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Reshaping the Impact Economy

Time for ethical entrepreneurs to meet online in October to flesh out a plan for a post COVID economy that will end the “either/or” thinking about our economy and wellbeing.

We are super excited to be opening the 2020 Ethical Enterprise Conference, This year theme: Re-Think, Re-Set, Re-Boot: Reshaping the Impact Economy.

Through the EEC2020 you’ll have the opportunity to hear from business and community leaders and interact with them on the topic of Reshaping the Impact Economy. We will look at the changes we can make and the skills and insights needed to flow with and co-create the new impact economy.

Speakers will share both wisdom of the past and innovative technologies of the future to share how communities have survived and thrived as well as new ways that small-medium businesses can adapt to remain purposeful in the future. We’ll be planting the seed of the ‘new normal’ in a post-COVID world, workshopping through skills that will support businesses to grow, remain ethical and to be resilient. This event is for everyone who cares about being a part of the way our collective futures look and is shaped.

The Ethical Enterprise Conference 2020 will be held online from the 26th to 27th October with the Ethical Entrepreneur Pitch Competition (hyperlink to EEEPC page) and Ethical Enterprise Award (hyperlink to EEA page) on the final day on the 28th October.


Applications closing soon


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Apply now to the Early Ethical Entrepreneur Pitch Competition, 2020!

Application closing 1st September 2020

The Early Ethical Entrepreneur Pitch Competition, 2020 is open until the 1st of September and and we're calling out for passionate entrepreneurs working on early-stage businesses which are designed to make a difference!

The aim of the competition is to provide entrepreneurs with an opportunity to present their idea to four business and social entrepreneurial leaders who are influential in the community the winner will become part of the Early Pitch Booster Program. This provides access to mentorship, professional services and advice and resources to support entrepreneurs or enterprises to make a concept a reality. The Booster Program and its contents is valued at $23,400, and is an amazing program for Early Ethical Enterprise Competition winners!

This year’s prizes consist of mentorships, workshops, co-working space and software licences from StartSomeGood, Red Hat Impact, Common Code, Canva, YBF Ventures, SandyMcDonald.com, RMIT University, LDB Group Australia, Disruptive Media, 25eight and Moral Fairground.

Apply today at https://moralfairground.com.au/early-ethical-enterprise-pitch-competition-2020-about-eeepc/


Make the World a Better Place

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Movie Screening: Make the World a Better Place

Celebrating Fairtrade Fortnight 2020

27 August 2020

5.30pm to 7.30pm

In 2015, the global community agreed on 17 global goals for a more just and sustainable world. Five years later, what has this done for disadvantaged people in developing countries? What challenges do they face and have any of these eased? Is there hope for their future?

When the pay they receive for backbreaking work is barely enough, when generations of dedication to coffee cultivation are endangered by climate change, small-scale farmers and agricultural workers truly feel the weight of power imbalances in trade. Fairtrade shows that a sustainable future is possible under just trade conditions.

In Make the World a Better Place, you hear the voices of the people who directly experience just how close our world is to a point of no return. People who are taking action and changing things, so that all of us together can take charge and create a fairer world.

Come along for this screening and panel discussion (check out here for more details)


Video now available - Diversity the Fabric of Modern Society


Watch Video

In June we hosted an event on Diversity, we brought together experts and scholars from various industries and backgrounds having conversation about diversity and social inclusion. Each guest speaker shares their work, social projects and stories and shed light on how to promote this theme across different communities and groups. The guest panel touches on employment opportunities, general well-being and decision making during urban planning among migrants, disadvantaged youth groups, smart city dwellers and unprivileged women. Watch Video Here.


Check out our Ethical Living Blog

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The Ethical Living Blog

In August, during Homelessness Week we hosted the "Making Home" event. Addressing homelessness is no small issue, and though there isn’t one definition of homelessness it is a term that describes people living in unfit, unsafe, severely overcrowded or uncertain spaces. This could mean sleeping rough on the streets, in a car, in an overcrowded household, or in temporary accommodation or in accommodation with no fixed tenure. It is essentially a living arrangement in which one of the core pillars of what constitutes a ‘home’ is missing. Of the 116,000 people experiencing homelessness in Australia over 7,000 of those are older women. Continue reading


Out and about

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Francis Atkins


Frances Atkins, founder of Givvable who will be hosting a panel at this year Ethical Enterprise Conference wins top prize at Xccelerate2020
Givvable took out top prize in X15 Ventures and CommBank's inaugural Xccelerate2020 program taking home over $300,000 in cash and technology support. This marks the beginning of an exciting collaboration between X15 Ventures, CommBank, Microsoft and KPMG High Growth Ventures. givvable looks forward to leveraging the technology expertise of its new partners to create the go-to platform for sustainable spending for businesses, wherever they operate in the world.

171211 Womens School of Leadership Cote d Ivoire

Fairtrade Australia and NZ

Celebrating Fairtrade Fortnight 7-20 of August 2020

Fairtrade Fortnight is an annual campaign that celebrates all things Fairtrade.
It is an opportunity to work together to raise awareness, promote Fairtrade
products and highlight their positive impact.
Together we can amplify the message, reaching a larger audience.
Show what you stand for and your support of Fairtrade!

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The webinar is for social enterprises not yet certified with Social Traders. It offers an opportunity to find out more about how to increase sales from business and government buyers.
The webinar will cover:
An introduction to selling to business and government
How and why more governments and businesses are looking to buy from social enterprises
How you can increase sales from business and government buyers.
How certification with Social Traders can increase your business and government sales
Date: Wed 26th August 2020
Time: 01:00 pm - 01:45 pm AEST

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The Hacker Exchange Pitch Competition

Social Enterprise charityBay Spears Top Spot

It was very exciting to be on the judging panel of The Hacker Exchange 2020 Virtual Innovation Program and Pitch Competition. Charity Bay was on of the winners of the pitch, more here.

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