welcome to wildfire wishes, friend! okay so don't laugh too hard, but do you remember the last song that plays in the movie "Legally Blonde" - the on

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welcome to wildfire wishes, friend!

okay so don't laugh too hard, but do you remember the last song that plays in the movie "Legally Blonde" - the one when they are graduating? "Perfect Day" by Hoku i believe....well it's in my head as i write the very first journal entry in WW.

"On this perfect day, nothing's standing in my way" yes, i totally just sang out loud! i am a dork, yes i know. but i can't help it. something sparked deep inside my soul not too long ago and i finally, for the first time in forever, feel like everything is coming together. hallelujah!

one thing i know with 100% certainty, is that i have to write + photograph. without the two, i feel like the walls are closing in and i cannot breathe. i try to take breaks from writing, telling myself that i can do without it, but it's just not happening. and i am ready to stop resisting it and just do it already. i won't lie to you ever, so just know that it takes a lot out of me to write so openly and honestly. but i do it for 2 reasons. [1] i just hafta do it and [2] i have been blessed by so many private messages, saying that by sharing my life, i am inspiring others in theirs. internet, that is a HUGE responsibility and i ran away scared! but i'm not scared anymore. i am ready. i am ready to help just one person out there feel like she, too, can have everything her heart desires.

now that we got all that out of the way, let me tell you more about WW! it's an art & lifestyle journal that i write once a week and email out on tuesdays. because of the nature of my writing (i'll be chatting about light-hearted stuff and heavy real-life stuff), i wanted to make sure that my readers could read entries privately and not feel like they needed to leave me a comment or share my entires on social media sites. i'd much rather my reader connect to me on a personal level, reach out by email so the conversation is between just the two of us and if she wishes, to share my journals with her closest friends and family. got it? great!

here are some of the topics you'll find in my journal entries
(one to three topics per journal publication):


this column is my personal one. stories from my real life. it may be light, but it also may be heavy in topic. i can't change who i am so i am not shying away from being completely real with ya.

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this one may be my favorite! i am working on a really huge personal goal of taking on both small and large projects (basically anything and everything i have ever wanted to give a try) as well as work on building my professional portfolio. i have a dream of being the only artist in an art gallery show. like, a really fancy art gallery. so whatever my project, i'll be sharing them with you here.

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i love to cook and bake. being in my kitchen and creating a new (healthy) dish has become THE way i cope with my stress and anxiety. during my break from writing, i cooked. i have enough recipes to fill a cookbook. i will share a few with you here.

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even when i was slim and athletic as a teenager, i didn't know i was (i willingly let others hurt me emotionally and naively believed them when they called me fat). i am currently overweight and successfully gaining a healthy lifestyle back. i've never played with self-expression through fashion and honestly, i cannot WAIT to give it a try. dressing & stylizing clients was so much fun. dressing myself? that will be a challenge i am willing to accept! this column will be funny, for sure.

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yes! we are officially a home schooling family. my itty bitty's are 4 and almost 3 so this first year we'll be taking on a pre-kindergarten curriculum through sonlight and also mixed with un-schooling, which means we will learn by real-life experiences. we understand that the topic of HS is still one of major debate, but it's one that is best for my children and my family. we'll be sharing our adventures with you from time to time.


i workout every single day (i have 2 days a week that are active "rest" days) and i am constantly on the hunt for tunes that make me want to get up and dance or ones that the lyrics inspire me to keep going. i grew up playing a musical instrument (no band-geek jokes please) and have a deep love & appreciation for all music. i'll be sharing my finds with you from time to time :)


each and every journal entry will have a quote that i find and personally connect with. it'll be in "tweetable" form for you to easily post it to twitter and share it with your friends if you want. i just LOVE quotes. words in general, help flame my passions in life. i hope they do the same for you!

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one reason why we will be home schooling, is to travel and see the world. even though i went to canada once upon a time for a few days with a school trip, i've only ever been to a few states in the U.S.A. i want to visit many more states and venture into international territories too. i have a burning wish to give my children a cultural background and a love of travel. as soon as my husband and i feel they are ready, we'll be jet-setting in no time!

one last topic, which will be making it's debut many months from now, is a fitness column. i am completely head-over-heels in love with eating healthy, exercising and want to pay it forward when i have reached my goals. i'll be studying to become a certified personal trainer and nutrition consultant. that way, i can actually give advice to those who ask me questions. haha!

WELL.....that's it. the breakdown of what wildfire wishes is all about. i hope that you are as excited as i am, to see what unfolds. i decided to wait until next week to hit you with issue one, as i figured you would like a little introduction to WW before i started diving in with my stories. :)

the invitation to email me (click the mail icon below) is always open. send me your Q's if you have any and i may even include a Q&A column in the future, if the Q's are rolling in. and if you have a friend who you think would LOVE my little journal, please do me a favor and forward this email to her. but only if you think she would benefit.

off to play with my babies and plan a third birthday party. my daughter is quite adamant about having a "doc mcstuffins + la la loopsy + real tea party" birthday theme. her daddy and i are already in trouble, aren't we?

lots of love & see you here next tuesday,


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