and you have not enrolled, please complete your enrolment form as soon as possible.

Amy Tinetti
Acting Principal


We are continuing to work on how we use Compass to communicate with families. You should be able to access the following functions through the app:
Mark your child’s attendance (e.g sick days, appointments, holidays)
Read the weekly school newsletter
Access the class news feed. This is to read specific information for your child’s class
Access the school news feed. This is used for school or cohort updates.

We suggest you use the ‘browser view’ (can be accessed via the three lines on the top left side of the app) to:
Email your child’s teacher
View your child’s school reports

Over the coming weeks we will be adding a Compass ‘tips and tricks’ section to the newsletter to help you access and use each function. Stay tuned!

As always, if you need help with your access to Compass please come to the office.

Term 3 Performing Arts overview

Welcome to Term 3 in Performing Arts! What a term we have ahead of us. Rehearsals continue to be in full swing and students are already buzzing with excitement. Costumes are being created, props are being made, sets are going up and lines are being memorised. We had a full 5/6 rehearsal yesterday afternoon and believe me when I tell you, my breath was taken away and my eyes were full of tears. Their confidence, commitment and excitement was palpable.

Over the coming weeks, a lot more information will be sent out via compass. Please read each announcement carefully as they will be full of logistical information as well as information for our performances on Thursday the 7th of September. I will also be doing another parent volunteer call out with more specific job roles in mind. If you’re able to help, we would be incredibly grateful.

We will be having two full performances on the day at the Glen Eira Town Hall in their main auditorium. There will be a matinee performance as well as an evening show. We have visited the site many times and have full faith that it is the perfect space to see this musical come to life. Ticketing and timing information will also come out shortly.

Stay tuned, continue practising your class songs and get ready to see your children SHINE!

Sarah McGaw
Performing Arts

What an exciting Term 3 we have in Health and Physical Education

The Senior School will building up their running, jumping and throwing skills in our Athletics unit. The students will then be continuing to improve their Lacrosse skills with a specialist visit from Camberwell Lacrosse Club.

The Grade 1/2’s will be looking to consolidate and continue practising their Basketball, Australian Rules Football and Netball skills during their class lessons and then transferring these skills into modified games in our cohort sessions.

The Preps will be continuing to focus on practising a variety of different gross motor skills, with a particular focus on Athletics,during both our class and cohort sport lessons where they will be engaged in the Perceptual Motor Program (PMP). They will also be learning their dribbling and passing skills in Basketball.

What you can do at home to support your child’s Health and Physical Education development:
• Continue to promote travelling actively to and from school.
• Engaging with MVPS’s Tag On system.
• Seek out extracurricular sport activities that your child may be interested in.
• Attend either the running club on Wednesday mornings or Friday Sports games. Both starting on the oval at 8:15am.

Key Dates: (Please note that due to the District Athletics Carnival unavoidable being held on the same day as the school concert, we will not be able to participate in it this year.)

Educational Sports Incursion: 21st of July
Lacrosse Incursions: TBC

Mr Brown


Greek Term 3

Yia Sas!

This term, we will be continuing to name and label objects in classrooms and areas around the school. Grades 1-6 will learn the next 6 letters of the Greek alphabet. Junior students will be learning to present information about themselves. Due to popular demand, senior students will be introduced to Ancient Greek Myths and Legends and exploring how our modern society and the English language, has been influenced by Ancient Greece.

Please talk to your children about what they are learning in Greek and encourage them to share and practice their Greek letters and words at home.

Thank you.
Mariana Surenian

Visual Art - Term 3

In Visual Art, all classes will be completing work for their personalised Crazy Camel fundraising Calendar available for order towards the end of this term, so watch this space!
Prep students will assemble an alien inspired monster collage. They will gain knowledge on various fabrics with textiles and construct a push and pull inspired vehicle out of recycled materials.

In Grade 1/2, students will fashion a space collage using watercolours and acrylic paint. They will investigate weaving skills in textiles through recycled materials and chicken wire.
Grade 3/4 pupils will examine the work of John Olsen to compose their own space inspired watercolour painting. They will also construct a Greek temple using straws and paper craft.
Meanwhile, Grade 5/6 students will practise textiles skills by constructing a God’s Eye out of wool and icy pop sticks. They will also create a Greek inspired pottery piece in ceramics.

4 Values

Prep C - Nash M
Prep D - Easton T
1/2C - Archie S
1/2D - Oscar Q
1/2N - Emily C
1/2P - Ethan L
3/4P - Olivia H
3/4R - Theo K
3/4S - Jess S
5/6A - Megan H and Em S
5/6FP - Jayda L
5/6P - Mitch B

Just a reminder that the 2023 Premiers' Reading Challenge is in full swing. So far we've read over 1000 books! With plenty of time until the finishing date of September 7th, we've time for more reading. So what are you waiting for, pull out a book or two or three or maybe even twenty, and log them on your account!

If you have lost your password, Miss Pritchard can help you - just let her know and she'll reprint it for you.

There is a Book Week Dress Up Day on Wednesday 23rd August.

AJs Bakery lunch deliveries – trial date Friday 28th July - Order by 9am Friday

Malvern Valley PS are trialing an exciting new lunch order service – AJs Bakery. See below for instructions on downloading the Qkr App, registering and ordering. The App and ordering process has been trialled by staff, so please call Merryn at the office if you have any questions.


Fathers Day Breakfast

The Parents Association are proud to celebrate Fathers Day again this year with a special breakfast on Friday 1st September. We invite all MVPS children to bring their father (or other special person) along to celebrate with us. This event is significantly subsidised by the PA however we do ask for a small contribution of $5 per adult to put towards costs of food and fun activities on the morning. Tickets can be purchased here.

Pancake Parlour School Rewards

Malvern Valley PS are now part of Pancake Parlour School Rewards Program. This is a loyalty program run by Pancake Parlour where the school can earn points and prizes. These can be utilised to support educational projects and extracurricular activities.

To earn points for the school you must sign up to be a pancake parlour member by either
1. Visiting the PP website here and joining via the online form
2. Via The Pancake Parlour app
Head to your profile > Rewards > School Rewards Select Join a School

Whenever you visit the pancake parlour your purchase will count towards the Malvern Valley PS rewards points. Thank you for your support and enjoy your pancakes!

Help us build a happier, healthier Stonnington by completing our Social and Community Health survey – in partnership with Swinburne University of Technology.

We want to know whether you enjoy active recreation, public and active transport, and the social connection that Council programs and services bring.

Completing the survey (approximately 10 minutes to complete) will enter you into the draw to win one of ten one-month Harold Holt Swim Centre memberships. Entry into the prize draw is entirely optional.

Complete the survey HERE


In order to streamline the weekly school delivery run any online orders placed for delivery to school will be delivered by a Spartan driver every Tuesday.

Online orders placed by midday on a Monday will be included in the school delivery the next day. Any orders placed after this time will be delivered in the following weeks run.

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