LSLL Spotlight: Look what’s new in the Learn to Tie with the Rabbit and the Fox Series from author Sybrina Durant and illustrator Pumudi Gardiyawasam

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Available in eBook and paperback formats

BONUS! Watch the book trailer and hear the song "No Laces,” with lyrics and melody by Sybrina Durant!




Sybrina Durant is a native Houstonian. She has been writing Learn to Tie with the Rabbit and the Fox books since the early ‘90s. Her first book featured the rabbit and fox method of tying a necktie. She never knew she’d still be writing about knots 30 years later, but the stories just kept coming!

Boo’s Shoes is her latest effort. Other books in the series are Learn to Tie a Tie with the Rabbit & the Fox (in English, Spanish, and Tagalog) that makes a special little book to gift to boys in a wedding party. Nellie Knows How to Knot a Neck Scarf, Ned Knows How to Knot a Neck Tie, and Cleo Can Tie A Bow are also part of the series.

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