2019 Colorado League Season Award Recipients Everyone associated with the Colorado League is a champion in his or her own right! The Colorado League


2019 Colorado League Season Award Recipients

Everyone associated with the Colorado League is a champion in his or her own right! The Colorado League established Season Awards in 2010 to recognize those who made outstanding contributions to our mission. The recipients embody NICA's 5 Core Principles of developing strong minds, bodies, and characters, in an environment that is inclusive and equal.

There are countless student-athletes, volunteers, and partners who shine! These inspirational stories represent the positive impacts provided by the dedicated members of this passionate, close-knit community. We are grateful to all who contribute to establishing and sustaining the magic of the dirt revolution.

Coach of the Year - North and South

Acknowledges a head coach whose qualities as a leader and motivator, embodies the mission to provide student-athletes with the coaching and camaraderie to help them achieve both competitive and non-competitive goals in a safe and enjoyable manner.

Coach Larry - The Good One

Larry DeWitt, Cheyenne Mountain - South Coach of the Year

Larry DeWitt, Cheyenne Mountain – South Coach of the Year

In 2016, Larry eagerly took on the rewarding leadership role as head coach of the Cheyenne Mountain team. He is very humble and an accomplished endurance cyclist and runner. His endeavors include Ride the Divide to raise funds for a local nonprofit.

He is a quiet man who advocates and builds trails. He willingly sacrifices his training time for the team. Singing his favorite Rush songs during practice is one of the many ways that he has increased the stoke on the Cheyenne Mountain team that was established in 2010.

The team has grown, happily energizes weekend contests, and have earned several team and individual podiums. They raise money for Kids on Bikes and maintain local trails. The team created the hashtag #LiveLikeLarry in his honor.

Christine Snider Coach North

Christine Snider, Littleton - North Coach of the Year

Christine Snider, Littleton – North Coach of the Year

Christine jumped in helmet first to lead the Littleton Composite team in 2016. Under her leadership the Heritage team was also established. She expertly managed both teams and graciously mentored a new Head Coach. She is a terrific role model for boys and girls. Her personal race experience is a special asset to the female student-athletes who truly admire her. She connects on all levels and instills confidence in every rider.

She started a community junior cycling program and graciously steps up to help with parking on race weekends further evidence of her ability to juggle many tasks. She expresses gratitude to all involved in race weekends which fuels everyone's rocket.

All-Star Team - North and South

Acknowledges a team that displays exceptional leadership skills, extraordinary sportsmanship, and a commitment to their coaches, athletes, and volunteers, provides service to their communities, and consistently goes above and beyond assisting with race production.

Middle Park Group Photo

Middle Park - North Team of the Year

Middle Park - All-Star Team, North

Steve Myers and Maire Sullivan are the workhorses of this Division 2 team. They contributed 120 volunteer hours and show up in spades to support their hometown race in Granby. They enthusiastically participate in the weekend spirit contests. They choreographed a "flash mob" in honor of an injured team member. They have expanded and built a dominant female squad. The veteran riders are supportive of new riders. These Panthers are loud and proud.

San Luis Valley Group Photo

San Luis Valley Composite - South Team of the Year

San Luis Valley Composite – All-Star Team, South

Brian Stevenson and Larry Roberts create every opportunity for youth from the San Luis Valley to participate in the dirt revolution. This Division 3 composite team wholeheartedly embraced Chase McGee who is able to ride a tricycle yet not finish an entire race. They initiated the "Chase Race" and the team rides with him on this modified race course. This thoughtful act of embracing riders of all abilities is inspiring. They volunteer for many hours during race weekends and for the local 12 Hours of Penitence. These Rattlers are remarkable.

Exceptional Student-Athlete - Female and Male

Honors exemplary student-athletes whose personal standards and achievements are a model to others. They demonstrate outstanding leadership, sportsmanship, academic performance and volunteerism in their team, school, and community.

Ada Urist Eagle  smiling

Ada Urist, Exceptional Female Student-Athlete

Ada Urist, Fairview, Varsity Legacy Rider

Ada joined the Fairview Knights as a Freshman. She cautiously signed up for the first race and was hooked. Mountain biking and the team gave her a renewed sense of joy that had seriously waned in 8th grade. Sophomore year she petitioned to race Varsity mid-season with the objective of pushing herself.

Fast forward, she won the Colorado League Championship title in 2018, placed 3rd at USA Mountain Bike Nationals, represented the USA in World Cup races, and has succeeded in many other events.

She is an International Baccalaureate student, National Honor Society Member and scored 35 on the ACT. As team captain she organized events for newer riders, girls and is a motivational mentor. She volunteers for the Humane Society and a mountain bike camp for youth in Leadville. Ada truly is exceptional!

Logan Trenkle Exceptional Student

Logan Trenkle, Buena Vista, Varsity Legacy, Exceptional Male Student-Athlete

Logan Trenkle, Buena Vista, Varsity

Logan has boundless energy and never hesitates to contribute to his community, team, and school. He logged 105 hours and managed 14 volunteers for his Eagle Scout trail building project. He is an outstanding role model and motivator. As team captain he emulated team spirit, kindly mentored new riders, and never missed a race in 4 years! The team swept their high school cross country meet.

He is a talented skier, musician, singer and performing artist. His Jazz Band played at Carnegie Hall and he is a member of the International Thespian Honor Society.

He is an avid ambassador of the sport and works in his local bike shop. Logan certainly is an extraordinary young man!

Most Improved Athlete - Male and Female

Recognizes student-athletes who worked hard to develop their skills, demonstrated consistent improvement and achieved many accomplishments during their tenure.

Jack Bettcher Start Eagle

Jack Bettcher, Rock Canyon, Most Improved Male student-athlete

Jack Bettcher, Rock Canyon, Varsity Legacy Rider

Jack Bettcher is a Legacy rider from Rock Canyon who placed a respectable 89th of 101 as a Freshman dual sport athlete. He played baseball in 9th and 10th grade. His Junior year he dropped competitive baseball to focus on mountain biking.

Over the past four years, he developed quite a passion for mountain biking. You could hardly get him to take a rest day. He continually improved every aspect of his riding and his results prove it. After a stellar year in JV he moved up to Varsity. His goal of top 10 overall was accomplished. His affable personality and drive was a bright light on the team. Jack's drive, goal setting, and pure joy for riding are admirable and contagious.

Road Kidd Granby

Roan Kidd, Fairview, Most Improved Female student-athlete

Roan Kidd, Fairview, JV Legacy Rider

Roan's first Colorado League race she was 31st of 33. Her first 2 years were challenging. She had a few setbacks her freshman and sophomore years. Junior year she overcame barriers and qualified for State Championships. Her Senior year she worked hard all summer and finished 6th overall for the North Conference.

When she was unable to race she still came to races and cheered for her teammates with a big smile. Her determination, spirit, leadership ability, and energy were so contagious she became a team captain. She took this role very seriously and brought the team together. Her determination and commitment to the sport are impressive.

Volunteer Service Award

Honors an exceptional volunteer with 2+ years of commitment. They demonstrate the values of the organization, are exemplary in their level of commitment, and are dedicated to the mission.

Chris Aamot v.2

Chris Aamot, Boulder High, Volunteer Service Award Recipient

Chris Aamot, Boulder High

Chris devotes countless hours to the community as a Coach and Colorado League volunteer. He spends every single race weekend loading and unloading race equipment, working the feed zone for the team, and even fitting in time to be a course marshal! He devoted 50 hours to the League in addition to many, many hours with Boulder High.

He generously shares is graphic design skills with both Boulder High and the Colorado League. He is extremely patient, even keeled, generous, and always willing to help no matter how dirty or tedious the task. Chris's energy and commitment are boundless!

Trailblazer Award

Trailblazers are a student-athlete, coach, or community member who has persevered through challenging circumstances, overcame adversity and is a positive role-model.

Gabe Grotheer Granby

Gabe Grotheer, Green Mountain, Trailblazer Award Recipient

Gabe Grotheer, Green Mountain, Varsity

Gabe is a talented rider with a fast engine and leadership skills as team captain. He manages his autism spectrum with incredible composure despite challenges with social interactions. Gabe struggled to respond in a normal conversation, make eye contact, or say anything proactively. Asking riders to pass is a challenge despite his fitness and skill.

In 2018 he raced JV, his parents and coach advocated for him to race Varsity for his senior year. This was an unusual request based on his race results. Gabe accomplished his competitive goal to qualify for State Championships in Varsity. He spends time with novice riders is a skilled trail side mechanic and aspires to become a coach. This young man does not let anything hold him back!

Chase in Eagle  2

Chase McGee, San Luis Valley, Trailblazer Award Recipient.

Chase McGee, San Luis Valley, Sophomore

Chase McGee has cerebral palsy and boldly asked Coach Brian Stevenson if he could join the high school mountain bike team. Brian said, "Yes". He rides a yellow three-wheeler to accommodate his cerebral palsy. A modified course is devised for a "Chase Race". He is adept at grabbing a bottle in the Feed Zone and puts down a "hot lap" with his teammates in tow.

His smile and high fives after crossing the finish line is solid evidence of the positive impact of being part of a community that supports your dreams. Chase's courage and determination are an inspiration to all!

Thomas McCoy Durango

Thomas McCoy, Laramie 7220, Trailblazer Award Recipient

Thomas McCoy, 7220 Laramie, Freshman

Thomas was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor. A few days after his 14th birthday, he
permanently lost hearing and the balance mechanism in his left ear. All movement was initially very difficult for him. Thomas spent the first few weeks learning how to walk and balance. He loved mountain biking and his family was unsure about his recovery. Being a resilient kid, he overcame his balance issues.

In March, he completed most of the White Rim Trail on his bike with his family. He was ready to race and finished 33rd Overall in the North Conference. Thomas is a compassionate leader, welcomes new members and brings lots of positive energy to the team. Thomas is a testament to the power of perseverance and grit!

Outstanding Partner Award

Recognizes an individual or organization whose outstanding partnership is integral to the success of the Colorado League's race series.

Mike Burns Alpine Bank

Mike Burns, Alpine Bank, Regional President, Outstanding Partner Award recipient

Alpine Bank

Alpine Bank is committed to the positive impact of interscholastic mountain biking. Employee-owned and locally operated, Alpine Bank's core values of Independence, Integrity, Communities, Compassion and Loyalty align with the Colorado League. They provide substantial financial support including scholarships for graduating seniors who attend college and race bikes in Colorado and for teams to travel to State Championships.

Formed in 1973, Alpine Bank operates 40 locations in Colorado from Durango to Denver, including our newest location in Boulder. Their contributions are integral to keeping the program accessible to more youth and families and invests in the future success of student-athletes.

Fort Lewis College Partner

Dave Hagan, Fort Lewis College, Head Cycling Coach, Race Partner Award recipient

Fort Lewis College

Fort Lewis College has been a loyal supporter of the Colorado League and NICA since 2010. Their contribution to the Colorado League increased substantially in 2018 and 2019 as the underwriter of the Annual Season Picnic celebration. Dave Hagan was actively involved in bringing a Colorado League event to Durango.

Fort Lewis provides an active hands-on educational experience, a diverse student population, and a broad array of academics. The cycling team has won 24 national championships. This premiere southwest public college believes in developing positive youth.

Chris Conroy

Chris Conroy, Yeti Cycles President, Race Partner Award Recipient

Yeti Cycles

Chris Conroy adamantly believes in the positive benefits of cycling. For 10 years, Yeti Cycles has been a devoted champion and encourages other companies to invest in youth cycling. Chris served on the Board of Directors for 7 years and was the President. Yeti's financial support is earmarked for scholarships which speaks to their commitment to reducing barriers to entry. Yeti is a strong supporter and funder of IMBA and many local trail advocacy groups across the country. Chris is the IMBA Board Chair because he knows that without trails we do not have a sport. Yeti Cycles is a gold standard partner.

Out of the Saddle Awards

Acknowledges individuals who are integral to the success of the Colorado League. Their years of commitment, dedication, expertise, and enthusiasm go above and beyond to make a difference in the organization.

Eric Graham Feed Zone

Eric Graham, Lakewood Head Coach, Out of the Saddle Award Recipient

Eric Graham, Lakewood Head Coach

Eric Graham has been a coach for 8 years and head coach for 7 at Lakewood. All coaches are GOLD and Eric continues to stand out. He helps find sponsors for the Colorado League, generously mentors new and existing teams, and cares deeply for the community. He takes advantage of the Check-In Foundation to bring awareness to mental health issues. He pesters reluctant school administrators to witness the positive energy and acknowledge teams. He has so much energy and love that he cannot contain it. Thankful for his generosity and unbridled passion!

John Staight profile with shovel

John Staight, Town of Eagle Open Space Coordinator, Out of the Saddle Award recipient

John Staight, Town of Eagle, Open Space Coordinator

John Staight is the linchpin to the incredible Eagle trail system. John was at the forefront of the Haymaker course design and oversaw the construction. For the past 7 years, John ensures that the course is in tip-top shape even if that requires countless hours, pumping water, mowing hayfields, you name it he does it.

He coordinates numerous volunteer trail work sessions. During race weekends inspects and maintains the course as much as possible. He takes immense pride and joy knowing that thousands of kids and families enjoy the trail system. His stewardship and commitment to the program is off the charts. THANK YOU John Staight and the Town of Eagle.

Seidler Family Out of the Saddle

Jack, Craig and Sonya Seidler, Monarch Out of the Saddle Award recipients

Seidler Family, Monarch

The Seidler Family stepped up to fill a leadership role at the 10 year old Monarch team. School administrative support was a moving target for almost a decade. They patiently learned the history, sustained the team, and supported the establishment of a stand alone neighboring team at Centaurus. They expended much time and energy to ensure the opportunity remained for area student-athletes. Way to keep the wheels in motion!


Kate Rau, Colorado League, presents Jen Barbour, Team Evergreen, an Out of the Saddle Award

Team Evergreen Cycling

Established in 1988, Team Evergreen is a non-profit organization and the largest bike club in the state of Colorado. They have given nearly $3 million to local non-profits and advocacy groups. They have invested in the Colorado League for a decade and distribute funds to many other organizations including a few teams. Jen Barbour, Executive Director is an avid ambassador of the program. She and the Board of Directors believe in our mission and participate in the Bailey HUNDO. Team Evergreen"s collaborative actions strengthens all of us.

Team Golden Pick Award

This award is sponsored by John Shipp of Roadhouse Hospitality Group. The goal is to acknowledge community service and promote trail stewardship. top teams are based on hours per rider. A team from each conference that completes the most trail building hours between April and October earns a Golden Pick and cash. It is calculated on hours per registered rider. A total of 21 Colorado League teams worked on 45 trails for a grand total of 1,449 hours by 745 student-athletes.

Manitou Springs worked a total of 154 hours which is 4.40 hours per rider.
Steamboat Springs worked a total of 121 hours which is 4.32 hours per rider.

Way to give back to the sport! Thanks to all for accomplishing the Decade of Dirt goal of 10 teams, working on 10 trails for at least 1,000 hours.

Golden Pick Award South, Manitou Springs

South Golden Pick Award Manitou Springs

Manitou Springs, South Golden Pick Award Recipients

Golden Pick Award - North Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Golden Pick Award North

Steamboat Springs, North Golden Pick Award recipients.

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