Feb. 17th, 2015 SPECIAL NOTE: We are recalling the previous e-mail sent by MYC due to some feedback received on the section regarding Sun News. Pleas

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Feb. 17th, 2015

SPECIAL NOTE: We are recalling the previous e-mail sent by MYC due to some feedback received on the section regarding Sun News. Please replace it with this one. Thank you and thank you for your love for Canada.


We are excited to share that THIS WEEK and next MYC delegates will be meeting with members of the provincial governments in Ontario and New Brunswick.

The teams are expected to have more than 30 face to face sit down meetings with elected officials including several cabinet ministers.

The Ontario delegation will focus on speaking to the government leaders regarding the controversial s-x curriculum. The New Brunswick team will focus on speaking to the government leaders regarding the injustice of using tax payer money to fund abortions. Both teams will also take time to honour our leaders pray for them and bring up other topics as Holy Spirit leads.

We would be so grateful if you would join us in keeping these two strategic teams covered in prayer (and fasting if you feel led) over the next 2 weeks. We look forward to bringing you a great report!

Thank you for your support as we continue to work to bring a voice of righteousness, in honour, before our elected officials.


The movie 50 Shades of Grey was released in movie theatres this past weekend and has created a wave of negative feedback and controversy because of the dark nature of it's s-xual messaging.

The movie is based on the best selling novel by E. L. James and is BDSM erotica. BDSM includes a variety of erotic practices involving dominance and submission, roleplaying, restraint, and other interpersonal dynamics. 50 Shades of Grey glamorizes pornography, domestic violence and exploitation of women. In our view this message is extremely damaging to viewers.

A recent article by Relevant Magazine explained that 1 in 4 women are victims of the type of abuse portrayed by the movie and highlighted a recent online survey which shows that women who have read the novel are more likely to have an abusive partner and unhealthy eating habits. Click here to read this article.

Last week, in response to the film's release, MP Joy Smith released a statement asking individuals to oppose violence against women by boycotting the movie declaring, "...it is another film set to warp the minds of a new generation." Smith went onto explain how, "One survivor of sexual violence shared that, '50 Shades is a horrible reminder of my own abusive relationship, repackaged in a love story.'"

Click here to read MP Joy Smith's statement.

An on-line movement with the hashtag #50DollarsNot50Shades is calling on people to avoid going to the movie and give $50 to a oshelter for battered women. We think this is an amazing idea and encourage it.

Please join us in being a voice against s-xual violence. See suggested practical action points below.


1 - SHARE: Please share this information with your friends by posting this e-mail on your social media. Click here to get an on-line version now.

2 - GET INFORMATION: Click here to read an article released by LifeSiteNews that shares what co-stars Jamie Dornana and Dakota Johnson thought during certain scenes in the film.

Click here to read the article by Relevant Magazine.

3 - GET INVOLVED: A collective of American and Canadian activists have launched a campaign called 50 Dollars Not 50 Shades encouraging people to forgo spending money on a movie ticket and donate $50 to a women's shelter instead. See an article to learn more here.

Click for a link to their facebook group.

Supporters of the campaign against the film have been sharing the hashtag #50DollarsNot50Shades on social media.

4 - SIGN THE PETITION: Sign the petition being sent to Universal executive Kathy Kelly-Brown, letting her know that you are not okay with this inappropriate film.
I'm boycotting 50 Shades of Grey petition by CitizenGo

5 - PRAY


It is with great disappointment that we pass on the news that Sun News Network closed it's doors this past Friday the 13th. The closure is a loss for the nation. Sun News was fiscally and socially conservative in it's news coverage style and the only news network regularly giving voice to this perspective in Canada.

Sun News was known for being willing to report on national stories that other news outlets were not. One example was the report of the unprecedented and epic pro-life demonstration on Parliament Hill that displayed 100,000 pink and blue flags representing the number of abortions in Canada each year. The network was also known for covering freedom of religion and conscience stories on a regular basis.

In response please take a moment to do a few key action points.


1 - EMAIL GOVERNMENT LEADERS: Please e-mail the Honouable Shelly Glover, Minister of Heritage, to express your disappointment in the closure of Sun News and ask her to support any initiative that would ensure that Canada's news reflects socially and fiscally conservative values just as much as socially and fiscally liberal ones.

If you feel inclined please express your support in the defunding of CBC (a news network which is funded by tax payer dollars but many feel has a track record of bias against socially conservative perspectives).

E-mail: Min.Glover@pch.gc.ca, shelly.glover@parl.gc.ca, pm@pm.gc.ca

3 - PRAY: Please join us in praying for media in Canada and that the Lord would raise up an even greater amount of Godly media news networks in this nation to fill the void left by Sun News Network's closure.

3 - SHARE: Please share this information with your friends by posting this e-mail on your social media. Click here to get an on-line version now.




As of February 3rd MY Canada has launched national prayer calls that will take place every second Tuesday at noon EST from now until the election. The next call is February 17th at noon EST led by Patricia Bootsma of Catch the Fire.

If you would like to participate in these calls please click here and add your name to the Keep Our Land e-list.




Please take a moment to watch this new video release by the Back to Life Walkers. Click here to watch now.

This video was shared with over 70 Members of Parliament last November when the Josiah team went to Parliament. Please agree with us in prayer that one of these elected officials will be motivated to bring forth legislation to protect women like these.

Please also take a moment to share this video with your friends and send it to your own Member of Parliament.

Click here to find your MP by Postal Code now.




THANK YOU! - You Helped Us Raise Over $11,500 For Needy Families In Iraq

Christmas is a wonderful time of GIVING and you proved it! Because of your generous donations we were able to raise over $11,500 to help needy families in Iraq. We are currently making arrangements for supplies to arrive on the ground. Thank you again. Your giving has made a tremendous difference.

If you would still like to give to this campaign, you can! Please click here to go to the donation page now.



From Faytene Grasseschi

It was my deep honour to spend some of my beginning years in Christian work in the back woods of West Africa, Liberia. The land, the people, and what God was doing there were all absolutely beautiful. Never in my life have I ever encountered a people who in the midst of profound struggle with things such as war, terror, hunger, disease and more had such joyful determination to overcome. I quickly fell in love with this nation and it's people. ... click here to read more ...

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