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"Two weeks I stayed at the elephant project, were two amazing and interesting weeks. I have learnt so much about the animals and the issues going on here. It was a unique experience and would recommend that everyone should do it." Indy van Boxem, The Netherlands

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Observing elephants at the WG Tank

Sies & Janne Lamoral

Today is the last day of our adventure in this beautiful paradise, during the past two weeks we experienced a lot of different feelings. The experience was amazing however we often heard extreme stories about the local human elephant conflict which goes on in this small village and hear how people are forced to scare them away. We were able to understand both sides of the story. We listened to how the elephants crop raid and damage houses, often scaring or killing people and were also able to witness captive elephants in the streets. This was hard to witness and often found it a struggle to understand, we were often left feeling sad and angry but feel like SLWCS is really making a difference and felt that we were helping to contribute to the ongoing problem.

We feel SLWCS motto “saving elephants by helping people” is a great way to summarise the project. We are very proud to have come here and been part of the amazing team, coming here felt welcoming like being at home. We also loved the daily activities and interacting with the staff, it often felt like being part of a huge family, this included waking up and having breakfast together, driving in the cars, swimming and always joking with Asitha and Syria. The language barrier wasn’t an issue, we were always able to enjoy the food prepared by Swarna and Lelia and laugh along the way. We will be very sad to leave the field house, we have made great memories and learnt so much along the way, although we are sad we are happy to share our knowledge and experiences with our friends and family. Thank you for everything, we would love to come back again,

Thank you for everything
(aka Mali) Janne and Sies

01. Sies Janne Lamoral

Bee Hive Fence Monitoring

02. Sies Janne Lamoral

Repairing a Bee Hive Fence

03. Sies Janne Lamoral
04. Sies Janne Lamoral

Janne cleaning the sand trap, Sies taking field notes

05. Sies Janne Lamoral

In the Tree Hut


A herd of elephants by the Tree Hut


An elephant crossing the road by the Tree Hut

07. Sies Janne Lamoral

A house broken by an elephant. Taking human-elephant conflict data

06. Sies Janne Lamoral

Measuring pug marks

08. Sies Janne Lamoral

Maintaining a Bee Hive Fence

Camille Crepeau

I stayed 7 days with SLWCS and I really enjoyed it! The activities were not physically demanding as I expected some would be (to my pleasure) and I learned a lot about the research activities needed to complete all the different projects the organization has in the works which was wonderful. The activities were linked to collecting data and it would be great to see how the data we collect will be used. For example, see previous works accomplished by staff or even participate in further tasks. Outside of the activities themselves, the staff was always happy and very knowledgeable, great atmosphere in the field house, really fun team.

01. Camille Crepeau

Conducting a foraging transect

02. Camille Crepeau

Taking an imprint of a pug mark


An elephant at the Tree Hut Corridor

03. Camille Crepeau

Teaching students

Nicolas Depret

In general, the activities and the volunteers are very nice! Rooms are good, and the food is nice! The activities are very interesting and very funny (more rivers where we can swim).

I really enjoyed being here the staff is so cool and I think that’s all I have to say! Thanks for everything you are all amazing that was a good experience to do!

See you later! Nick the Belgian guy!

01. Nicolas Depret
02. Nicolas Depret

Taking data on pug marks

03. Nicolas Depret

A herd grazing in the Tree Hut Corridor

04. Nicolas Depret

Nick cooling off in a jungle stream.

Peter Seel

This project was an awesome experience for me! In my first week, the work was quite exhausting, but I acclimatised fast. I really enjoyed being in the nature the whole day. I also appreciated that the activities changed every day. I also loved the vegetarian food in the Field-House.
The staff is very friendly and helpful!

I enjoyed participating in a sustainable animal-conservation project!

01. Peter Seel

Setting a sand trap

03. Peter Seel

Measuring pug marks

02. Peter Seel

Heading into the jungle to check on remote cameras

Qian Zhang

Thanks for providing this opportunity to me! It is an adventure for me.

The staffs are nice and friendly; especially Akila, who is very responsible and helpful, just like a friend to me, taught me animal knowledge and how to play carom…she is my coach.

The food is good ,I put on weight instead of losing weight. Haha! The accommodation is eco-friendly, which is awesome, I never lived in a house without walls! And the view around the field house is breathtakingly beautiful, I will miss my morning walk when I back home!

I wish I can come back if it is possible, and I wish I can learn more next time!

Hope SLWCS will be better and better, and all the wild elephants can live in their home freely and happily!

01. Qian Zhang

Heading into the jungle to set sand traps

02. Qian Zhang

Setting a sand trap

Indy van Boxem
The Netherlands

Two weeks I stayed at the elephant project, were two amazing and interesting weeks. I have learnt so much about the animals and the issues going on here. It was a unique experience and would recommend that everyone should do it. Those who can should try to make a difference just like we do here at this organisation.

The field house is a cool place to stay and the view is the most beautiful. On top of that, I met so many amazing people. The staff is so kind, friendly and helpful. I had a really good time and laughed so much.

Sometimes it was hard and sad to experience the issues from so close. But I am glad I could help, although I sometimes wished I could do more.
I want to thank everyone who made this experience as fun, beautiful and informative as it was!

01. Indy van Boxem

Collecting pug mark data

02. Indy van Boxem

Bee Hive Fence Maintenance

03. Indy van Boxem
04. Indy van Boxem
05. Indy van Boxem

Setting a sand trap

07. Indy van Boxem

A home broken by an elephant

06. Indy van Boxem

Taking HEC data


Photo Credits:
Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society

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