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10 April 2018

Be kind to yourself

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My youngest, Colton, had just turned two when I opened the shop, so I find it quite remarkable to report that last week I took him to get his learner's permit. Time flies for sure. As we were out for his very first driving experience, was pretty comfortable maneuvering the car on the small road to our house. Backing out of the driveway however, was a little trickier for him of course, as it is, well, backwards. It's so counterintuitive that despite my guidance he ended up off the driveway and kinda in the grass. Oops. "I'm a lousy driver," he announced, frustrated. I laughed and said that he'd been behind the wheel for a total of exactly 10 minutes, so that wasn't exactly a fair assessment. He compares himself endlessly to his big brother, Johnny, who at 23 is a smooth and relaxed driver. Colton seems to have forgotten how I clutched the armrest and pumped my imaginary break while Johnny learned to drive. I used to tell Johnny that teaching him to drive was like holding a log to be cut while he experimented around with the chain saw. I was sure one or both of us was going to die. continue reading

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Cocoknits Class Saturday

I's super excited to be offering our third session of the Co I finished my Emma and I simply love it. coknits class this weekend. As I've said, this is a top down, I can get into. Combining the appeal of top-down, all in one construction and the look and fit of set in sleeves, the Cocoknits method is an alternate approach to knitting sweaters that's easy and really works. In this fun full-day session, you'll learn the Cocoknits method, and complete all the fiddly parts so when you leave class, you'll be ready to cruise through the rest of your sweater. It'll also set you up for success on any of the other beautiful designs by Julie Weisenberger using the Cocoknits method. More info and to register

More upcoming classes and events

toe up fingering weight

Sock U - Two-at-a-Time Toe Up

Jenny likes to knit her socks from the toe up, and if you've tried it with her on worsted weight, you probably do too. As you know, toe up socks let you use every last yard of your beautiful sock yarn without fear of running out. And you'll probably love not having to end the lovely sock knitting process by grafting that toe. Am I right?

If you've done the toe-up worsted weight class with Jenny, or if you're already a sock knitter and want to try it from the toe up, or if you're already working toe up but want to learn two-at-a-time, this class is More info and to register

Saturday 14 April - Cocoknits Method Class
Saturday 28 April - Coconits Project Class - Tallulah
Wednesday 25 April - Crazy for Ewe Book Club
Saturday 5 May - Socks - Two-at-a-Time Toe-up
Saturday 19 May - Stash Series - Entropy Throw
Saturday 2 June - Intermediate Color Theory for People who Love Yarn
Friday 22 June - Sunday 24 June - 7th Annual Crazy for Ewe Knitting Retreat

7th Annual Crazy for Ewe Retreat

Hotel front

It's time! The 7th annual Crazy for Ewe Retreat is Friday, June 22 through Sunday, June 24 and it's going to be fabulous! We're going to Winchester, Virginia, and staying at the elegant historic George Washington Wyndham Hotel right in the center of Winchester's downtown close to the pedestrian mall.

pedestrian mall

Enjoy a beautiful drive across Virginia's rolling countryside and check in at the hotel Friday afternoon. You can come early and book a massage at the hotel's spa, take a stroll around the town, or enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of wine at the hotel's Half Note Lounge. We'll gather in the elegant Lord Fairfax Room for dinner around 5:30. We'll have the room to ourselves all weekend, so after dinner you can hang more info

The Immortalists

April Book Club selection

April Book Club Selection

The April book is The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin. It's the story of 4 siblings from a nice Jewish family in New York who together in 1969 to to a fortune-teller to hear the exact date of their death. I'm only on chapter 7, but I'm already hooked. It's interesting to see how the knowledge, or supposed knowledge can affect your actions and your decisions. more

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