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Holiday Fitness Survival Tips

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While the holidays are an exciting and joyous time of year for many of us, they can also be one of the most difficult times of year to continue practicing our fitness disciplines and prioritizing our health. Below are 3 simple tips you can use to improve your chances of maintaining (and even improving) your fitness during this most-challenging time of year.


You should always be planning out your training for at least a month in advance. This is even more important during the holiday season when vacations and family trips are especially frequent. Schedule out weeks of training surrounding travel plans. If you know you'll be out of the gym for a few days, plan on using those days as a recovery and amp up your training surrounding the trip. Rather than leaving your schedule up to chance, be proactive and set aside dedicated time to hit the gym.


While work commitments die down over the holidays, family commitments ramp up. Change up your schedule to hit the gym earlier to get a workout in before anyone gets out of bed. This way you get your workout in and have plenty of time for getting all the busy holiday stuff done during the day.


The holiday season should be time shared with your loved ones. Involve everyone by playing games outside that involve activity or by signing everyone up for a local 5k. This way, you'll still be able to bond and connect while staying active. A daily walk can be another great way to get everyone moving while still sharing moments together.


GX Class Schedule: Finals Week

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We don't want your Final Exams and vacation-packing to interrupt your exercise routines so we'll still be offering a large selection of GX classes next week (12/5-12/11), despite the reduced OPERS facility hours. Please make note of the Final Exams Week schedule listed below (only the classes still being offered are listed), and adjust your workout plans accordingly. Remember, exercise helps your brain to function better = better exam performance!

Monday, December 5th:
* 7:30a - YOGA (All Levels) @ 2300 Delaware Ave, Rm B290
* 12:00p - IYENGAR YOGA @ College 9 Namaste Lounge
* 12:10p - CIRCUIT XPRESS @ OPERS Multipurpose Room
Tuesday, December 6th:
* 12:00p - PILATES (All Levels) @ 2300 Delaware Ave, Rm B290
* 12:00p - FIT BARRE @ OPERS Multipurpose Rm
Wednesday, December 7th:
* 12:00p - IYENGAR YOGA @ College 9 Namaste Lounge
* 12:10p - CIRCUIT XPRESS @ OPERS Multipurpose Rm
* 5:30p - SUNSET YOGA @ 2300 Delaware Ave, Rm. B290
Thursday, December 8th:
* 12:00p - PILATES (All Levels) @ 2300 Delaware Ave, Rm. B290
* 12:00p - FIT BARRE @ OPERS Multipurpose Rm
Friday, December 9th:
* 12:00p - FLOW YOGA @ OPERS Martial Arts Studio
* 12:00p - YOGA (All Levels) @ 2300 Delaware Ave, Rm B290
* 12:10p - CIRCUIT XPRESS (RELOCATED to OPERS Activities Room)


GX Class Schedule: Winter Break

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Winter Break Schedules are Available at the OPERS Facility Center and Wellness Center

Just because the Fall quarter is ending doesn't mean the fitness fun stops here in our FitLife program! If you are staying local this holiday season then you can take one or more of our many Winter Break classes which begin on Monday, Dec. 12th, and continue through Friday, January 6th! Click the image of our Winter Break schedule bookmark to view our class schedule for this period.

Don't take a vacation from fitness before you take one from school and work!


GX Class Schedule: Winter Term

Winter is always an especially popular time for group exercise classes due to the extra motivation we all get from our fresh New Year's resolutions and the inviting environment of our warm, dry, and fun-filled indoor classrooms.

We've put together a great schedule of classes for you to enjoy this Winter term, with some exciting new additions to our offerings.

New Classes & Locations

In particular, we're excited to be offering some new early-morning classes (Yoga & Cardio Kickboxing) on Mon-Fri to help you start your days with plenty of energy and endorphins. We've also been able to secure the use of 2 new "satellite" classrooms around campus - in the Phsycial Science Buidling - Rm 204 on Science Hill & in the Porter/Kresge I-Lounge in Porter College - in which we'll be offering 2 new lunchtime Yoga classes.

Delaware Ave. Classes

Unfortunately, due to the relocation of the majority of off-campus employees to the university's new Scotts Valley Center, we will no longer be offering classes at 2300 Delaware Ave.

Try Before You Buy

As always, the first week of the term (January 9-15), will be our free "Try Before You Buy" promotion when admission to all of our classes is FREE, so be sure to plan time in your schedules to check out as many of these great classes as you can! (Arrive early as many of them will fill to capacity!)

Click on this image of our Winter Schedule poster to view our schedule online.

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The CruzFit Team Fitness Challenge
is Coming Soon!

Mark Your Calendars for CruzFit 2017

This year's "CruzFit Team Fitness Challenge" will be starting before you know it, so mark your calendars and be prepared to recruit your team when we all return to campus in January!

- Monday, January 2nd: REGISTRATION OPENS

- Monday, January 16th: CHALLENGE BEGINS!

- Tuesday, January 31st: REGISTRATION CLOSES

Stay tuned for more details regarding registration and exercise-tracking as they're posted to our website (

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