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Dear Reader,

Just managed to complete the ezine despite my internet going down for a while so I'm a 'happy little vegemite' :)

In this issue I write how I've coped with a major change, there's our regular Tai Chi Tip and an ancient Chines quote on stillness. I've include a YouTube clip on how to open the joints and an article on reframing instead of focusing on problems.

Chris Bennett
Chris Chi


Coping with Major Change


Before the corona virus hit I ran regular Chair Chi (seated Tai Chi) sessions for residents in aged care, here in Melbourne. And conducted training sessions for aged care staff around Australia and in New Zealand.

Once restrictions kicked in eventually all those sessions were either cancelled or postponed for a later date. I have found the best way to cope with this major disruption is to maintain a routine I had before the corona virus appeared. I still get up and do my own Tai Chi training before breakfast and during the day. I start and end my work day as before.

The only difference is most of my work day is focused on finishing my memoir (started 11 years ago) and doing a little bit of biz stuff. I'm optimistic we'll get through it and I'll be out and about running programs again but it will take time.

Image courtesy of Lina Trochez via Unsplash


Tai Chi Tip

Correct posture: Align the centre of the crown of your head with your perineum


Opening the Joints


Armand from Chi Skills gives a good explanation and demonstration of how to open the joints. He says the joints are like the energy gates of the body and by opening them all the other aspects of internal training can happen.

I do this for my own personal training and it does make a difference.


Reframing for Possibilities


Reframing (a concept from Appreciative Intelligence) is one of the concepts we use in our Essence of Appreciative Inquiry workshops. And one of the things facilitator Sue James emphasises is ‘not to deny the negative aspects of reality that exist’.

Honouring these aspects, while also doing the work necessary to reframe them and see possibilities instead of problems, is a key part of the process.

Image courtesy of Tim Strulik via Unsplash

2021-09 Lao Tzu Quote

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