Dear readers of our Newsletter and supporters of Java Village. We hope that 2022 will bring you happiness, good health and stability in these uncertain times.

Thank you everyone who supported our request for #Giving Tuesday: Support pupils to complete their secondary school education

Our request in our last Newsletter and on our social media to support the initiative of #Giving Tuesday, was followed up enthusiastically by a great number of people. We raised a substantial amount for the Maria Peters Scholarship. With these donations we will be able to support more students complete their secondary school education. We would like to thank everyone who made a donation. We are very grateful for this, thank you all so much!

Maria Peters Scholarship

In the coming school year the first students, two or possibly three girls, will receive a grant from the Maria Peters Scholarship to complete the second phase of their secondary school education. At the moment we're in the process of making a selection. In our next Newsletter we hope to let you know which students we will support.

The scholarship was founded in memory of Maria Peters, one of the first supporters of Java Village, who sadly passed away in 2016. In honour of her, her family took the initiative, together with Java Village, to establish this special grant for excellent students. You can find additional information about this scholarship and how you can support it on our website. [Please click here.]

The costs for senior high school or vocational school are higher than those for junior high school, because the government asks a school fee for the second phase of secondary schooling. This means that the total costs for three years are €1650 (€550 per year per pupil), compared to €450 for three years of junior high school (€150 per year; there is no school fee for SMP). Through our Sponsor a Student (SaS) programme (see below) Java Village has been supporting junior high school students over the last fourteen years. Understandably, senior high school is an even more heavy financial burden, and support for these students is highly appreciated.

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Vaccination programme in the village for children from twelve years old onwards. The over six years old are also being vaccinated now.

Going to school under COVID-19 restrictions

Not much has changed in the village for the school going students. As Omicron is also spreading in Indonesia, Covid-19 restrictions are still in place in the village. This means that schools are open but under restrictions. Pupils can still attend school twice a week, in two sessions of two hours each, with a maximum of fifteen students per lesson. On the other days lessons are given on-line. The vaccination programme is on track for everyone above six years of age and a booster is available for health workers. All the teachers at the SMP (Sekolah Menengah Pertama, junior high school) have been vaccinated.

The Learning Centre in the village has proved to be a safe place for the students where they can follow on-line lessons and receive help from graduated students (former SaS students) with their school work. The Learning Centre (Rumah Belajar Cisago) was founded by former SaS students in 2017 specifically to help the youngsters of the village with among other things, their computer and social skills and their command of English. In pre-Covid times they also organised social gatherings for the youngsters. Java Village has been able to donate several laptops to the centre over the years.


Going to school under Covid-19 regulations: temperature checks and small classes

Become a SaS Sponsor!

Please do not forget our Sponsor a Student project. This ongoing project supports young pupils so that they can continue their education after primary school. The village doesn't have a secondary school and many families cannot afford the cost of going to a school outside the village. The Sponsor a Student project helps these families. Since the beginning of the project in 2008 Java Village has already helped 130 pupils to go to a junior high school. You can support a student by donating €12,50 per month or €150 per year. Please go to our website for additional information about how you can become a SaS sponsor.

Support us by buying books through YouBeDo

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Buy your online books via YouBeDo! You pay the same price as elsewhere but up to 12% of your purchase will go to Java Village (if you choose us as your charity.) Click here for a direct link to our page on the website of YouBeDo.

Don't forget us when you are doing your online shopping!

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Shop online at your favourite stores via DoelShop.nl (in the Netherlands) or at ShopDonation (in the UK) and they will donate a percentage to Java Village! This is an easy way to support us, without any extra costs for you, making your online shopping even more enjoyable.
For details of how to shop and donate, please go to our website or use the links above.

Donations to Java Village are tax deductible


The Java Village Foundation has been acknowledged as an Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling, ANBI (institution serving public interest) by the Dutch tax authorities. This gives the opportunity to donate with fiscal benefits or leave assets to Java Village. Your donations to our foundation are tax deductible in the Netherlands. We explain how you can make use of this option on our website. Please click here.

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Up-to-date news about Java Village is posted on our Facebook page. Visit it to find the latest information, photos of our projects and more that is happening in Java Village and the village of Cisarua.

Friend of Java Village

With a minimum of € 5 a month or € 60 a year you can become a ‘Friend of Java Village’. With your support, we can guarantee and continue running existing projects and initiate new ones. Once a year, Java Village plans to organise a social event, exclusively for all Friends and Sponsors of Java Village, where you can meet your fellow supporters of Java Village and enjoy Indonesian snacks. The Board will update attendees on ongoing projects and on new ones that are planned.

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