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With the end of the school year quickly approaching, SEI reflects on the accomplishments of SEISA this semester. We hosted four excellent Speaker Events this spring, including Gerald Chertavian, founder and CEO of YearUp, this past week. Earlier this month, a group of volunteers visited the Pine Street Inn, New England's leading service provider for the homeless, to help with kitchen prep. In March, a group of 19 students traveled to the Dominican Republic as part of our Alternative Spring Break program (you can read a student reflection below!)

In this edition, Professor Shaughnessy gives insight into the power of empathy, the social responsibility of large corporations, and the crackdown on inequality in higher education. Students share stories on the rise of B-corps, sustainability in the fashion industry, and digital solutions to solving the American opioid crisis. Thank you to all of our student contributors - we are grateful for your contributions to the newsletter this semester!

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From the Founder & Executive Director

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The Homeless Refugee That Triggered Our Empathy
By Dennis Shaughnessy
The topic of immigration and refugees has become an important one in social enterprise and social innovation learning, independent of the political debate in the US and around the world. Among the many compelling refugee stories over the past months, one in particular stood out. Read more here.


Apple, Oprah, and Social Responsibility!
By Dennis Shaughnessy
So, what’s the real reason that Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, was on stage with Oprah Winfrey a few weeks ago? We’re told it’s because Oprah is doing a big deal for a new Apple business to compete with Netflix. But Cook was reported to have cried as he hugged Oprah and spoke of the “values” that drive Apple’s success. Does this mean that Cook has become a “do-gooder” like Oprah, and that Apple has turned over a new leaf and will start to pay its taxes like the rest of us? Read more here.


College Admissions and Inequality
By Dennis Shaughnessy
Who hasn’t read or heard about the “college admissions scandal”? It’s just what the doctor ordered for a public that loves celebrity, and wealth, and celebrities and wealthy people that “get caught” cheating. The admissions scandal speaks to many of us about the practical costs of the growing inequality and diminishing social mobility that has come to define 21st century America. Read more here.


Student Spotlight

Student Reflection: ASB 2019
By Alexandra Dittrich
In March, a group of 19 students traveled to the Dominican Republic on an SEI Alternative Spring Break trip. The students partnered with Project Esperanza - a non-profit organization that serves the stateless population of Haitian refugees in Puerto Plata through various educational, social aid, and community development projects. Read more here.

In the News

What if Whole Foods was a B-corp?
by Natascha Elbech
After Amazon purchased Whole Foods for $13.7bn in 2017, CEO John Mackey was put under fire for selling out to the corporate behemoth. Could the acquisition have been avoided if Whole Foods was a B-corp? Read more here.

Eco-Friendly, But Make It Fashion
By Jordan Massa
Motivated by environmental and economic justice, Paris-based Veja has quickly gained momentum in the fashion industry as the first sneaker brand to use fabric made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. Read more here.

Chobani and the Push for B-corp Certification
By Megan Alam
Since its conception, Chobani has focused on making a social impact and achieves this through several avenues including benefits for workers, environmentally conscious manufacturing, and the healthy products for customers. For these reasons, there has been a push for Chobani to become B Corp certified with considerations needing to be weighed to assess the best course of action for the company. Read more here.

Boulder Care: A Digital Solution to the Opioid Crisis?
By Kathryn Seacrest
The effects of opioid addiction are becoming increasingly more relevant in the lives of many Americans. In fact, an average of 115 Americans die everyday from an opioid overdose, making it the leading cause of accidental deaths in the United States. Read more here.

Where Hope Blooms for Refugee Women
By Joanna Zangzhi
British social enterprise Bread and Roses supports economic security and social mobility through workforce development and language training programs for London's most vulnerable refugee population - women. Read more here.

Speaker Series


SEI Speaker Series: Gerald Chertavian
By Isabelle Schmidt
On April 8th, the Social Enterprise Institute and the D’Amore-McKim School of Business were honored to host Gerald Chertavian, founder and CEO of Year Up. Read more here.


Opportunities for Students

Want to co-op in Mexico? -Impacto, an NGO based in Chiapas, Mexico, is still seeking applicants for two (2) co-op positions with flexible start dates in July or September. Impacto addresses gaps of inequality in rural communities by engaging with handicraft textile and coffee industries to aid local economic development. You can access the co-op application in NUCareers.

SEISA Co-Op Stipend - Please contact Professor Shaughnessy at if you are interested in receiving funding from SEI for your next co-op.

Summer 1 SEI Course Offering - Professor Shaughnessy will be teaching ENTR 2414 The Social Responsibility of Business and Inequality during Summer 1. This popular DMSB course open to all undergraduates and without pre-requisites focuses on understanding how business can help to reduce unprecedented levels of income and wealth inequality through enlightened management practices and a commitment to being a force for good. You can view a description for the course here and enroll via MyNEU.

Fall 2019 SEI Course Offerings - Professor Shaughnessy will also be teaching ENTR 2206 Global Social Enterprise and ENTR 2414 The Social Responsibility of Business and Inequality this fall. You can view descriptions for both courses here. Enroll via MyNEU while spots remain open!

Jobs & Internships

▪ Ashoka, Digital Communications Intern (Arlington, VA)
▪ Aspen Institute, Hearst Fellowship (Washington, D.C.)
▪ Ceres, Graphic Design Senior Associate (Boston, MA)
▪ Digital Impact Alliance, Communications Associate (New York, NY)
▪ Global Giving, Director of Business Partnerships (Washington, D.C.)
▪ Human Rights Watch, Development & Outreach Intern (San Francisco, CA)
▪ The Possible Project, Social Enterprise Associate (Cambridge, MA)
Ashoka, Digital Communications Intern (Arlington, VA)
Aspen Institute, Hearst Fellowship (Washington, D.C.)
Ceres, Graphic Design Senior Associate (Boston, MA)
Digital Impact Alliance, Communications Associate (New York, NY)
Global Giving, Director of Business Partnerships (Washington, D.C.)
Human Rights Watch, Development & Outreach Intern (San Francisco, CA)
The Possible Project, Social Enterprise Associate (Cambridge, MA)

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