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We launched Wild Apricot QuickBooks Manager for our Wild Apricot users in December 2020 and have had an amazing response. If your organization's treasurer or accountant needs better integration with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online have a look at WAQM. Get it for only $99.

As always, feel free to reach out to me at to talk and connect. I look forward to hearing from you.

Here is the March 2021 edition (#87) of the NewPath Consulting newsletter.

Alex Sirota
Director, NewPath Consulting
(888) 781-2539

Let's Fix Your Wild Apricot Website

Do you have a problem you are facing or want to figure out something with Wild Apricot? Do you want a second opinion? Do you want to learn about what you can do with Wild Apricot from experts and other organizations?

"Let's Fix Your Wild Apricot Site" is a free, live webconference sponsored by NewPath Consulting. It is hosted by NewPath Consulting every third Tuesday at 12pm ET. The next event is April 20, 2021.

lets fix your wa website

Let's Fix Your Wild Apricot Website


Integromat TechTalk for Partners

integromat techtalk

Integromat TechTalk for Partners

Alex Sirota, Director of NewPath Consulting is hosting a monthly Integromat partner TechTalk #6.

All tech talks allow partners to meet each other and hear about exciting developments in the Integromat partner community.

All Integromat partners are welcome.


Cool Resource - Whova for Virtual Events

Our customer ACA used Whova to run an incredible virtual conference and networking event. If your conference doesn't engage all possible stakeholders, this is your chance to test a virtual conference with sponsors. Whether your event is face-to-face or virtual, Whova is an excellent platform for attendee engagement, networking and participation.

Whova is priced based on a various number of factors but is affordable!


NewPath Communiy

When we work from anywhere we require connection. The NewPath Community launched last month for all our customers and friends:

▪ To connect.
▪ To inspire.
▪ To learn.
▪ And to grow.
To connect.
To inspire.
To learn.
And to grow.

All NewPath Wild Apricot add-ons are supported at no cost on the NewPath Community. Have a look and sign up for free!


Get a free trial of Wild Apricot

Formstack New 2x

Get a free trial of Formstack


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