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September 2017


Welcome Back,

The "Back to School" month of September always seems to make us recall those days of learning. Most of you know learning doesn't stop once we finish school and enter the workforce, in fact it can remain quite critical. This month, the Tier One Team is looking forward to a trip to Denver, Colorado to attend the NAPS 2017 Conference. We are excited to learn about the latest technologies, challenges and solutions within our industry and to interact with other recruiting professionals to share ideas. This month's newsletter reviews the benefits and best strategies for continuing down the path of talent development both as an organization, and as an individual. But first, here are our monthly featured candidates and positions. Thanks for reading!


Featured Candidates

China Based Patent Counsel with US JD

This individual is experienced in managing a full range of Intellectual Property in the Asia Pacific region. Experience includes patents, trade secrets, trademarks, regulatory, due diligence, licensing, and other transactional work in various industries, including pharma, chemical, medical device, biotech, consumer products, mining, and IT. Candidate is advanced in spoken and written Chinese, and fluent in English. Currently based in Shanghai, China, extensive US firm experience in New York, and multinational experience in China. The person is licenced to practice in New York but is seeking to remain in Shanghai on a permanent basis. Please contact or call 313-887-8300 ext 103 for more information.

Plant Quality Director, Southeast USA

This candidate has outstanding experience in making overall quality improvements within the automotive and aerospace industries and has led teams of up to 40 quality professionals. He has lead the implementation of new quality systems and lead successful efforts to re-certify as a supplier to major OEMs. His accomplishments are too many to list, and he is available to relocate anywhere in the southeast USA.

Featured Positions

Plant Continuous Improvement Manager

Our client is a leading 13 Billion dollar global manufacturer to the aerospace, industrial and automotive industries. We are seeking a Continuous Improvement Manager for one if its largest key locations in northeastern Ohio. This person would be responsible for leading the implementation of lean at a holistic level in both the direct and indirect areas of this plant. There is a team of 9 lean specialists reporting into this role. The goal of the position is to act as a change agent, optimize processes, lead workshops, projects, and culture change in the facility. Preference will be given to those with an engineering background . Email for more details or call 313-887-8300 ex.103

Plant General Manager, Mexico

This client company is an outstanding, $600 Million supplier to various industries including automotive. In this role you will lead all functions within this manufacturing business, including production, materials, quality, HR, finance, engineering, safety, etc. You will have full profit/loss responsibilities, reporting back to the USA. This position could also be based on the border in the US and on the USA payroll. The client company will consider relocating the right candidate from other regions of the USA or Canada.

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How to Make the Most of Continuous Learning in the Workplace (And Reap the Benefits Too)

By now, most of us are aware of the benefits of lifelong learning in regards to health and quality of life but it doesn't stop there. Continuous learning is highly advantageous in the workplace - not only for the individual but also for the place of employment. Sometimes referred to as "talent development" or "learning & development", what we are discussing here is the variety of ways employees sharpen their skills, grow their knowledge and develop professionally while at work. This article explores the specific benefits and the best approaches from both the employee's perspective and the employer's perspective.

The Employer Perspective

Research shows that learning at the workplace brings a number of benefits to a business with ties to greater profit growth (Bersin by Deloitte). Employees who are learning at the workplace are learning how to perform their jobs in a more efficient manner, boosting productivity and allowing for their organization to remain competitive. Keeping employees on top of the latest knowledge in relation to their jobs can translate to your organization staying ahead in it's industry.

Fostering a work environment that encourages continuous learning, whether as structured classes or in an informal sense, shows employees that their organization cares about their future. This lends to more positive relationships with employees, higher retention rates and a better reputation as an employer. Developing the talent that already exists in the organization means less time spent trying to attract new talent. It can also mean filling in any skills gaps experienced within the current workforce.

Tips for Implementing
Before learning & development programs can show the results you wish to see in your organization, certain steps must be taken. First, goals for the company's future and it's employees should be acknowledged in relation to the learning strategy. A realistic path should be drawn from the learning strategy, to improvement of individual performance, to the overall advancement of the organization. Employees should be able to apply what they learn to their day-to-day operations and see how this contributes to the vision of the organization.

Communication must be open on both ends - employees should be informed on the expected results from the learning programs and how this aligns with business goals. At the same time, managers should be open to employee feedback on any training needs.

In addition to defined strategies and clear communication, employers should create an environment in which employees feel encouraged to explore learning opportunities in the workplace. Employers should allow for time to learn and must make learning resources as accessible as possible to employees.

The Employee Perspective

Being open to new learning opportunities in the workplace will lead you down a promising career path. For one thing, keeping your skill set sharp and your knowledge up to date makes you a valuable employee to your organization and gives you a competitive edge among your peers. Continuous learning will help you to grow along with, and easily adapt to, the changes in your organization which can translate to a longer sustained career with that organization ( Being active on the learning and development front shows that you are motivated and the depth of your own talent can lead to career advancement.

On a personal level, developing yourself by way of learning means you will avoid feeling stagnant at your job. It will lead to feeling more fulfilled and successful when you are able to solve a reoccurring problem at work or find a more efficient solution.

Tips for Implementing
It's easy to feel too busy to spend a part of the workday devoted to learning something new. However, small steps can be taken to start embracing a culture of continuous learning that won't take up your time. During normal day-to-day tasks, treat any problems you come across as a way to learn something new. Try out a new method of performing a task and see if it was a success or failure. Identify coworkers with more experience and who are successful in their role and attempt to learn from them. Ask questions, be curious, open and receptive to feedback and advice.

You can then take more action by expressing interest to your employer in developing your skills and seeking new learning opportunities. This shows employers that you are motivated not only to invest in yourself but also in the success of the organization. Other ways to pursue your own talent development include researching learning resources and articles on your own or networking with people who work in similar roles for different organizations.

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