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If you are looking for a vacation spot in central IL, check out Mariners Village at Carlyle Lake. There are 5 Gastineau Log Home cabins that can be rented for you to enjoy a few days of R&R in a log cabin! And by this Fall, there should be 5 more cabins for rental!

By Lynn Gastineau
President of Gastineau Log Homes, Inc.

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Trivia Question: "Once A Crook" was the working name for this television program, before it hit production. Robert Wagner starred in this series from January 1968 until March 1970. With a final title based on old English proverb, what was the name of this action series that aired on ABC T.V.?

Did you see our article "A Step-By-Step Guide to Log Home Construction"? Click here for all the steps from start to finish of your construction process!

Corio 1

"Downsizing" does not have to mean a small home. This log home built outside of St Louis was planned for many years as the retirement "downsize" for one GLH client.

Focus this month: The Facts About Downsizing: Downsizing is often equated with simplifying, and building a new home is not typically the first thing that comes to mind when you think about simplifying your life. However, new construction offers several advantages over trying to find an existing home in the right location with all of the features you want.
It’s clear that more and more empty nesters are realizing that downsizing doesn’t necessarily mean moving into a one-bedroom condo or settling for an existing home that doesn't exactly match your preferences or provide all of the desired amenities. In fact, it presents the perfect opportunity to build your new dream home. Building a new custom home for your retirement allows you to have all the features you want and need in a smaller footprint.

Great Room Logo

Another location in IL where you can stay in a Gastineau Log Home is Heartland Lodge in Nebo, IL. This facility has year round outdoor adventures for the entire family!

Match Your Preferences Building a new home allows you
to decide which layout makes the most sense for your lifestyle. When you make all the decisions about the floorplan, you get the exact number of bedrooms and bathrooms you want. If you’ve got a passionate cook in the household, this is your chance to design the dream kitchen they’ve always wanted. No matter what custom features and upgrades appeal to you, building new allows you to decide what’s most important. Of course, remodeling an existing home is always an option, but
you never know what unpleasant surprises you’ll find during the renovation process.

Whitetail Suite

One of the bedrooms in the Heartland Lodge in Nebo, IL.

Comfort: New homes can be designed with all of the amenities you want—air conditioning, your preferred type of heating system, ventilation, and so on. Better materials and modern construction techniques also mean fewer drafts, which translates to a more comfortable home with lower heating and cooling bills and more predictable expenses throughout the year. New homes also tend to be quieter than older homes because of the way they are constructed.

Rec Room Pool TableII Logo

The finished basement/family room at Heartland Lodge

Features Great for Downsizing: If you are thinking of downsizing or actively searching for a builder, there are a number of features that you might want to consider for your new home:


This 1124 square foot home is a one story Missourian. A simple 4 corner design with an open concept great room, it is a great "downsize" home for someone wanting a smaller size home. The finished basement adds space for guest rooms and activities.

1). One Story Living: A floorplan with the master bedroom on the main floor allows you to live in your home longer. It’s also important to remember that single- level living doesn’t necessarily mean you have to build a sprawling ranch. Compact, thoughtful one-level floorplans are available, and a two- level home with a smaller footprint can accommodate guest bedrooms on the second floor with everything you need for daily living on the ground level.

Bunk Room

This bunk room in the lower level is perfect for grandkids vs a lot of small bedrooms!

2). Guest Space: Downsizing doesn’t have to mean living in a tiny home. You can still have one or two guest rooms in a smaller space so you can host longtime friends, children, and grandchildren while allowing everyone to have their own spaces.
3). Open Concept: Moving into a smaller home can feel like a downgrade, especially if you’re used to a larger living space. Make compact areas feel more spacious with a great room, dining area, and kitchen that are connected. An open- concept floorplan also allows you and your guests to feel close even when people are in different spaces.
4). Outdoor Patio or Porch: Cut down on yard work and give yourself more space by installing an outdoor patio. Use it as a dining and gathering area in the summertime to make your living space feel more expansive. A covered patio also provides shade in the warmer months and low-maintenance outdoor storage in winter.


A loft space can be an office, a craft area, an extra sleeping area.... the uses are endless. Multiple uses for a room is a smart use of space when downsizing.

Log Home Shows:
No more shows until Fall 2019

Construction Seminar Schedule for 2019:

September 14, 2019

Call for information on our one-day construction seminars.

Log Raising:

We are planning a log raising in Eolia MO on either May 25 or June 1. Date may be moved due to weather. We will send out another email closer to the date.

Open Houses:

Remember that the GLH Model Home Center on I 70 in central MO is open seven days a week now! We are open 9 - 5 Monday to Saturday and 12 to 5 on Sunday. We have three model homes on site that you can tour!

Answer to Trivia Question: "It Takes A Thief" was a program based on the idea of a former cat burglar and high-class thief (Robert Wagner) being released from prison with the express purpose of stealing for the government. In fact, in his role as Alexander Mundy, he incredulously asked the man who was arranging for his release,
"Let me get this straight - You WANT me to steal?"

Noah Bain, a role played by Malachi Throne, was his mentor and boss for much of the program's run. The pilot episode was entitled "A Thief is a Thief is a Thief".

Quote of the Month: "First think. Second, dream. Third, believe. And finally, dare." —Walt Disney

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