Teck Coast Cup #4 & 5 Update Coast Cup weekend is finally here! Your race committee has been hard at work providing an eventful race weekend with a n


Teck Coast Cup #4 & 5 Update

Coast Cup weekend is finally here! Your race committee has been hard at work providing an eventful race weekend with a new race format for Sunday - Ski Cross. If you are not participating, come and check out the new course format as it should be very exciting to watch.

The weather forecast is calling for lots of snow. Give yourself extra time to get up the mountain. For race notice, course maps, race confirmation lists, and weather forecast, see the Strathcona Nordics' Coast Cup webpage.

Food Volunteers for Coast Cup and Rabbit Tourney

When you signed your kids up for the Jackrabbits program there was a very important notice about volunteer commitment. The season is nearly over and now's the time when you're needed the most! As in, really needed! I have very few sign ups so far! We have 2 weekends with two great events coming up: the Coast Cup on Saturday and Sunday upcoming, and the Tournament on the following Sunday, March 12. Please sign up to help me make the events a grand send off to a great season of Jackrabbits!

Volunteers needed for finish line food prep on Saturday and Sunday for Coast Cup. Sign up in this form.

Volunteers needed to prep, cook and tidy our hot dog picnic Sunday March 12 after the Jackrabbit Tournament. Sign up in this form.

Also dear parents, did you know that our tournament is a pot luck picnic? We will provide hot dogs and fixings. Last names starting with A - L bring a healthy snack to share and M - Z bring a dessert. It's going to be such a fun wrap-up for the kids. Can't wait to see you there!

Brenda Blakely, Food Coordinator

SKI Cross Country Magazines

ski cross country

We have multiple boxes of Cross Country BC magazines to give away to families in our programs. If you would like one please contact Lynda Magor or some will be available at the Coast Cup race check-in table this weekend.

BC Championships


Junior Race Team continues on the path to the podium at the BC Championships held in Kamloops, Feb 17-19

Friday - Mass Start Classic Technique
Midget Boys - 5km**
Hugo Henckel - 6th
Theo Lemay - 8th

Juvenile Boys - 7km
Aiden Noble - silver
Stephen Lamon - 7th

Juvenile Girls - 7km
Emmy Stapff - 7th
Emma Wong - 8th

Junior Boys - 7km
Tallon Noble - gold
Ross Lamon - 5th
Matthew Salmon - 7th

Junior Girls-7km
Madeleine Guimomd - 7th

Masters Men - 15km
Rupert Wong - 5th

Masters Women - 10km
Lynn Swift - 9th

Saturday - Interval Start Free Technique
Midget Boys - 3.5km
Hugo Henckel - 4th
Theo Lemay - 8th

Midget Girls - 3.5km
Naomi Swift - 8th

Juvenile Boys - 5km
Aiden Noble - silver
Stephen Lamon - bronze

Juvenile Girls - 5km
Amelia Wells - silver
Emmy Stapff - 6th
Emma Wong - 9th

Junior Boys - 10km
Tallon Noble - gold
Ross Lamon - bronze
Matthew Salmon - 5th

Junior Girls - 7km
Madeleine Guimomd - 7th

Masters Men - 10km
Rupert Wong - 6th

Sunday - Club Relay Free Technique
Junior Men
Tallon Noble, Matthew Salmon, Ross Lamon - Gold

BC Cup Series Aggregate Awards
Aiden Noble - First, 2002 Boys
Madeleine Guimond - Third, 1999 Girls


Berend Henckel tags off to Rupert Wong in team relay. PC: Barb Matson


Ross Lamon at BC Champs PC: Barb Matson

DSC08868  1

Amelia Wells gets silver in 5k skate! PC: Barb Matson


Third, BC Cup Series Aggregate Awards, 1999 girls. This was Madeleine's last away race as a Junior Racer. Wish her well! PC: Barb Matson

Rabbit Antics

IMG 0239

Max and Ethan sprinting to the finish line! PC: Sophia Sauter, coach

IMG 0203

Keeping it real...fun. A snow skier! PC: Sophia Sauter, coach

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