57 Dogs Rescued Dear Animal Welfare Supporter, BREAKING NEWS We tend to think that puppy mills don't exist in Placer County--that they are part of


57 Dogs Rescued

Dear Animal Welfare Supporter,

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We tend to think that puppy mills don't exist in Placer County--that they are part of midwestern and eastern states. Well that myth was laid to rest this month when our Humane Officers served a search warrant on a property in Auburn with some of the worst conditions imaginable. Humane Officers and local law enforcement seized 57 dogs (adults and puppies) living in some of the most pitiful, squalid conditions our Officers have ever seen.

These dogs were being used by a breeder in puppy mill fashion-- churning out litter after litter for most if not all of these confined dogs’ lives. The breeder's website says it's a 25 year old business and has pictures of cleaned-up animals and false claims, and says the tiny puppies cost $1,800 each!! But, the outrageous price tag was a total scam and not at all representative of the disgusting lives these helpless animals had to live.

Appropriate licensing to operate a business kennel of this magnitude with proper oversight was non-existent. Basic veterinary care, vaccines and sanitary living conditions were all lacking. "I can still smell the stench--can't wait to give them baths," said Officer Frieborn.

Along with daily care for the dogs and providing long overdue veterinary care, HSSF is in the process of sending this case to the Placer County District Attorney's office. Our work won't be finished until they all find new homes.

Your HELP with the care, rehabilitation, and legal pursuit of justice would be greatly appreciated.


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