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Lectures, workshops and conferences that may be of interest to you.

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Sunset on lake in Hank s Palm-good for meditation

Sat, Oct 5 - 3 Keys to Mediumship - ONLINE

Suzanne Giesemann - Free Video Discussion on Unlocking Your Powers of Mediumship
(or register for the replay of the call)
Register: SG Medium

Oct 5-6 Awakening to Your Life Purpose - Mayfield Village, OH

Rob Schwartz Weekend Workshop
Register: Shadybrook

Oct 25-27 Discovering Your Life Plan -Warsaw, POLAND

Rob Schwartz Weekend Workshop
Register: Warsaw


Sun, Oct 27 Mind-Body-Spring Festival, Metaphysical Center NJ - Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

Eben Alexander keynote, Proof of Heaven-NDEs and Consciousness
Register: Mind-Body-NJ

Mon, Oct 28 Living in a Mindful Universe, A Wellness Gala Event - Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

Eben Alexander and Karen Newell present a multi-sensory event
Register: Wellness

Mon, Oct 28 - Caught Between Worlds: Navigating End Of Life Experiences - ONLINE

A Free online symposium featuring interviews with Eben Alexander, Karen Newell, Terri Daniel, Marilyn Mendoza, Bill Guggenheim, Chuck Swedrock and many more. Begins Oct 28.
Register: Between Worlds


Nov 2-3 Almas Valientes - Madrid, SPAIN

Rob Schwartz Weekend Workshop
Register: Spain-1

Nov 9-10 Almas Valientes - Bilbao, SPAIN

Rob Schwartz Weekend Workshop
Register: Spain-2

Nov 15-17 - From Grieving to Believing - Stockbridge, MA

David Kessler, Maureen Hancock & Paul Denniston Weekend Workshop
Register: Kripalu-Kessler

Nov 16-17 Almas Valientes - Barcelona, SPAIN

Rob Schwartz Weekend Workshop
Register: Spain-3

Sunrise on coast w-clouds

Sun, Nov 17 Living in a Mindful Universe - Fairfax, VA

Eben Alexander/Karen Newell Workshop at Unity of Fairfax
Info/Register: Fairfax-2

Nov 29-Dec 1 Awakening to Your Life Purpose - Stockbridge, MA

Rob Schwartz Weekend Workshop
Register: Kripalu-Schwartz

Dec 13-15 Finding Meaning: The Sixth Stage of Grief - Big Sur, CA

David Kessler, Paul Denniston Workshop
Register: Esalen-1

Save the Dates - 2020

SciMedNetwork logo

Sun, Jan 19 - New Century, New Climate, New Civilisation Spirit & Health Expo - Budapest, HUNGARY

Keynote: Eben Alexander and Karen Newell multi-sensory presentation, Living in a Mindful Universe
SAVE THE DATE/Registration Opens Soon

Jan 24-26 - Finding Meaning: The Sixth Stage of Grief - Stockbridge, MA

David Kessler and Paul Denniston Weekend Workshop
Register: Kripalu-2

Jan 31-Feb 2 - Your Soul's Plan - Frankfurt, GERMANY

Rob Schwartz Intro Evening & Workshop
Register/Info auf Deutsch: Frankfurt
FYI: For other winter 2020 dates with Rob Schwartz in Germany, Romania, Colombia and Mexico, check Here

Feb 8 - A SEED Event - Tampa, FL

Mark Pitstick leads a Soul Phone experiential demonstration event

Majestic Tall Aspen

Mon, Feb 10 - Proof of Heaven - Rio Verde, AZ

Eben Alexander speaks on the Harmony, Mind, Body and Soul series. Free.
Info/Call: RioVerde

Feb 28-March 1 - Clearing the Way for a New Life - Big Sur, CA

David Kessler, Paul Denniston & Nancy Levin Weekend Workshop
Register: Esalen-2

March 27-28 - Compassionate Friends Hawaii Grief Conference - Honolulu, HI

David Kessler, Paul Denniston, Stacy Parker and more
Register: Hawaii-Grief

Charleston Trees-cropped

April 16-19 Helping Parents Heal Conference – Charleston, SC

Speakers include: Eben Alexander, Mary Neal, Raymond Moody, Karen Newell, Jeffrey Olsen, Jeffrey O’Driscoll, Mark Pitstick, Suzanne Giesemann, Mark Anthony, and many more
Info: HPH2020

April 23-25 - Becoming More Whole - The Bahamas

Eben Alexander and Karen Newell immersive workshop at Sivananda Yoga Retreat
Register: Sivananda

May 15-17 - Discover Your Life Plan - Boone, NC

Rob Schwartz Weekend Workshop at the Art of Living Retreat Center
SAVE THE DATE/Info coming soon


Sat, May 16 Embodying Sacred Connections - Chicago, IL

Eben Alexander and Karen Newell all-day workshop
Register: Infinity-2

June 19-21 - Discover Your Life Plan - Methuen, MA

Rob Schwartz weekend workshop
Register: CirclesofWisdom

Sept 4-7 - Awakening to Your Life Purpose - Scotts Valley, CA

Rob Schwartz weekend workshop at 1440 Multiversity
SAVE THE DATE/Info coming soon


More dates and information will be posted as information is available.

We recommend you contact the presenter of an individual event to find out whether tickets are still available, before driving to the venue.

New events are posted as they become public.

Eternea Events Calendar

If you wish to book a speaker, please Contact Speakers.


DMT - NDE Field Research Project (UK)

Dr. David Luke of the University of Greenwich is recruiting volunteers to take part in a field research study exploring the acute effects of DMT (N,N-dimethyltriptamine) among regular or experienced DMT users. The study has ethical approval from the University of Greenwich Research Ethics Committee.

This scientific study of psychological, perceptual and mental affects is open to anyone. We are also interested in participants who have had separate DMT and NDE (near-death) experiences. If you live within Sussex, Surrey, Kent or the Greater London area and want to know more, please send an email to (note double D in email address). You may use an anonymous email account. Note that confidentiality and anonymity will be strictly adhered to.


New Books We Recommend

Here are some new books you might find of interest. Enjoy discovering the ones that have meaning for you!

In Search of Ultimate Reality: Inside the Cosmologist's Abyss

By H. Chris Ransford

Tightly reasoned, very readable, and insightful discussion of "ultimate reality." Books like this―that draw upon mathematics, physics, philosophy, and theology―offer some hope that our civilization might rise to the challenge and perhaps overcome some of the issues that confront us. - Greg Matloff, professor of astronomy and physics, CUNY

This book contributes to advancing one of the important debates in society today and to resolving issues that have historically divided mankind so much. - Oleg Y. Latyshev-Maysky, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

Spiritual Science: Why science needs spirituality to make sense of the world

By Steve Taylor

Scientific materialism has foisted highly effective blinders on our world-at-large. Future historians will likely be incredulous at the century-long gap between the advent of investigation into quantum physics and any meaningful assimilation of its revelations into the mainstream scientific culture. Spiritual Science expertly argues the evidence for the primacy of consciousness, an inevitable realization that will engender the greatest revolution in the history of human thought. Science will ultimately ripen through the influence of our spiritual nature. Highly recommended! -Eben Alexander, MD, Neurosurgeon, author of Proof of Heaven, The Map of Heaven and Living in a Mindful Universe

With elegance and lucidity, Steve Taylor explains why spiritual science is the only hope for humanity. A science based on the superstition of matter as fundamental reality could lead to our extinction but a science grounded in the understanding of consciousness as a fundamental reality - as described by this book - could be our saving grace. - Deepak Chopra, MD, Chopra Foundation

The Transformation: Discovering Wholeness and Healing After Trauma

By James Gordon, MD

This is the book on integrative trauma treatment I’ve been waiting for. The Transformation is firmly grounded in science as well as in Dr. Gordon’s 50 years of clinical experience. Bright with teaching stories and warm with compassion, it provides a step-by-step guide to healing life’s inevitable traumas and becoming who we’re meant to be. - Andrew Weil, MD, author, professor of medicine and public health, University of Arizona

This book and its message of hope and healing...have arrived right on time. Dr. Gordon takes us into the very heart of our power to be whole and transformed regardless of our past. Whoever you are, wherever you are, may you find solace, solutions, and peace within these pages. Christiane Northrup, MD, author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

Finding Meaning: The Sixth Stage of Grief

By David Kessler

David Kessler writes of a world that is rarely examined with such sensitivity. Now he has gone to an even deeper and more soulful place. He is a healer par excellence to others who are in pain. —Marianne Williamson, author of Return to Love

Finding Meaning is a brilliant, caring, practical guide to help us understand grief and embrace this important "sixth stage" - Daniel J. Siegel, M.D., author of Aware, Mind, and Mindsight

Droplets of God: The Life and Philosophy of Mavis Pattilla

By Suzanne Giesemann

Mavis Pittilla and her mediumship have been a true blessing, teaching us that love, like life, will never die.- James Van Praagh, Spiritual Medium

The Grande Dame of Mediumship in England, Mavis Pattilla’s life reveals a multi-faceted, endearing woman who has overcome tremendous adversity, much of it caused by her own human frailties. Beyond a fascinating biography, the book is a primer of the foundations of mediumship, the key philosophical teachings of Spiritualism, and of the soul’s journey of self-realization.


News, Interviews & Essays


Dr. Eben Alexander and Karen Newell Q&A with Kathy Tarbell in Natural Awakenings No. New Jersey

Emma Loewe's article on Sound Healing & Binaural Beats features Karen Newell, Dr. Anna Yusim and many more

Dr. Seth Gillihan writes for Psychology Today about Consciousness an the Brain in discussion with Dr. Eben Alexander

Steve Taylor on Spiritual Science on The Conversation academic blog

The Daily Beast discusses How Trees Battle Climate Change

Monthly blog entries from Raymond Moody, Kenneth Ring, Anthony Newburg and others at The University of Heaven

Dr. Marilyn Mendoza: Understanding Grief, a blog for Psychology Today (New topics: Terminal Lucidity and The Power of Music at the End of Life)

Dr. Eben Alexander explores topics on his blog (New topic: One Giant Leap for Mankind)

Rob Schwartz discusses topics on his blog (New topic: The Role of Gratitude in Your Life Plan)

JNMD-Case Study: Recovery from E.coli Meningitis, by Drs. Khanna, Moore & Greyson

Rea Kironn offers a free new e-book, Traumatized! A Spiritual approach to the healing of emotional trauma


Dr. Eben Alexander & Karen Newell join Theresa Cheung on the White Shores podcast

Dr. Eben Alexander with Dr. Seth Gillihan on Think-Act-Be

Dr. Eben Alexander & Karen Newell with Emmy Vadnais on Healing Connections

Dr. Eben Alexander & Karen Newell on Mike & Maurice's Mind Escape

Dr. Eben Alexander with Kacey on Shine On-Inspiration for Health and Happiness

Dr. Eben Alexander with Karen Grier on On Grief, Eps. 101

Dr. Eben Alexander with Mark Gober on NDEs, Eps. 5

NBC News on the Archangel Ancient Tree Archive

Listen weekly to Suzanne Giesemann's "Messages of Hope" radio show

Rob Schwartz speaks on Voice America

Karen Newell discusses with Rama Siva how meditation can help one stop stuttering/Stuttering Mind podcast-Eps. 6

John Audette featured talk at Chicago IANDS May 2019

NIH Discussion on Suicide Prevention


I Am Convinced Consciousness Survives - Dr. Raymond Moody
Free episode from The University of Heaven


Your 33-Day Journey into the Heart of Consciousness


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