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Michael Corcoran, CMO, Information Builders

IB Summit 2017: building next generation, self-service analytics

June 12, 2017 by Mary Allen

According to Information Builders CMO Michael Corcoran, independent research has shown 58 percent of executives do not trust their own data due to issues with data duplication, consistency and even visualization. They also experience difficulties searching or analyzing multiple data sources concurrently.

Information Builders has been working hard to address these and other challenges through enhanced solutions for the three "I"s of data management: integrity, integration and intelligence. Discover the innovative ways IB and its partners are helping companies "Harmonize, Visualize, Operationalize and Monetize" data - the “Data and Analytics Journey outlined at IB Summit 2017. Read more

TKS student

Talent at The Knowledge Society

Younger tech talent prove willing and able interns

May 31, 2017 by Denise Deveau

At TKS (The Knowledge Society), high school students that display talent in areas such as genomics, AI, cryptocurrency, the Internet of Things, and VR/AR are being matched as interns with companies eager to benefit from a wider talent pool.

Khallil Mangalji, co-founder and CTO of Fiix, an “Uber for Auto Repair,” said of his TKS intern: “I thought he was a university student when I met him at a tech event. He just seemed like a smart person that wanted to work hard and get things done.” Find out how TKS is addressing the talent shortage in industry, while nurturing Canada’s best and brightest.
Read more


Vitamin Y: new 3P approach to city building at Wavefront 2017

June 16, 2017 by Mary Allen

What do Vancouver CTO Jessie Adcock, Toronto CIO Rob Meikle and Cisco Canada VP of Digital Transformation and Innovation, Rick Huijbregt all have in common? They have significant experience building the culture and administrative machine needed to support digital overlay on city systems.

As these leaders outlined at this year's Wavefront Summit, a large part of smart city involves new ways of managing administrative imperatives. These execs pointed to changes needed in 3Ps – planning, partnering, and procurement. For a more detailed analysis, and GE Canada CEO Elyse Allan’s assessment of Canadian smart performance, Read more


Digital transformation – new capability or new core?

June 21, 2017 by Lynn Greiner

What is the nature of IT transformation? Technology advance is clearly enabling new levels of collaboration, efficiency and business opportunity. But are the media pundits right? Will every company become a digital business?

Drawing on some historical precedents, Lynn Greiner compares past industrial transformations to weigh the impact of our current digital transformation. Are we seeing true metamorphosis or the tool enablement? You decide, with some insight from InsightaaS here.


Mining Watson for data gold
June 26, 2017 by Mary Allen

IBM Canada is hoping to extend its analytics platform beyond oil and gas and across the natural resources sector. Goldcorp is looking for better information on which to base decisions on the optimal location of gold mine extraction. What can draw these two organizations together?

Cognitive technology, including the integration of structured and unstructured data and training of IBM's Watson, is the key piece in machine learning that has lead Goldcorp to more efficient and more sustainable exploration practices. For more on the deployment of IBM’s cognitive technology at Goldcorp’s Red Lake site, Read Here


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