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"Scorpio" by Teo Olivieri (linked)

Super Full Moon in Scorpio, Monday, April 26th

Greetings Deer Spirit Friends!

Thus is an edited resend of my Full Moon newsletter with an updated Bulletin Board and a short energy update.

I hope you all have been able to surf the transformational energy tsunami we've been experiencing for the last week or so! WOW! I went into an unexpected conditioning release process with a 4 day detox headache from last Thurs. to Monday. I felt exhausted, upset and uncomfortable, then later in the day on Sunday everything lifted and I felt great. I had gotten a major upgrade on my healing energies! Those of you who joined Monday's Reiki Circle and /or Tuesday's Angelic Liquid Light session got the benefits of the upgrade.

Please let me know if you'd like to join the VortexHealing® Manifesting w/ Lakshmi Session #3 tonight, Thurs. 4/29 (see Carol's write - up below Bulletin Board). Also let it be known that the date of the first class in my 12 class Astrology for Beginners Program has been moved up to Tues. May 25th and the fee has been lowered in order to attract more students. And I hope you can Join my Free Conference Call Reiki Circle on Mon. May 3rd!! (details for all these events are posted below on the Bulletin Board).

It's been a while since I've expressed my love and gratitude, and I want you to know how much it means to me that you've been reading my newsletters, joined my free or fee based group healing events, donated, taken my classes, my apprenticeship program, or booked readings or healing sessions with me. The fact that I can be of service to you is the primary source of abundant fulfillment in my life!


Like many of us, I'm dealing with pollen allergies. I'm not an expert on the subject but I do know what works for me. I use Nettle Leaf in capsule form (Nature's Way brand, taken as directed) and Bi Yan Pian pills, an inexpensive over - the - counter Chinese herb formula that I get at Lin Sister in Chinatown NYC (It works great, no side effects). You can find it online but it will probably cost way too much. At Lin Sister it's only $5 for a bottle of 100 pills.

This is not directly related to allergies but I'd also like to recommend Herbanomic brand Humic & Fulvic Liquid Trace Mineral Complex, which I recently saw advertised online. Trace mineral deficiency is at the root of many maladies and most people are getting less than half of what they need.

I had been using the excellent Concentrace brand liquid trace mineral drops for many years, but I'm switching to this because it's much more nutrient dense. According to the Herbanomic website -

"Our food supply is devoid of mineral input, and toxic herbicides, pesticides and chemicals prevent proper use of minerals by the plants. Our bodies cannot extract enough bio-available plant minerals from our modern era crops. This is why we need a true trace mineral complex which is bio-available to access these trace elements. Beyond just minerals, our product provides a Full Spectrum Humic/Fulvic Blend Complete with Amino Acids, Poly-Electrolytes, Phytochemicals, Polyphenols, Bio-Flavinoids & Trace Vitamins."

I've been taking it for about 3 weeks and have noticed a big difference in energy, stamina, deeper sleep, mental clarity and focus.

flowers 96th st.

96th St. bet. Broadway and Amsterdam Ave., NYC, USA, Sat. 4/24, 2021

Message Of The Stars

Powerful sacred warrior vibes arose during the Passover / Easter holidays at the beginning of this month and after a relatively calm phase of integration, a new wave of ascension energy came in last week with a solar flare on Mon. - Tues. followed by a big spike in the Schumann Resonance. I could feel it building up all week towards the climax today on the Full Moon in Scorpio.

I had received an interesting update on April 12th from Aluna Joy Yaxkin, whose mailing list I've been on for many years. She said that -

"On the 14th of April 2021, for 20 days, humanity will travel through a cosmic chakra system and activate our kundalini. These days are powerful and activating as we merge the past, present and future. They are more powerful than an equinox, or a class X magnitude solar flare... but continuously for 20 days straight! The center column of the sacred Mayan calendar, the Tzolk'in, represents the spinal column of the human body and the core of the Earth running from north to south."

"An ascension process begins in these 20 Core days, which will burn a holy fire through our chakras. This energy descends to Earth from the great central sun and God / Hunab Ku. Every 260 days, these energies return over and over, but each time with an ascending frequency. These 20 days will be beyond powerful at this pivotal and unique time where we have been pushed beyond of our comfort zones, and we have no reserve energy to control the things we try not to face. Yet... the Mayan Core days, if worked with conscious intent, can help anchor and manifest new frequencies into form."

You can read the rest of her post here.. It explains a lot about what I had been sensing in the ethers. I found another source of confirmation in Cobra's March 31st update on his 2012 Portal Blog -

"In a week or two, the Light forces will begin to clear quantum primary anomaly directly related to human implants. It is impossible to predict what will happen when they begin to clear that, as the amount of that anomaly is enormous also.The only thing I can say is that the Light forces will begin to clear all akashic records stored in layers around the planetary surface to effectively clear energy imprints from all negative events from the past of humanity."

"On the etheric and astral planes close to the planetary surface, the Light forces are also clearing negative entities that are still oppressing humanity. There are still trillions upon trillions of those entities present, and they need to be removed along with their negative etheric scalar technologies before any meaningful breakthrough can happen."

BTW, as Reiki practitioners, we have the ability to directly assist in the global cleansing, clearing and healing process.

Self care comes first, and with daily self Reiki treatment and meditation in addition to a healthy holistic life style, we can enhance our channeling capacity to the point where we can make a significant difference to our friends, family, co - workers and communities. We do this simply by radiating Reiki, which is the universal frequency of love, harmony, health and happiness. If you are a Reiki student try saying this affirmation every day for awhile -

My Reiki is always shining like the sun, blessings all beings with love, harmony, health and happiness.

We let it shine every Monday night in my Free Conference Call Reiki Circle guided meditation. We treat ourselves, then each other, then we embrace the world with a big group Reiki hug!

The Sun entered Taurus last Monday 4/19 and the Moon is at it's peak of fullness in Scorpio at 11:32pm EST tonight. This Super Moon shines a very bright light on what we need to let go of in order to shift into a higher frequency of freedom and self realization.

Saturn in Aquarius helps us stabilize in the new energies and values, as it makes a close T- square to the Sun - Moon opposition. The Taurus Sun is involved in a tightly packed stellium with Uranus, Venus and Mercury in Taurus, creating powerful leverage with Saturn which lifts us out of old stagnant energies and bad habits of thought, belief and action that keep us stuck in feelings of frustration and sadness.

Spring cleaning is happening on all levels now whether we like or not. resistance is futile! Take the leap! Clean up that clutter, do the colon cleanse, the fast or meditation retreat, set boundaries with toxic people and let go of that romantic relationship that's gone past it's expiration date!

Still hoarding "issues"? What if I told you that you are not your issues, your karma, your addiction or your disease. What if I told you that there's nothing intrinsically wrong with you, that you're not broken and need to fixed, that you're whole and just need to remember?

Can you say "I am infinite eternal divinity acting as if I am a person"?

You are beautiful and your gifts are priceless and precious. You are the solution, not the problem, the medicine, not the disease!

It's time to get really clear about what is nourishing us and what is not. What do you want have? Today is a blank canvas. You get to paint your heart's desire on it! The only limit is your imagination, level of courage and willingness to receive.

It's time to empty ourselves of all the old baggage so the dawning light of liberation can shine let go into that new born state of luminous emptiness!

Be the Buddha Baby!

If you put some red and black ants in jar nothing will happen but if you shake it hard they will start killing each other. Red believes that black is the enemy black believes that red is the enemy. Rather than fig 1
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Central Park, New York City, USA

Bulletin Board

Special Covid Discount Offers! - book three 45 min. distant healing sessions for $135. In these distant healing sessions we will talk on the phone for at least 15min. before the 45min. distant healing begins. A 3 session package like this would normally cost $270. Book a 90 min. astrology - tarot reading over phone or Zoom for $72 (normally $108)

The VortexHealing® Manifesting w/ Lakshmi Session #3 will be held on Thursday, April 29th, $20, 7:15 - 7:45 EST conference call, 7:45 - 8:45 EST. In this series Carol Ribner and I will help the group release anything that's blocking our ability to successfully practice conscious intentional creation of reality.
Session 3 - Thurs. April 29th, Artha (work, responsibility),
Session 4 - Thurs. May 27th, Moksha (spiritual liberation / enlightenment)
Session 5 - Thurs. June 24th, Lakshmi Super Session.

The first 4 sessions are $20 each. The 5th Super Session has 90 min. of healing instead of the usual 60 min. and is $27. There will be a 30 min. conference call for each session from 7:15 - 7:45pm EST followed by 60 min. of distant healing from 7:45 - 8:45pm EST and 90 min. of healing in the Super Session.

We are living in a time of accelerated transformation out of the old paradigm control matrix into the Age of Aquarius. We are knee deep in the long prophesied
shift of the ages! As the Great Awakening / Great Cleansing proceeds, our vibration ascends out of density into higher light frequencies and the process of manifestation is becoming easier and faster. These group sessions will help us manifest our dreams in the most benevolent way, both for ourselves and our world.

In order to register, email me at telling me your full name as you want it written on the distant healing list and if you have pets you'd like to add to the list, tell me their names and what type of animal they are. Then send your payment via Venmo to Geordie - Numata, Zelle to, or use PayPal on my contact page.

My Free Conference Call Reiki circle will be held every Monday night from 7pm - 8pm EST. We'll do some guided meditation, self Reiki, Reiki for each other and Reiki for world peace. You can also use Angelic Liquid Light Healing™ or VortexHealing® in the circle if you like. The conference call numbers are 917 444 9040, conference ID 818181#. If you want a call in number for location outside the NYC area or for another country, go to the Turbobridge website and click on the Call - In Numbers tab. You don't need to rsvp for this event; just call in at 7pm. These circles are free to all but if you like it and would like to support my work, please consider donating ($5 - $20 suggested) via Venmo to Geordie-Numata, Zelle to or PayPal via the Buy Now button on the contact page of my website. You are welcome to join the circle if you are not trained in an energy healing modality.

The Free Angelic Liquid Light Healing™ New Moon in Taurus Breakthrough Session will happen on Tues. 5/11, 7:30 - 8 conference call, 8 - 9 distant healing. In order to register, email me your full name as you want it written on the distant healing list and if you have pets you'd like to add to the list, tell me their names and what type of animal they are. This Full Moon shines the light on transformation, helping us let go of what no longer serves. Mother Divine and the Angelic realm will assist me in this session in helping us release anything that's blocking us from experiencing abundant fulfillment in all aspects of our lives.

These sessions are free to all but if you like it and would like to support my work, please consider donating ($5 - $20 suggested) via Venmo to Geordie-Numata, Zelle to or Paypal via the Buy Now button on my contact page -

My Video Conference Astrology Classes for Beginners starts on Tues. May 25th. The classes will be held bi - weekly on Tuesdays from 7 - 9pm EDT. This will be a 12 class program, $36 per class or $360 for all 12 classes (a $72 savings) These classes are for people that are interested in learning astrology but have no previous experience studying it. Topics covered in the classes -
- How and Why Astrology Works
- The Qualities of the 12 Zodiac signs and the 12 Houses of the Horoscope
- The Fire, Air, Earth & Water Signs
- The Quadruplicties - Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable Signs
- The Ascendant (Rising Sign), Descendant, Imum Coeli (or Nadir) and Midheaven
- The Qualities of the Sun, Moon, 8 planets and Chiron
- Retrograde Planets
- The Lunar Nodes
- Aspects and Orbs (angles between planets in the horoscope)
- Interceptions
- Transits, Solar Returns, and Progressions
- Natal Chart Interpretation

I am offering my usual services (distant healing, coaching, astrology & Tarot readings, Reiki classes) over conference call or Webex video conference. If you can't afford my posted rates you can negotiate and pay on sliding scale (whatever you can afford). I can now accept clients for in - person healing sessions and readings at TRS Professional Suites in the Lower Manhattan financial district (I will not treat you or read for you in person if you're sick with Covid 19).

Heart s Desire Session 3 Thurs. 3 18

Carol's Write - Up for Lakshmi Session #3 - Artha

I’m in the midst of a very intense Vortex Healing class (over Zoom) so I’ll get right to the main message.

Our next session in the Manifesting with Lakshmi Series will be on Artha Wealth and Work. It will be happening on Thursday April 29, 2021. There will be a half hour conference call starting at 7:15 p.m. Eastern time, followed by the hour long distant Group Healing.

_About Artha, Wealth and Abundance_

(In this write-up I borrowed from a previous one I did for an earlier series therefor some of it may feel familiar to you.)

When we look at a picture of Lakshmi, we see an endless flow of golden coins pouring out of Her third hand. “Golden coins, “you may think, “Well that represents money, right?” Yes it does, but money is only part of the wealth Lakshmi provides. Lakshmi offers us the experience of wealth and abundance and this touches on various aspects of life. Under the umbrella of “wealth” Lakshmi includes mental, physical and emotional well-being, healthy satisfying relationships, meaningful work, a rich social and cultural life matrix and financial abundance. In fact, for Lakshmi, wealth can be defined as a state of being satisfied with and grateful for what you have combined with a faith and expectation that your needs and heart’s desires will always be met.

Here is a story that renders Lakshmi’s point of view on the subject of wealth. I heard it on a meditation retreat years ago told by my teacher:

There was a fisherman who had a small boat. He would go out every day to catch enough fish to feed his family for the day and then he would relax. One day after his quota had been caught and he was relaxing in the sun leaning against his boat a rich business man happened to pass by. He saw the man lazing in the sun and went up to him. “Oh brother,” he said, “why are you just lazing around, why aren’t you out fishing?” The fisherman replied that he had caught enough to feed his family for the day. The business man said, “If you stayed out longer and caught more fish you could sell the extra and over time you would have enough money to buy a second boat and hire someone to go fishing in it then after a while you would have enough money to buy more boats and hire more people. You could build up a whole fleet of fishing boats and you could make a lot of money.” The fisherman said, “Thank you brother but what would all that bother get me?” The business man was getting rather exasperated with his lack of comprehension. He drew in a large breath and said, “Well, with a lot of money you could really relax and do what you want.” The fisherman looked quizzically at the business man and then replied, “But that’s exactly what I am doing now!”

In this story it looks on the surface as if the business man is the wealthy one but his attitude is one of worry and strain about money. The fisherman is the one experiencing true wealth because he is enjoying what he already has.

We tend to hold the belief that getting what we want will make us happy and that we need money to get what we want. When it comes to manifesting money though, or what we want, it is really the other way around: First we are happy and then we get what we want. This is how our interaction with the Universal Field works.

The the concept of the hologram explains the universal field. A hologram is a 3D image created by two lasers. There are two rather amazing aspects to holographic images. The first is that the “holographic negative” does not look like the image at all as in photography, rather it looks like a bunch of interference patterns on a plate. When light is shined through these interference patterns a 3D image emerges. The second amazing thing about the hologram is that if the holographic plate is broken into pieces and light is sent through a piece the whole 3D image will still emerge. Each piece of the holographic plate contains all the information for the whole image. I have often seen the concept of the hologram used as a way to explain how the multi-dimensional universe works. I will try to simplify this concept and what it has to do with manifesting money or anything else we want.

The multi-dimensional universe is like a big hologram. We are part of the universe so our individual energetic systems are part of the larger hologram. You could say we are a piece of the holographic plate. The light of the Divine activates our holographic plate which is programmed by our conditioning and beliefs and energy patterns and sends this “picture” into the larger holographic field of the universe which responds by sending us back what we have projected.

When it comes to money our projections are often not to our advantage. There are consciousness patterns that stymie manifesting abundance, things like victim consciousness, poverty consciousness and all kind of fear.

Looking at it this way, I’m sure we are all asking ourselves “what have I been sending out on my individual holographic plate?”

The recipe for abundance is to consistently and cohesively send out a consciousness pattern from a state of love, peace, joy, optimism and a sense of empowerment. That is why it is so important to work on clearing conditioning that blocks manifesting these states and clouds the intentions you are sending out into the universal consciousness field.

There is another way, though, and it is to ask the Divine Mother represented by Lakshmi for what we want. Mother’s tend to want what is best for their children and it is the same for the Divine Mother. We do send our individual conditioned patterns out into the universe but Lakshmi can adjust things through Her Grace. When we ask for Lakshmi’s help She will send Her Grace out along with our holographic pattern and tweak things so that they are more in line with our true heart’s desire if it is in line with Divine Will. I don’t claim to understand the mystery of this but I don’t need to understand it to experience it. So turn to Lakshmi, the Divine Mother to ask Her to help you align with your heart’s desire.

About the Session

In this session Carol Ribner will be using Merlin’s Grace Level Vortex Healing ® Divine Energy Healing. Geordie Numata will be using his own modality Angelic Liquid Light Healing© (not an aspect of Vortex Healing.) Carol will also be using a divine consciousness tool that comes through for her, (also not an aspect of Vortex Healing.)

We will be channeling to release conditioning that blocks manifesting abundance in the forms of money and meaningful work etc. We will also be invoking the assistance of Lakshmi, the archangels and other groups of angels and Divine Beings. We will be requesting their blessings on attracting wealth and well being in various forms into our lives.

There will be a 30 minute conference call before the channeled Group Healing. You will be given the call in number when you register with Geordie. You are not required to join the conference call in order to receive the Group Healing. The conference call starts at 7:15 p.m. Eastern time and goes until 7:45 p.m. The distant group healing starts at 7:45 p.m. and goes for one hour.

What to Expect from a Session

The energetic and consciousness healing modalities we are using have their own wisdom and they affect each participant in a unique and individual way. The energies always work for the highest benefit of each person. Participants often report feeling relaxed, nurtured and / or energized. Some people drift off into a pleasant altered state and don’t remember much. If this happens the healing energies are still working with you. Other people have physical sensations or inner experiences such as inner visualizations or feelings of energy flow. Sometimes people experience memories regarding a certain issue or insights to do with it. The energy of the session may continue to work after the session for several days or even weeks. The way an issue is manifesting in your life may shift, clear or change so it is good to be open and notice anything coming up or settling down.

*Information for Participant*

You are welcome to join the teleconference call which happens before the channeled group healing. (See info above.) Joining the teleconference call is not required to participate in the channeled group healing. The ideal situation is to be in a quiet meditative state in a place where you will not be disturbed. You may focus on the theme of the session or you may focus on an issue that is important to you. The active channeling lasts about an hour but the effects may linger on longer than that.
Please do not do anything that requires alertness such driving a car during or right after the session.

See Geordie's Bulletin Board above for registration instructions

Many blessings,
Carol Ribner M.A.
Accessing Manifesting Intention level Vortex Healing® Practitioner.
Psychotherapist (Retired)

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$99 for 60 min. session,
$72 for 45 min. session
House Call or Hospital Healing Sessions (canceled until after the shutdown ends) - $135 for 60 min., 3 sessions $360 (additional travel time fee added according to distance involved)
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Deer Spirit Reiki Master Teacher Apprenticeship Program - My Reiki Master Teacher Apprenticeship Program began in February 2017. After a candidate is chosen, they assist in teaching all 4 levels of training (Reiki Levels 1, 2, 3 and Master Teacher). They also have weekly coaching sessions which may be over the phone or in person, and homework assignments. Another aspect of the program is providing Reiki in a volunteer capacity at the free clinics I supervise. The program is tailored to the needs of the individual candidate. If there are issues blocking the candidate's general fulfillment in life and success as a Reiki healer and teacher, these will be addressed through counseling and healing sessions. I am accepting applications for an apprentice who would start working with me in January, 2020.

My 2021 Reiki & Angelic Liquid Light Healing Class Schedule -
Angelic Liquid Light Healing Level 1 - Sat. 1/30
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Reiki 3 - Sat. 4/24
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Reiki Levels 1 & 2 - Sat. 6/26 & Sun. 6/27
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Sat. 7/24 & Sun. 7/25
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Group VortexHealing® Sessions w/ Geordie & Carol - distant healing for anyone anywhere in the world, once a month on Thursdays, $20, 7:15pm - 8:45pm NYC time (you can put your pets get on distant healing list for free) . These sessions start with a 30 min conference call. At 7:45, we log off the call and start the healing session which lasts for one hour. Email me to register and pay via Paypal. High quality / low cost divine magic energy healing and awakening sessions for the people. These groups sell out fast so please RSVP in advance. See testimonials on my site.

Deer Spirit Reiki Circle - FREE CONFERENCE CALL REIKI CIRCLE EVERY MONDAY NIGHT 7 - 8PM EST (USA) 917 444 9040, CONFERENCE ID 818181# CONTACT ME FOR INTERNATIONAL CALL IN NUMBERS (DONATIONS ACCEPTED) When it becomes safe to meet in person again the circle will resume regular bi - weekly schedule on Mondays, 7pm - 9pm, $20, at TRS Professional Suites, 40 Exchange Place, 3rd Fl. in the financial district in Lower Manhattan. RSVP required. This circle is open to the general public - you do not have to be attuned to Reiki to attend and receive treatment. If you are attuned to Reiki, any level or lineage, you are welcome to come and give and receive treatment. We start with a guided meditation and then give 30 min. treatments on massage tables.

Love & Gratitude,
Geordie Numata
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