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Calgary is beautiful this time of year: get outside and walk in your neighbourhoods and discover the beauty of so many gardens and natural spaces (such as the one to the left).

People are becoming more familiar with online learning options, whether podcasts, pre-recorded lessons, or Zoom broadcasts.
More and more materials are available from top Feldenkrais practitioners (see my Facebook page)


Recorded Lessons


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Refreshing Freedom in 19 minutes

A Lesson in being Truly Mindful

Side bending is an important part of overall flexibility, and is often included in stretches in many disciplines.

Hours on the computer lead to stiffening of the neck, shoulders, ribs and spine. Thus, an activity that includes side bending may be just the "ticket" for you!
This FREE lesson can be challenging. Click to try it out.


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Moving through Evolution

This 12-lesson series takes you through stages of evolution, from the first single-celled organisms, through many stages. In the process, you discover new ways of experiencing yourself.
Follow the link to the Evolution Series.


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Using Feldenkrais® to Improve your Yoga Practice

▪ Have you reached a plateau in your practice and don’t know where to go?
▪ Do you suffer from nagging injuries or pain?
▪ Has your practice become rote, lost its freshness and depth?
▪ Do you still have a beginners’ mind? Join Gisele and Sandra for this yoga-focussed workshop, 5 hours spread over three days. Click for more details.
Have you reached a plateau in your practice and don’t know where to go?
Do you suffer from nagging injuries or pain?
Has your practice become rote, lost its freshness and depth?
Do you still have a beginners’ mind? Join Gisele and Sandra for this yoga-focussed workshop, 5 hours spread over three days. Click for more details.

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Free Meditation-Themed week

July 25 to 31, 11am for 1 hour

Many have shared that they have found meditation and the Feldenkrais Method to be complementary in nature. The Daily Improvement team is offering FREE daily lessons that assist your meditation practice. Daily at 11am Mountain Time. To register, click here.


Watch the Video, stay for the lessons

Jaw Help

Caroline Feig and colleagues in NY have produced a very compelling video about their podcasts for easing jaw difficulties. If you have a Facebook account, you can access this video (click on the image, at left).
Their podcasts are available through many podcast services. Click to view one.


Discover Your Voice

Discover Your Voice

Enhance your ability to connect with your voice through exploration and awareness. Six presenters dive into the details of our vocal anatomy and function, breathing, motor skill development and psyche, in order to clarify our impulse to sing. Experience how your whole body coordinates to inform the healthy use of your voice. Each workshop is appropriate for singers, speakers and anyone who is curious about the voice.
For more information, click here.

Naramata Centre Online Programs


Naramata Centre Summer Programs

Just a reminder for you about the online programs available through the Naramata Centre.
Click for more information about the programs.
A few of the many programs are:


Available as e-book or paperback. Click for info

Julie Peck's New Book Now Available

This book is written for those times when we don’t need quick fixes, bandaids, or shortcuts to solve an immediate problem, but can instead dedicate time and attention to explore, laying the foundation to become experts in our own body and movement patterns for long-lasting positive growth. Moving from the Inside Out shows us how to resolve complex movement issues, balance stability and instability, increase power and precision, and explore our own movement using innate learning strategies.
Written for practitioners, movement therapists, and somatic teachers and students, the curious athlete or casual learner will also find much to gain in learning the practical and accessible fundamentals of movement. Authors Lesley McLennan and Julie Peck introduce seven core principles ... Click for more information


Read more About Organic Fitness

Michael Purcell and Kathryn Goldman wrote a delightful article decades ago - that still has meaning for us.
They write, "The common belief today seems to be that if you get regular aerobic exercise and eat well, you will be 'fit.' Fitness is seen as a physical state with possible spin-off effects like 'positive feelings' or 'clear- headedness.' Treat your body as well as you might a finely tuned race car, the metaphor goes, and you will get high performance from it.
In contrast, they suggest that a truly fit person is one who can respond creatively to the constantly changing demands of life.
Fitness calls for smoothly integrated functioning of mind and body.
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Learn how to get more

My colleague, Sonya Johansson has produced this delightful short video helping you get the most from your online classes.
Click to watch.


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What Zone Are You In?

I came across this graphic - and I really appreciate the idea of the gradation from Fear to Learning to Growth.
This "meme" has lots of possibilities for creating Fear-Learning-Growth gradations on topics other than COVID-19.
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