Culture Days 4

Save the Date! Saturday, October 16th!

Hi everyone! - LOTS of News, but I'll be brief! - I'm thrilled to be included again this year in Canada's #CultureDays. Aside from launching a new Canadian short story collection, STICKS and STONES, and releasing a new album, GROUP THINK, I'm hosting another OPEN STUDIO at my beautiful lakeside studio to showcase recent painted works.


Phone ahead - or email - to book your 1/2 hour appointment from 11am-to-4pm on Saturday, October 16th. Ph: 905(Area Code)393-5106 - Email: mlhpro at hotmail dot com. Afterwards, head on out to the lake for a stiff walk, or, weather permitting, a toe dip! (Kindly note, COVID protocol will be strictly observed in the studio.)

P.24. No.7a - Woodlands After 1

Woodlands by MLHolton (2021)

See New Paintings!

Small to large paintings, experience MLHolton's award-winning and signature Canadian "naive-surreal-folk-abstracts" on the 2-storey loft wall's of Holton's lakeside studio.

▪ See the painter in action!
▪ Address and map at bottom of newsletter.
See the painter in action!
Address and map at bottom of newsletter.


Written over the course of 30 years, I've pulled out, and spruced up, 10 stories from my 'writing box' that will stretch and satiate your hungry imaginations ...

Roots are important. Set primarily in Canada, the stories share heart-felt interactions between children, parents, adults and seniors.

The ebook is now in pre-order on Amazon and on NON-Amazon platforms. (Releasing Oct. 16th!) A 126 page paperback edition is coming out in January 2022. - "Cinematic moments!" "Deeply moving ... "

Recent epic novel TRILLIUM by MLHolton

Also, worth a mention, is the fantastic run of my two recent novels, the "epic" tri-family saga,TRILLIUM, set in the beautiful Niagara wine region, starting in the mid 1750s ... and the 2020 Edition of The Gilded Beaver, about an extraordinary Canadian fine furniture design commission for a wily Toronto-based financier. Both are available in ebooks and paperbacks. And TRILLIUM is now a stellar 14.5 hour audiobook, (best via iTunes!) --- "Brilliantly written!" "A really good read!"

FINAL cover GT Sept 9th 2021

Link to Album on Bandcamp


GROUP THINK has been 'in the works' since the release of my second album, CANADADA: TAKE TWO, in 2017.

GROUP THINK explores several issues that have been brewing since we've settled into this 'new normal'. - How are we really doing? And, are we really ready for time travel? Will we leave Nature behind, again? The primary focus though is on language. Across the media spectrum, our words have become increasingly volatile, vulgar, and violent. - Why? What happened to civility? - When did words start losing their unifying potency and meaning? -- Have a listen to these musical 'sound thoughts' and read my notes on the album. - (FREE to listen x3)


The first TEN who visit on Saturday, October 16th, will get a FREE Aritst's First CD Edition of GROUP THINK! (1/50.)

Finally, I am thrilled too to be included in an up-coming, non-fiction anthology that focuses on women who write - MIDLIFE ON FIRE: RISKY BUSINESS, REAL STORIES BY WOMEN WRITERS, compiled by popular American podcaster, Karen Mueller-Bryson, and Canadian screenwriter, CK Love. Link will be on my social media soon. - Woohoo!

mlh 2018

So, that’s it for now. :)

Hope to see you on Saturday, Oct.16th. -11am to 4pm! - Book your appointment NOW!

(Come and get your FREE cd!)

With fond affection –

Margaret Lindsay Holton aka 'mlh'

Canadian. Artist. Author.
Proudly serving CANADADA since 1975!

p.s. ATTN: Global PRODUCERS: My 'pitch package' for the 9-part series, based on the award-winning, well-loved, Niagara-centric novel, TRILLIUM is now ready! - Please contact me for a review copy. Thank you. - mlh

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