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“I am the greatest Mother figure … of compassion, gentleness and love exponential … my energy swirls in everything in the universe … I yearn for all of you to reach out to accept my love. Reconnect with me.” ~ Great Mother, “The Great Mother Bible” (by Mare)

Helena Nelson Reed .Gaia

Painting by Helena Nelson Reed

Dear Beautiful Friends,

I have created a short video to introduce you more to the Great Mother Love Way course. It can be viewed on YouTube HERE.

We are living in such interesting times. Some might call them intense. Fires are burning out of control in Australia and political chaos ensues in Washington D.C.

At the same time, there are spiritual avatars and more beings of Light coming in from the universal realms to support us, and to directly activate the stones, trees and animals to raise their energetic frequencies globally. There is much to be hopeful about in these times of Great Change.

We are being pushed to wake up and remember that we live in a multi-dimensional world that extends out into a highly complex multi-dimensional universe. Collectively we are all part of the Oneness.

The underlying essence of our universe and Sacred Earth is Quantum Divine Love. And it is time for us to come back Home to this Love. The way to rediscover our Home is to reconnect with Mother Gaia, our Planetary Caretaker, and all of the Sacred Beings with whom we share our sacred planet.

"Mare Cromwell and "The Great Mother Love Way" are nothing less than a life changing combination. Get ready to learn, grow, and evolve throughout the year. If you hear the call, you will not be disappointed that you followed your heart to Mare's guided teachings with Mother Gaia (and a very large spiritual team) at the wheel. ~ K.E., USA"


Gus Speth wrote: “I used to think that top environmental problems were biodiversity loss, ecosystem collapse and climate change. I thought that thirty years of good science could address these problems. I was wrong. The top environmental problems are selfishness, greed and apathy, and to deal with these we need a cultural and spiritual transformation. And we scientists don’t know how to do that.”

We are being called to spiritually awaken to help mid-wife the New Earth that is birthing now. To fall back in Love with Mother Gaia is part of the Spiritual Revolution that is being called for during these adventurous times.

Mother Gaia asked me in late 2018 to organize this year-long course to offer in-depth teachings on how to connect into the Quantum Divine Love that always surrounds us. Within the course there are:

• Spiritual activations
• Teachings on working with energy
• Creating sacred space including altars
• An introduction to the Nature Spirits
• How to engage sacredly with Trees
• Shadow work
• Guidance on how to lead ceremony
• And more…

By the end of the full-year of training, you will be certified as a "Gaia Priestess/Priest". For those more comfortable with the terms "Lightworker" or "Wayshower", they may use those titles, or even choose to not have a title. The title is not the significant goal within the course. It is your awakening into your true divine self in alignment with your Divine Plan to serve Mother Gaia’s Highest Good.

You are invited to join me in the Great Mother Love Way to become more deeply connected with Mother Gaia and the greater Spiritual Council that she sits on – to be more proactive mid-wives for this glorious New Earth. There is a vast team of beautiful spiritual beings that are calling for us to step forward to usher in this new phase of our planet’s history, and they are yearning to support us.


If you are intrigued and wish to learn more, I'm very happy to talk with you one-on-one to explain more. You can contact me HERE and we'll schedule a good time to talk.

Hugs, bigLove,

Ps. All are most welcome to download for FREE - Mother’s Love Cord Connection Meditation.


"For all who hear the call to do this year-long training, there will be adventures, surprises, and more goodness than you can ever imagine." ~ A direct quote from the Spiritual Council guiding this course - which includes Mother Gaia and the Virgin Mary.

mother stars s
Mother Earth

We are just completing the first year of this course and below is humbling feedback from the 2019 participants.

The "Great Mother Love Way" has helped me transform hugely. I have developed a stronger soul connection to Mother Gaia and Creation and my own Light Team. I also have a deeper sense of who I am, as the course has encouraged me to journey deeply inwards so I can step further into my role in this incarnation and truly be the being I am meant to be. ~ H.W., The Netherlands

Mare Cromwell is a very gifted, respectful and connected teacher of wisdom, truth, integration and collectivity! ~ J.W., USA

I recently attended a Great Mother Love Way retreat that Mare facilitated. I found it amazing! The teachings and experiences were transformative yet it was the atmosphere of love from and for Mother Gaia that was special for me. Mare opened and held space for us where I felt we were like happy kids playing in a pool of rosy golden love beams, believing we can create anything we dream, even a universe of joy and oneness. Kind of magic. :-). I came home with a glow that’s still with me. The retreat was a gift to myself that I can happily recommend to anyone. ~ D.J., Canada

Participating in the Great Mother Love Way has changed me. After 6 months, I am really starting to tune in to the spiritual plane. After the mid-course retreat with the class, I found myself reaching levels of “tuning in” with the Nature Spirits and Mother Gaia that I have never experienced before. I am more aware of daily experiences where this is happening. I find this VERY EXCITING and am very GRATEFUL to Mare for providing the space for me to learn and access skills and abilities that I did not know I had! ~ M.D., USA

If you feel, as I did, that you have a special connection to Mother Earth and you want to explore and deepen that connection, this training is for you. Mare will guide you on this path with deep wisdom, humility, integrity and no small amount of humour. I recommend the Great Mother Love Way for everyone who feels Mother’s call to come home and remember who they really are. C.P. Netherlands


Mare leading the 1000 Goddesses Gathering ceremony in Belgium in October.

“Mare Cromwell is not a mere person, she is an experience; a living, breathing manifestation of the love of Mother Gaia herself. She is the Shield Priestess of Gaia – a woman on a sacred mission to teach others to embrace their Divine center connected to Gaia within themselves, to be a beacon of light and healing in a world that most desperately needs it on so many levels right now. The best part of Mare is that she can take these huge metaphysical and esoteric concepts and break them down into everyday language so everyone can understand them. No previous learning/training required. This is truly a Goddess and I am blessed to have her in my life and you will be as well.” ~ Kathryn Hall, Intuitive

Virgin Mary Light

Would you like to know about where the fairies and elves live? And how they work with light energy? Or how the dwarves work with soil? Or gnomes and their roles with the stone and crystal realms? Are you yearning to cultivate a closer rapport with these very sacred beings?

I am so thrilled to be hosting a four-session webinar with the extraordinarily gifted Nature Spirit mystic Cornelis Jan Cuperus. We will focus on these topics and more each Sunday in February (Feb 2nd - 23rd). Cornelis lives in the Netherlands and hosted several of my events there in the fall. He was born with the capacity to see and communicate with the Nature Spirits and is amazing! Plus we have a team of elves and more assigned to this course to support us. I'm not kidding.

Cornelis and I have created a short video to introduce the webinar on YouTube. Access HERE.

To learn more and Register, click HERE.


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Click the image to find more information on this Global Meditation.

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Join me in a global virtual meditation/visualization to help amplify Gaia's Oneness Grid around our Sacred Earth via Zoom at 1pm EST on Sunday, Jan 5th.

This event is part of the global initiative 7 Days of Rest & Radiant Diversity from Jan 1 - 7, 2020. For all event participants to experience the full context of the larger event and to be a part of its unfolding, please also sign up on the main website: By signing up as an individual and/or community, you will also receive the 7 Days of Rest newsletter with important updates and appear on the website’s global participant map.

The meditation/visualization can be accessed via Zoom HERE.

"This Oneness Activation was like nothing I have ever experienced before. Rooting firmly into beloved Mother Gaia touched my soul in such a deep healing way. Then experiencing a powerful flow of celestial energy coming through me to heal Mother Earth. So humbling. The combined energy from above and below was exquisite! The dolphins were leaping and squealing with joy!!!! So much LOVE and LIGHT! Beautiful." ~C.V.

For those who are doing the monthly Gaia's Oneness Grid Visualization - Unified Field, the next one will be on Weds, Jan 8th, 2020. To purchase and download the recording, go HERE.


Mare is incredible! I went to her to investigate a lump on my neck that was constantly tingling and sort of buzzing, not too worrisome but puzzling. I was surprised when instead she immediately identified a huge emotional block and, with my permission, cleared a deceased relative out of my field and helped him cross over, then the same for his lineage, then for my mother, then for her lineage. A lot of house cleaning of lifetime issues (for all of us) in such a short session!! I feel amazingly light following our work and life is noticeably easier and more fun, I am even getting more done these days. And, oh, the lump with its tingling was just gone the next morning. Wow! ~ D.J. Calgary, Alberta

Mare holds a gentle but immensely powerful space, helping me to tune into Past Lives, and upgrade my Angelic and other Spirit Team support. ~ C.J

I found Mare in my journey to heal my legs, but unbeknownst to me she is also healing my soul. Insightful. Genuine. Beloved. Mare, you are beyond words. Thank you! ~ M.S

With twenty-four years of studies with Native American elders and other gifted spiritual mentors, I am honored to support people with my healing practice. Mother Gaia encourages me to consider myself a Gaia priestess though some might call me a Medicine Woman. My work is deeply connected with Gaia along with the Virgin Mary and a larger Divine Feminine Spiritual Council, in addition to a number of ascended masters. My empathic intuitive gifts are rather heightened which complement the profound wisdom and healing energies of the "Great Mother Team" to support my clients.

I have also studied energy balancing, and introductory training in cranial sacral healing, and Rubenfeld Synergy Work, to weave subtle aspects of all these modalities into my healing practice. More than anything, I call on the immense Love energy of the Great Divine Mother and Earth Mother in the healings and coachings she offers. Sessions can be either long-distance or in person.

My offerings include energetic cord-cuttings, heart chakra healings, enhancement of your energy protection gifts, deep ancestral clearings, balancing your energy body, conducting soul retrievals, inner-child healing work, and boosting your spiritual guardian team. I also coach clients on going deeper in their spiritual practice to honor the Great Mother and Great Father for their highest good for Divine Plan Alignment.

I am also available for house and land clearings and blessings, curse clearings along with spiritual coaching - locally and long-distance. And I absolutely love leading Mother Blessingway ceremonies for pregnant mothers.

Some other testimonials:

Mare Cromwell's books carry information so crucial in these times. And her healing energies are amazing. ~ G.K.

I have experienced Reiki a number of times but what you do with your energy work is six times more powerful than any Reiki session I've ever had. ~ G.S.

My body has been suffering from many ailments including Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Mare has not just taken the pain away, but also helped to get my whole self in balance. She has also given me long term strategies for pain management, which are better than any pain medication. The work that is done by Mare is powerful, sacred and filled with love. ~ L.L.

After my two sessions with Mare, I had no more pain in certain parts of my body. I often had stomach aches. Now I digest the food I eat better. I have sought spiritual healing from others and Mare really surprised me with her healing powers from Mother Earth. She is a special and powerful healer. I definitely plan to see her again and highly recommend her. ~L.V.

More information can be found at my website HERE.


"What an adventure! And the adventure continues because Mare is a game changer. I can no longer look upon myself as I once did. It feels as if I have been lifted out of a 2D existence to see a real world in 3D (4D and even sometimes 5D now!). My body feels more Real to me along with having greater awareness of my Higher Self and its deep connection to the Mothers." ~L.S.


There have been so many requests for the painting image, created by the Frederick, Maryland artist Brenda D. Murphy, on the cover of "The Great Mother Bible" that I've now made it available to order via a company called Pixel. Mother Gaia guided me very carefully as to how this painting should look and Brenda did a stunning job painting it.

You can order a canvas print, poster, cards, t-shirts, mugs, smart-phone cases, towels, pillows and more with the image of the Great Mother. Simply go HERE and search under all the items listed to see which product/s appeal to you.

There are many hidden symbols and objects that were included in the painting that are fun to discover and reflect upon. These include:

- an altar on the back of the turtle at the lower left,
- the orca whale represents “Granny”, a very wise and beautiful orca whale that an animal communicator has been communicating with off the coast of Washington State for years. (Mary J. Getten),
- whales, representing Mother’s record keepers and their great wisdom,
- the Tree of Peace,
- a permaculture-ish garden in a circle, representing the wisdom of the circle and sacred geometry
- a dragon tucked into the rocks along the edge of the lake,
- some faces in the mountains
- the golden eagle soaring… a powerful symbol in the Native American cosmology (and other traditions),
- a feather earring from an owl, and,
- of course, the butterflies too, metamorphosis, with the Great Changes the world is going through now, with the New World being born.

This is a very inspiring image to have in your presence as we all help to mid-wife the New Earth coming in presently!


Autographed Copies of "The Great Mother Bible" from my website.


Autographed Copies of "Messages from Mother.... Earth Mother" from my website.


Autographed Copies of "If I gave you God's Phone Number.... Searching for Spirituality in America" from my website.


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