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1. Featured: "One of the these Days"
2. Stories from the Street: Evangelizing Catholics
3. Stories from the Street: “The Decision To Evangelize”
1. Featured: "One of the these Days"
2. Stories from the Street: Evangelizing Catholics
3. Stories from the Street: “The Decision To Evangelize”

"One of the these Days"


Noelle Garcia


The fruits of our Immersion conference are continuing to roll in. Here's another story of conversion:

"One of our evangelists, Charlotte, was approached by a non-denominational Protestant who knew his bible very well. He was not angry or upset that Catholics were out evangelizing, he was happy to see us. Charlotte discussed Catholicism with him, and found that, because he was a devout Bible reader, he was familiar with the biblical basis for practices like confession, liturgy, and other Catholic rituals. He understood that our Church's forms of worship have roots going all the way back to the Old and New Testament, and even why we do things like Confession and the Mass. After his conversation with Charlotte, he told her that he was going to go to a Catholic Church one of these days. It was awesome to see the impact that friendly evangelization can have on someone who is already interested in what the Bible teaches!"

When we move from being passive to being active missionaries we get to experience the joy that accompanies fruits like these. One of our participants, who happens to be a priest, noted that this was the best retreat he had been on since his ordination. Praise God!

But it takes hard work! Not only do we have to persevere when the people we evangelize reject the Gospel, we have to persevere through the prayer and preparation it takes to go out and evangelize. The St. Paul Evangelization Institute provides both basic evangelization training and team leader training. Join us today!

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Evangelizing Catholics

It is easy to forget that Catholics need evangelization too. Our Church in America is dying. How many have had a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ and consider the Catholic faith the most important thing in their life? We need to think of creative ways to reach out to Catholics, even those we see in the pews. Janine has a plan!

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“The Decision To Evangelize”

Contemporary culture talks about love as a feeling, something passive that you experience. But we as Christians know that love is a choice, an act of the will! “To love is to will the good of another” (St. Thomas Aquinas). Likewise, sometimes the feelings of excitement and enthusiasm give way to a reluctance to do the work.


Upcoming Events

From California to New York to Florida to Minnesota, our workshops and retreats have been featured all over the country. Bring SPSE into your diocese, parish, or university for Basic Evangelization Training, Healing in Evangelization Training, Catholic Hospitality Training, retreats, or conference talks.

Email for more information. You can also find more information at our website.


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