March 25th, 2015 Senate Expels Tuition Reform Despite the earlier victory in the House, the N.D. State Senate, under pressure from the University Sy

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March 25th, 2015


Senate Expels Tuition Reform

Higher Ed Spending

Despite the earlier victory in the House, the N.D. State Senate, under pressure from the University System and the individual schools, defeated House Bill 1303 by a vote of 39 votes against, and only 6 in favor.

On the Senate sides, Democrats joined with the majority of Republicans to prevent legislators from having the ability to take away the University System's biggest trump card.

One could say that the Senate's unwillingness to even entertain this concept means they are fine with college presidents and the Board of Higher Ed using tuition increases as a weapon in budget negotiations with the legislature.


House Flushes WAWS Reform Bills

The North Dakota House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted AGAINST moderate reforms to reign WAWS in that even the Senate supported.

By a vote of 78 against and 12 in favor, the House defeated Senate Bill 2336 that simply would have allowed PRIVATE businesses who compete with the government (WAWS) to know when the government (WAWS) intends to going into a contractual agreement with a private oil company, and give PRIVATE companies a week to file comments with the State Water Commission. The goal of this was to allow PRIVATE companies, which create jobs and pay taxes the courtesy of knowing when and where the government (WAWS) intends to compete with them.

In the end, this was a vote AGAINST TRANSPARENCY. The bill did not do anything except create a process by which the government would communicate with private business, and give private business a chance to reply with how the government's actions might impact them - or give the private business the chance to determine and state whether the private business was better suited than the government (WAWS).

Also, the House killed Senate Bill 2361 (by a vote of 76 against and 14 in favor) which would have restricted WAWS from using Eminent Domain to build water pipelines solely for the use of the oil industry.

The House will have one more chance to create some fair play when it takes up Senate Bill 2020, which includes the budget for WAWS.


-Dustin Gawrylow, Managing Director

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