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April 2020


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Flock news from the large featherless being....


Has this been a month or has this been a month!?

Life is changing right in front of our very eyes, as we breathe in and breathe out, every time we get a news alert or open our social feeds.

Which means - this is a very good time to have feathers, a shell, or fur.

You see, when you are born wearing soft fetching feathers, or a cute curvy shell, or warm and wiry fur, there is far less worry and far more trust that we will have whatever we need right when we need it.

Which is why, when I get very anxious, I pretend I am Pearl. Or Malti. Or Bruce. Or Flash Gordon.

Just for a moment, I feel what it feels like to live in just one minute, one second of my day at a time.

It feels....great! Relief. Ease. Grateful.

And so much love.

We need love now more than ever.

Love for others, yes. Also, love and care for ourselves.

Because....regardless of age, gender, species....the feeling of fear is universal.

The desire for survival, the dream to thrive, is also universal.

Yet social distance for the common good can feel a whole lot like social isolation and even alienation if we forget this fact: we have friends all around us.

The trees, the earth, the sky, the water....

The sweet chirping sidekick sitting on our shoulder (and chowing down on "our" breakfast of Grandma's blueberry muffin)....

The young and hungry tortoise sitting patiently on the kitchen floor staring adoringly at the big white box....

The brave rescued box turtle clambering up onto his rescue mama's outstretched palm so he can be lifted up, up, up for his next lawn adventure....

The overjoyed barks and howls of a wild and woolly furred being welcoming his favorite (and only) auntie when she and her flock arrive to visit the Trees - but mostly to visit him of course....

We have friends everywhere. We have a friend within.

And we have each other.

These are not ordinary times. These are extraordinary times that call for extraordinary hearts who genuinely, generously love this planet and all who live here and call this place home.

These are times that call for YOU. And for ME. And for US. For our small acts of great kindness to ourselves and every being.

I have to say it - I am so unbelievably grateful to feel connected to the best extended flock on Earth.

Why? Because as we give our love to the feathers, and the fur, and the shells, and the flowers, and the trees, and the ponds, and the seas, and each other, and ourselves, our small acts of great love add up.

And doing this every day, and all together, well, it just might be life-saving. Even (dare I say it) planet-saving.

Thank you. From our hearts to yours. Truly. Thank you.

P.S. I know the blogs have kind of gone away lately. They will be back. Tomorrow, as a matter of fact. And they're going to be GOOD - promise.

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Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Shannon

& Flash Gordon, & the Trees


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