Hello , Greetings from Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. Where again I'm running around with Ringo (our man in Indonesia) like crazy to get things done. We hav


Hello ,

Greetings from Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. Where again I'm running around with Ringo (our man in Indonesia) like crazy to get things done.
We have been Village Bothering today.. I'll explain.

Last week I was telling you about the secrets of Yogya in Java and the spooky statues factory we found, you can read about it here.
I cancelled the flight back to Bali and stayed on to do a deal with that new big statue company. Turned out to be a good move, the boss guy is a lovely gentle fellow with long experience and lots of ideas. We ordered a container to arrive in December, ready for new year sales.

Now in Ubud, Bali - which for me is giftware heaven. Ubud is probably the most creative and artisanal place on earth. Bali is famous for its culture and beaches, but what is less well known is that maybe half a million people in the interior of Bali work as giftware artisans and gifts shops the world over carry stock from here. But giftware heaven has it's drawbacks, not least there are no big factories. Why? Because the Bali people are fiercely against industrialisation of their island. Buildings over the height of a coconut tree is practically impossible to get permission for. Anyway no-one wants in the slightest to disrupt the way of life they have here.

So what happens is that villages co-operate together and specialise in a particular craft, each family compound (with up to twelve families) which always has it's own temple and common area has also workshops and common working areas. It's a very special and unique way of life. Hens running around, children playing, old ladies either dressed immaculately for a ceremony or topless as is their custom from old days. And everywhere a steady industriousness - making offerings for the gods or making handicraft gifts.. it's the same made with love for a greater good.

We went village bothering today. My words not Ringo's, he says.. "it's no problem, they like it when strangers wander into their houses it's good luck and an honour".


Ladies making ceremony decorations.

Village bothering is the only way to find artisans. First you have to know which village it is that makes the particular product you are after, then you wander into a compound, into a house and you can see what they are making. They even have little showrooms set up to show off the products. To day we went to a walking stick village. We entered a compound in the midst of a celebration (yes they have many) a rededication of the family temple. Ladies arriving with baskets on their heads, offerings of rice and coconuts. Guys busy constructing penjars the bamboo poles decorated with sacred symbols of gratitude. It was all going on, with gambolan music bonging in the background but the village head and his wife still found time to show us their products.

image  1

The village head with his staffs. I love these, actually very expensive but I think will sell. Anyway very limited supply. Walking sticks are more reasonably priced.

I learned that years ago (for many generations actually) this village supplied ceremonial staffs to all the temples in Bali.. and still do. But now the staffs have morphed into walking sticks, with decor and designs to suit western markets.

Negotiating with Bali artisans is totally different to anywhere else in the world. It took me a while to "get it" ..
No point in offering to buy a huge quantity to get a better price. Because that would impact on their life style. They just don't want to do more than the capacity they have set themselves. Better ask what spare capacity they have and offer to buy it up for the next so many months. You might get a small discount for that security of custom.
There's a lot more to it than that.. I could write a book on it. But you get the idea.

So if you want products with love and soul. Check out our deals below :)

More pictures from this trip to Bali and Yoga on my new instagram feed here: Instagram

I'm going to England!
Will be in AW HQ next week.

Take care.


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