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Here's The Latest #111
March 24, 2018

Happy Weekend!!

We just returned late last night from a little vacation to Florida. My sister Cheryl's family lives in Venice and my parents are renting a place near them for the month of March. So it was great to spend time with all of them this past week. We enjoyed some boating, swimming, lots of seafood-eating, and a day at Epcot celebrating our daughter Hatti's and my dad's shared birthday. It's a little bit depressing to be sitting here writing this newsletter right now, with at least two feet of snow outside our front window. Our weather forecast shows almost 60 degrees by mid-week, so I'm definitely looking forward to that!

My Favorite Things this week... I always think it's fun to try out new products for making coffee, and spending time in someone else's home is a great way to give it a go. My sister has pulled back on her regular coffee drinking and simply enjoys one beautiful little espresso each morning, made with this machine (link HERE). We have a little larger version (link HERE) that also works great, especially for those who go through a little more quantity of drinks. But if I had to do it all over again, I'd choose the one my sister has for its petite size. An espresso at home is always a treat!

Thank you so much for joining me here each week, for reading the blog, and for following along on social media. I am so grateful for your company!

Have a great weekend!

Like creamsicles?! This was such a fun treat that we enjoyed at an orange orchard (Nokomis Groves near Venice) in Florida. It’s a fun flavor and texture cross of ice cream meets sorbet meets frozen yogurt...super silky smooth, creamy, tangy, bright, DELICIOUS!!!


NEW: On The Blog This Week

Wonderfully flavored and perfectly chewy, this Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie is a fun way to get your chocolate chip cookie fix. I made this to celebrate our daughter's 16th birthday this month. She's a huge fan of chocolate chip cookies!

Read this post and grab the recipe here.


CRUMBS: What We Made This Week

Grilled Margarita Shrimp is one of my favorite recipes on the blog EVER.

While we were in Florida, my parents bought a variety of seafood, including a couple pounds of jumbo Key West shrimp. Blake and I grilled them up for a celebratory birthday meal one evening. I cannot resist these flavorful bites!

Here's the recipe.

And we baked another Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie for the birthday party for our daughter and my dad in Florida. This time I swapped out the sprinkles for mini M&M's candies.

Here's the recipe.


ARCHIVES: Yum From The Past

Smoky Tomato Deviled Eggs are the perfect casual appetizer, creamy and flavorful, with pops of fresh tomato flavor folded right into the filling!

Get the recipe here.

When our oldest daughter took her first bite of these Coconut Cream Marshmallow Eggs dipped in chocolate, she almost couldn’t say fast enough that “these taste just like an Almond Joy, Mom…but without the almonds!”

Get the recipe here.

Touch of Grace Biscuits are an incredibly light pull-apart biscuit, with a moist and airy crumb that literally melts in your mouth.

Get the recipe here.

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