News letter June 2018

Some exciting things happened in the month of March!

Pat and Frieda: a story she'll never forget

Frieda 4 1

As you may or may not have seen on our Facebook page, Pat (our outreach manager) had an incredible encounter with some bush babies a few weeks ago.

She wrote her story down and put it up on our blog for you to enjoy, so go check it out!


Match your donation by 50% during GlobalGiving's little by little campaign


GlobalGiving is hosting another great campaign from April 8th until April 12th. All donations up to $50 will be matched by 50% until funds run out.

That means that if you donate $20, you'll actually be donating $30! How cool is that? Want to donate $50? Great, that means we get $75!

Making an even bigger difference for our cause has never been so easy :)

So set your calendars for 9 AM ET time on April 8th to have your donation matched by 50%. Not sure what time that is in your time zone? Then use this handy dandy converter to figure it out!


Sending a message through art with the Inside OAKS Project


Together with an ex-volunteer Eva Diesel from Corsica (France) we hung up 72 black and white portraits at the marketplace in the OAKS. These pictures were part of a bigger art project by street artist JR called the Inside Out Project.

The idea behind these beautiful portraits was to make the local community (and especially the children) see that they need to take care of the environment.

Once all 72 portraits were hung, we were entertained by children from the local schools who sang and danced the day away.

DSC00505 1

Lots of animal news!

Barney 1

March was a pretty eventful month in terms of animal care.

Our little friend Barney the klipspringer has gone back to his family. The owner of the farm he was found on came to pick him up to release him back into the wild with the rest of his mates. Although we miss him very much, we're glad we could save the little guy!

DSC00598 2

Besides saying goodbye to Barney we also have a few new friends at our camp. Baby squirrel George has 4 new friends to play around with and Monty is now just one of the three baby mongooses we're taking care of.

Not enough babies for your taste? Good news, because one of our dassies gave birth to 4 little furry balls this month, too!


There's still time to vote for Pretty

Pretty the porcupine 1

I'm sure you know by now that our office manager Pretty sang a beautiful version of South Africa's national anthem.

There's still time to vote for her and increase the chance of winning some money for DAKTARI. Head on over to the website and vote as many times as you want. Thank you!


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