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Dear Reader,

Here's hoping you have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope you enjoyed reading the Good Chi News issues this year and I'll continue publishing them next year.

I'm looking forward to next year as I intend to continue my work in aged care, and further develop my Sports Chi program which was put on hold because of the Covid virus restrictions. I'll also develop my staff training program, Chair Chi Plus, and hope to launch it in 2022.

Chris Bennett
Chris Chi


On the Road Again


Good one. Last week I ran a Chair Chi session for aged care residents at a centre in Warburton. It's been a while due to Covid restrictions. The session went well and we had a few laughs, as well as practicing the adapted Tai Chi skills.

The drive to and from Warburton was pleasant and a change from my usual drives in the suburbs to deliver Chair Chi. I have another session booked next week at the same place and am looking forward to it. I'll probably leave much earlier so I can take a few photographs - it is a picturesque drive.

Image courtesy of Holden Baxter via Unsplash.


Just Breathe


Bruce Frantzis discusses breathing methods in Qigong. One of the questions he is asked, as I have been, is when do you breathe when practising various movements.

His answer is 'just breathe'. I agree because it's easier and do that and it stops you from tensing up, trying to co-ordinate your breathing with your movements.


Tai Chi Tip

Avoid holding your breath - just breathe naturally.


The Big 3

tony-hand-C9Ni6Gh gWk-unsplash2

A reminder to those practising Tai Chi or any other activity. Focus on the big 3 and you will improve your performance.

1. "Sung" (relaxation)
2. Correct Structure
3. Correct Breathing
1. "Sung" (relaxation)
2. Correct Structure
3. Correct Breathing

Image courtesy of Tony Hand via Unsplash

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