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Lunch Menu

Plates + Bowls
Daily Seasonal Soup 8.00/pint 15.00/quart
Chopped Salad little gems, radish, carrot & fennel sm $7.50 lg $13.00
Porchetta or Rare Roast Beef with Arugula, Parmiggiano Reggiano 15.00
Nora Rae's Meatball Salad with Arugula, Parmiggiano Reggiano 15.00
*Ask about roasts and other daily specials

Porchetta: Radish, Carrot & Heb Salad with Lemon Chile Vinaigrette 14.00
Market Muffuletta: Salami, Ham, Giardiniera Relish & Toma 14.00
Meatloaf: Whole Grain Mustard Sauce, Pickled Red Onions, Romaine 14.00
Jambon-Beurre de Truffe: House Smoked Ham and Black Truffle Butter 14.00
Hot Pastrami: Horseradish Sauce, Pickled Red Cabbage & Comte Cheese 15.00
Slow Roasted Pork Bañado 15.00
Meatball 15.00

Boxed Lunch
*please order boxed lunches 2 days in advance
*vegetarian options available by request

Basic Box 20.00
choice of any cold sandwich, small salad or chips, seasonal pickles or fresh fruit

Box Deluxe 25.00
choice of any cold sandwich with a small salad, chips, seasonal pickles & fresh fruit

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Charcuterie & Cheese Boards

Charcuterie Board 8.00 per person/4 person minimum
a selection of our salumi, pâté & rillettes with olives, seasonal pickles & mustard

Cheese Board 8.00 per person/4 person minimum
a selection of cheese accompanied by chutney or mostarda & pickled vegetables

Charcuterie & Cheese 15.00 per person/4 person minimum
selection of charcuterie & cheese with olives, pickles, chutney & mustard

Sandwich Board 15.00 per person/4 person minimum
selection of sliced meat, cheese & seasonal vegetables with mustard, aioli, pickles and bread, everything you need to make your own sandwiches

Custom Boards & Platters AQ
your choice of any charcuterie, cheeses & accoutrements built to fit your needs and budget.

Bread & Crackers 1.50 per person
Roasted Rosemary Almonds 2.00 per person
Dried Fruit 2.00 per person
Caviar 70.00 per ounce

Returnable Reusable Wood Boards 30.00 refundable deposit per board
Compostable Platters 5.00 to10.00 each
Bring us your platters/boards one day ahead and we are happy to use them.

Please order all boards at least one day ahead.

Custom Catering & Events

From simple soirées to fabulous feasts email to discuss a menu for your next affair.

Fatted Calf Ferry Building Store Hours

Monday through Friday 10:00 am until 6 pm

Saturday 8:00 am until 6 pm

Sunday 10 am until 4 pm

To place an order for pick up at our SF Ferry Building location email or call (415) 400-5614.

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