Aloha Gallery Ohana, We will be celebrating the last full month of summer by starting out the month, First Friday, August, 1, 2014 from 6 to 9 PM wit

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Aloha Gallery Ohana,

We will be celebrating the last full month of summer by starting out the month, First Friday, August, 1, 2014 from 6 to 9 PM with an unveiling reception of a commissioned piece titled, "The Portal," by artist Rose Adare. Mr. David Morgan, one of our gallery customers, is the proud owner. Mr. Morgan's quest for this painting began many years ago with his own personal journey of discovering the divine feminine energy which exists in all creation. From his personal journey arose a vision of this painting. We are proud to have been part of his journey in assisting with the manifestation of his sacred vision of the divine feminine, "The Portal." Please join us for this most special reception and meet the artist Rose Adare and Mr. David Morgan who will share their stories about "The Portal." There will be a limited amount of prints of "The Portal" available for purchase . Revenues from the sale of the prints shall be donated to a local Women's Shelter.

We are offering three fabulous pieces for our continued monthly online art auctions. Remember the bids begin at 30% below the original asking price. Email your bid to Bidding will begin July 28, 2014 and will end August 11, 2014. 5% of the sale will be donated to a charity of your choice or we will donate to Friends of Rainbow Animal Sanctuary, a no kill animal shelter located here on the Big Island.

We have a new artist for the gallery, Scott Gorrell, who creates phenomenal paper reliefs of hula, tropical florals, sealife and native birds. His work is currently on display in the gallery.

Also, Suzan Starr, Gallery Owner (moi') just finished a commission piece for East Hawaii Cultural Center's art book, Aloha Aina Book Two, titled "Green Lake," an original oil. The book will be used to raise funds to support the art center and will be available for purchase in October 2014. We are also featuring two pieces by artist Suzy Papanikolas which were recently purchased by one of our loving customers from Texas. She is thrilled how well they go with her home decor. So continue to read through the newsletter to view these beautiful art pieces and to read more about them and the artists who created them.

Hope to see you at the gallery this Friday evening.

With grateful aloha,

Suzan Starr, Gallery Owner, Artist, Newsletter Editor
Ashley Allen, Art Sales Consultant and Coordinator of Cafe Pesto Art Shows
Liv Johnson, Art Sales Consulant
Megan Leucht, Newsletter Design and Lay-out

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Portal collage


"The five water droplets, as portrayed in the right lower image above, are balancing on the tips of each of the lotus flower's petals. Each droplet seemed to magically appear and paint itself without my direction. Every morning, as part of the creative process for this painting, I meditated on David's verbal description of his vision of "The Portal" until I had a solid vision of the omnipresent Goddess portrayed in this painting. The clouds, as seen in the third panel on the right above, danced on the canvas between "spirit colors," not light per se, but the colors reflecting the pure essence of spirit in how it reaches down and touches all of us. The Banyan tree rooted itself like a hand reaching down into the dept of the soil connecting to our ancestors and reaching to the new budding leaves of our children. The reflections in the water, as seen in the panel on the left, were a delight to paint and appear as if painted through a dream. The reeds in the water punched through the vision like a tendril of memory we have upon waking. And beneath it all, as portrayed in the two upper panels on the right, David and I both layered in gold leaf depicting the layers of light in our souls, all connected in divine light of the Goddess."

Art Auction

This month's art auction pieces are ALL ORIGINALS and are ALL EXQUISITE!!! Email your bid or bids to We will update you on the progress of your bid via email. You will have an opportunity to increase your bid if you so choose. Realize, the upset bid is set at 30% below the asking price. This is a great opportunity to purchase an exquisite art piece at extremely reduced pricing! If you have any further questions on the pieces, please give us a call at the gallery (808) 935-5670 or email us and we will be more than happy to answer any questions your may have. 5% of the monies collected for the auction will be donated to your charity of choice or donated to Friends of Rainbow Animal Sanctuary, a no kill animal shelter. The auction will run from July 28, 2014 through August 11, 2014.


"Sun Girls" by Kevin Short 24"X36" original oil on canvas, upset bid: $5250.00


Hibiscus on Ohia, original acrylic on canvas, 30" x 40", upset bid: $3150


"White Sand" original oil on canvas with Koa frame and silk liner, canvas dimensions:18"x24" framed:28"x34". Upset bid$3150.00

New Artist: Scott Gorrell

Please help us welcome to the gallery, Scott Gorrell. His fabulous 3D fiber sculptures are delicate and extremely precise. Scott spent most of his art career as a commericial graphic artist. His passion of independent expression has evolved into this very unique art form. We are currently exhibiting four of his works ranging in price from $780 to $1500. Each piece is beautifully framed and ready to hang on your wall. Take some time out of your busy schedule and stop by the gallery to view these unusual works of fine art. Gallery Hours: 11 to 8 daily. Displayed below are two beautiful pieces: Cattleya Orchids and Forest Bird.



We are happy to announce that our very own gallery owner and artist, Suzan Starr, has had one of her paintings "Green Lake," selected for a book being published by the East Hawaii Cultral Center. The book is titled: Aloha Aina Book Two. The book has personal memoirs of 60 Big Islanders and 21 Big Island artists. The book also includes poems and short stories by noted Big Island authors, including Juliet Kono, Garrett Hongo, Frances Kakugawa and Lois-Ann Yamanaka, as well as personal stories of local businesses such as Koehnen's, KTA Super Stores, Hilo Drug and HPM Building Supply. The book is dedicated to Kay Yokoyama, painter and longtime advocate for the East Hawaii Cultural Council. Gloria Kobayashi is the general editor. Congrats Suzan!


"Green Lake" 12x16 original oil on canvas by Suzan Starr

Suzan Starr photo cropped

“My passion for art stems from my passion for all of God’s creation which we are so blessed to share here on this beautiful Mother Earth that is our life force and universal space ship through the infinite time and distance of space. From here, is where true artistic inspiration and expression are created. It is an unseen force yet felt in the most inner part of our soul. As an artist, I understand and feel this source as I move with this energy with every brush stroke on my canvas. Each painting is a journey stepping into the unknown which wants to be known. I am thankful and grateful for the opportunity to paint and hope that all humanity realizes the beautiful and divine creatures we are and that we all embrace our creative spirits and each other with everything we do. Namaste.”

Suzan established Dreams of Paradise Gallery in 1992. The gallery proudly displays fine art of local and international artists.

Suzan discovered her abilities to paint and draw after saying good-bye to her corporate career in marketing and literally sailing off in the sunset with her husband, sailing the Sea of Cortez and the South Pacific for over 18 month on their 41 foot sailboat, Tortue. Her first art adventure in Hawai’i began by producing silk screen images of her own art on pillows, t shirts, tote bags, aprons, coffee cups and tiles. She sold her art products to over 50 stores throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Liberty House was her largest client.

Two years after opening her gallery, Suzan had the most challenging time of her life when she was diagnosed with Cancer. It was through her faith in God and her artwork that she was able to gain her wellness.

She has now been painting for over 28 years. Most of her paintings have been for clients who commission her after visiting her gallery. Her paintings have been collected by visitors from mainland USA as well as from clients here in Hawai’i.

You can contact Suzan by calling the gallery (808) 935-5670 or email her at


Happy Customer


Orchid Haku Lei, canvas giclee, 20"x30" by Suzy Papanikolas


Four Wahines With Orange Hibiscus, original acrylic, 30"x40" by Suzy Papanikolas

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