Vol.2 No.6 - April 6, 2017 In this issue: ▪ Schedule Change Overview▪ Dates to Remember for Race #1▪ Updated Race Flier for Race #1 Schedule Chan


Vol.2 No.6 - April 6, 2017

In this issue:

After our unfortunate cancellation last weekend, I'm stoked to report a slight rejiggering of our schedule to maximize the racing fun.
1. Race #1 is going ahead on April 23, but has been moved to Chester. This is in addition to the June 4th race, which will also take place in Chester.
2. Our race at Six Mile Run will be added to the end of our racing schedule, as Race #5 on June 11.

If you registered for the Wild West Windsor race, your registration has been moved to the April 23rd race: Wild West Chester.

Your registration for Six Mile Run has been moved with the venue, so you are now registered for the June 11th race at Six Mile Run.

Please contact our Chief of Registration, Ken Seebeck, if you would like us to move your registration to a different race from the default described above.

Schedule Change

Your pre-registration follows the highlighted color from the original to the revised schedule.


Upgrade Petitions
Please submit your upgrade petition to Tom Kruse by Wednesday April 12th, in order for your upgrade to be considered for the Wild West Chester race.
Online pre-registration (PitZone) closes after Tuesday, April 18th. Race-day registration will be available, but you will incur a $10 late fee.

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